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Board: int Thread: 167331338 File: 4577a.jpg ( 57.9KiB, 976x850 )
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1. you're latitude
2. you're iq

55 degrees
Facebook test, but with my 132 IQ I would've realized if it was bullshit

Board: tv Thread: 170546270 File: imajges (1).jpg ( 16.1KiB, 279x402 )
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Im halfway thru this shit and its probably the worst piece of crap I have ever seen, is Viggo that desperate for money? Did I get filtered? Wtf is going on
so your autism is showing, which indicates why you can't comprehend anything deeper than surface level analysis. anyway

didn't say the dad was lying, just that he was wrong. he's motivated to believe the surgeries helped him, because he has no evidence he could've eaten the plastic without them. he can't/won't go back to not eating plastic and he can't/won't undergo surgery to reverse whatever was done to him to test if he needed them, because his problem is solved. he just doesn't realize the solution didn't require surgery to eat plastic. there's a ton of crap in modern life that follows this pattern. walking heel-toe, for instance, causes tons of back/joint problems. the solution? well according to the company that makes product x, the solution is a steady supply of product x! when the actual solution is to change how you walk. but a capitalistic entity can't market that, so, therefore, no one suggests it. there's also the fact people want simple solutions to everything. my 600lb life is built around people who think a magic surgery is going to stop them from shoveling 30,000 calories into their face every day, and nowzardan's practice is built around getting them on a diet, and using the actually unnecessary surgery as a reward for following a goddamn diet. the ones who get the surgery and drop weight convince themselves it was the surgery that did it, rather than the fact they stopped shoveling truckloads of food into their face. not even menitoning trannies, the most obvious parallel.

but long and short here is you fell into the same trap as the characters. they performed surgeries on themselves therefore the surgeries did something.

captcha test

Board: int Thread: 167308705 File: 1639184692975.jpg ( 991.0KiB, 1520x1520 )
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kannie mee -editie
Als je niet test kun je ook niet weten dat je krona hebt

>twitch is a gaming platfo-
Because it's taken over by zoomers, and zoomers are pathetic beta cucks with zero test who can only whine about how women don't want them.

Board: fit Thread: 67447534 File: Cholesterol.png ( 41.0KiB, 1200x807 )
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So I read some stuff online, but I don't get it; like the ldl cholesterol is bad and the hdl lowers ldl, so why ldl in the first place? And like cholesterol helps at making sex-hormones, but which ones, in what way. Hopefully you guys know.
Needed for test. Its sterols family. It literally puts the stero in testosterone.

Board: sp Thread: 121732792 File: sandpaper.webm ( 3.0MiB, 854x480 )
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England v India 5th Test (from 2021)
India: 416 all out (84.5 ov.) & 116-3 (41.5 ov.)
England: 284 all out (61.3 ov.) & yet to bat
>Fastest ever 100 by an English opening test pair
Games gone

it's over
The real catastrophe isn't a blackhole, it is cross dimensional overflow. If LHC particles enter sectional dimensions where the exact same LHC test is taking place, spacetime would go into an instant thermal runaway situation destroying the universe as it simultaneously recreates it. Expect Mandela effects to be much more apparent.
>Overlooking that it's 3 times more power than the last test run.

Routine for this body?
realistically cutting weight and doing a lot of isometrics will give pretty even split of soft and firm. Like you'll have more muscle tone (yes this is a real term) in your postural muscles but you probably won't cause amount of hypertrophy where anything sticks out. Doesn't require much protein to recover from either.

You can do any isometric daily if you get over a minute on it. Otherwise every other day 3x(70% of the time you reach failure at) it's pretty easy on your joints and connective tissues.

It becomes very exhausting/boring if you're good at it though. Here's a basic routine

2-3x(70% of failure) plank
2-3x(70%) reverse plank (or back bridge)
2-3x(70%) arch hold (aka superman)
2-3x(70%) handstand (use wall if you need to)
2-3x(70%) flexed arm hang (dead hangs if your grip fails before your arms)
2-3x(70%) hollow hold (or L sit if you can do it)
2-3x(70%) glute bridge
2-3x(70%) horse stance (use wall if your quads are so weak you can't get 20 seconds)
2-3x(70%) tucked planch (frog stand if you cant do that, planch lean if frog stand is too easy but tucked is too hard)

take like 4 or 5 for a day and do them in a circuit 1 (eg plank>horse>flexed arm>hollow hold) then rest until you have your breath back and do it again it can be a pretty intense test of will power for something that doesn't really grow much muscle.

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