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Board: int Thread: 167327767 File: g2.jpg ( 102.0KiB, 590x547 )
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the scrandemic as it were
Did an IQ test and got 77, which apparently means I'm thick. But I don't feel thick...

Cute loli thread
You mean the test version? Both links expire today so don't bookmark.
Test version sometimes has bugs, from what I read, tried it a bit with no problems though.

The Austrians are a bunch of dirty, lazy sloths who are nothing more than a drain on society. They're always leeching off of other countries, and they don't contribute anything of value to the world.

All they do is sit around all day, stuffing their faces with schnitzel and beer. They're too stupid and lazy to even learn how to speak proper German.

And don't even get me started on their women. They're all ugly, fat, and have mustaches. I wouldn't touch one of them with a ten foot pole.

The only good thing about Austria is that it's surrounded by much better countries. So if you ever find yourself there, just remember to keep your head down and get the hell out as soon as you can.

Here's some fun facts about the Austrians:
>They have the highest rate of obesity in all of Europe
>They have the lowest life expectancy in all of Europe
>They have the highest rate of smoking in all of Europe

They're worse than the jews because at least the jews are good with money.

In conclusion, the Austrians are a bunch of worthless, good-for-nothing slobs who don't deserve to be part of the civilized world.

4th of July Edition

Before asking your stupid beginner questions (yes, they are stupid), make sure to read ALL OF the r/steroids wiki:
>reddit link
yeah, might help, might not. Reddit is full of niggers.

Don't ask us to help you dose your AI. It's very individual. Stop being a pussy.

Oral-only cycles put strain on the liver and cause a shutdown of natural testosterone production for not a lot of benefit. Just pin and thank us later.

ABSOLUTELY no source talk. WINK WINK

No sarms talk. If you want to discuss shitty cum filled pills then make your own thread.

This isn't a medical forum. Stop asking for medical advice and go to a doctor.
Don't ask us to help you schedule your pinning dosages. Use https://www.steroidplotter.com/

If you're going to ask a beginner question, make sure to include:
- age
- bf%
- time spent training
(You won't tho)

Previous Retardation:
How much deca with 400 test? What else should I add? 12 weeks bulking wanna get strong

Board: g Thread: 87605215 File: 1656930998143.jpg ( 370.8KiB, 1475x1080 )
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This thread is for the discussion of portable media players and in-ear monitors.

• /iemg/ Recommends HackMD:

• Extensive PMP Guide:

• Why use a PMP instead of a phone?
>better DAC/AMP
>more output power so it can drive higher impedance headphones
>smaller sizes than phones for activities like exercise
>physical buttons
>headphone jacks
>some people can't use smartphone at work/use dumbphones

• How to request advice:
>Source (phone or PMPs)
>Kind (in-ears or earbuds)
>Sound Signature (or genres you like, important!)
>Past gear and your thoughts on them (important!)

/iemg/ IEM Hall of Fame:
• https://hackmd.io/@AyPeeEye/S1sNUVosu#Hall-of-Fame
• Aria Snow Edition(Aria with better QC but different tuning) - 80$

/iemg/ Earbuds Hall of Fame:
• https://hackmd.io/@AyPeeEye/S1sNUVosu#Hall-of-Fame1

/pmp/ Hall of Fame:
• Your phone
• Hiby R3 Pro / Pro Saber
• Sony NWA-55 + Mr Walkman mod
• Fiio M11+

/USB/BT DAC/ Hall of Fame:
• Tempotec Sonata HD Pro
• e1da 9038s/d
• Qudelix 5K
• CX-Pro Audio 31993

/TWS/ Hall of Fame:
• none(because people keep asking)
• https://www.scarbir.com/

Old thread: >>87596112
third group refers to actual high test individuals with matured tastes and managed to grow out of bass cannons, mud cannons and tinnitus cannons
also known as aria se owners

Until next week for the amongus test,probably more cat fights and literally me staring at empty space.

Board: vg Thread: 390564207 File: 1656928850741.jpg ( 1.9MiB, 1490x2280 )
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Previous Thread: >>390542549

Bind to a Yostar, Twitter, or Facebook account after rerolling.

[6/24-7/8][Standard]6* Vanguard Saileach, 6* Defender Saria (Shop), 5* Guard Broca, 5* Guard Franka, 5* Defender Asbestos (Shop)
[6/30]First Batch of Korean- English Voices
[6/30-7/21]Break The Ice - 5* Caster Kjera (Welfare)
[6/30-7/14][Edelweiss' Vow]6* Supporter Gnosis, 5* Defender Aurora, 5* Supporter Pramanix
[6/30-7/14][Icefield Messenger]Beanstalk(Log-in skin), Kafka, Leonhardt, Carnelian
[6/30-7/14][Cambrian Re-edition]Bibeak, Arene, Gravel
[TBA]Phantom and Crimson Solitaire

[6/23-7/7][Standard]6* Caster Carnelian, 6* Guard SilverAsh (Shop), 5* Specialist Projekt RED, 5* Supporter Istina, 5* Vanguard Zima
[7/7-7/21][Standard]6* Caster Goldenglow, 6* Defender Mudrock (Shop), 5* Vanguard Blacknight, 5* Defender Asbestos, 5* Sniper Meteorite (Shop)
[7/5-7/26]Dorothy's Vision - 5* Caster Astgenne (Welfare)
[7/5-7/19][Pathfinder of Sands]6* Specialist Dorothy, 5* Sniper Greyy The Lightningbearer, 5* Medic Ptilopsis
[7/5-7/19][Coral Coast]Carnelian, Blacknight, Flamebringer
[7/5-7/19][EPOQUE Re-edition]Beeswax, Tsukinogi, Perfumer
[7/5]Modules for Marksman (Stage 1) and Pallas, Magallan (Stage 2)
Unfinished Chapter (Omnibus event) - Skin [Test] for Adnachiel
Dossoles Holiday Retro

>Arknights Database (CHECK RECRUITMENT TAGS and remember to set every Top Operator tag to 9 hours):
>Wikis, guides, chibi viewer, OST, material drop rates, fan projects, and more:
>Map Simulator/Planner:
>/akg/ website and archive:

Board: sp Thread: 121751323 File: 3.jpg ( 85.2KiB, 768x896 )
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thoughts on this subject?
Low test

Board: sp Thread: 121732792 File: sandpaper.webm ( 3.0MiB, 854x480 )
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England v India 5th Test (from 2021)
India: 416 all out (84.5 ov.) & 116-3 (41.5 ov.)
England: 284 all out (61.3 ov.) & yet to bat
for me it's a cheeky late run to the world test championship final

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