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Shame year edition

Board: g Thread: 87607466 File: Capture.png ( 14.7KiB, 665x436 )
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WTF is wrong with Windows? Unzipping less than 150MiB archive lasts like forever, while in GNU/Linux it takes couple of seconds.

Haven't used Windows for years, didn't know it degraded so badly.
not him but that file is publicly available, so i can test it
clip related, i included a 'sync' as well in case someone thinks i'm cheating by not including it
this is on a hdd using btrfs

Previous: >>27457631
Final /news/ roundup for 04-07-2022
> SMC group from Nijisanji held their 3rd anniversary 3D live yesterday https://youtu.be/IyIDSsFEt3U).
> New VShojoJP talent Amemiya Nazuna's twitter account was briefly suspended (it's back now: https://twitter.com/AmemiyaNazuna).
> Mori Sololive venue tickets sold out (https://twitter.com/hololive_En/status/1543784862276284416).
> Aozora Kurumi from SEA VTuber group Kavvai announces graduation on 7th August (https://twitter.com/projectkavvaii/status/1543806556780875778, https://twitter.com/AozoraKurumi/status/1543814372375425025).
> Vestia Zeta has contracted COVID (https://twitter.com/hololive_Id/status/1543829716184236032). Other HoloID members awaiting test results.
> Inuyama Tamaki interviewing Arisaka from Crazy Racoon pro Apex team tomorrow (https://twitter.com/norioo_/status/1543783241928568832).
> Anycolor releasing 1st Anniversary merch for Edengumi with a 5 day countdown (https://twitter.com/nijisanji_app/status/1543867282807435265)
> Peanuts-kun one-man live 'Walk Through the Stars Tour' held at Shibuya Spotify O-EAST (https://youtu.be/X0EimdiiYe4).
> KSon held a Q&A/FAQ type stream and explained her decision to join VShojoJP in more detail (https://youtu.be/Zl9yK4TUBHw). She retains the right to her model and character.
> Tenkai Tsukasa holding the 5th 'Shiniki Mahjong League' tournament (https://youtu.be/GTTeSWGmUZs). Next set of games on 19th July.

Previous : >>27399702

Why are prequel fags still coping 20 years later? Hayden either couldn't act or was poorly directed and no amount of thinkpieces or video essays or CGI cartoons will change that.

Last one at limit
hmu if youre a success queen
Still here jerking. Come test my limits. Kik is fortoday600

Board: v Thread: 604766220 File: .jpg ( 123.6KiB, 1015x351 )
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>game difficulty increases over time

Board: vg Thread: 390565954 File: 198832.jpg ( 94.6KiB, 1024x768 )
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Vanilla Edition

>General Resources:

>Add-On websites

Classic: >>390510957
>~5 months left in dragonflight development time
>trickle out class talent trees (probably making 1 class at a time)
>No new trailers
>No benchmark to test out dragon customization
so uh. why did they ask for pre-orders again if they got nothing to show.

Why are 30-40% of zoomers on some kind of psychotic medication?

Are they a lost generation?
was a rambunctious child, teachers hated that. get ritalin at 9, not eating by grade 7. given dextroamphetamine at 11, heart palpitations at 12, doctors have no idea. quit the smack and they were gone by 13. tried the dextros again at 20 as a test. palpitations in 3 weeks, go to ER, told I have wolff parkinson white syndrome, and refuse to do the corrective surgery because it isn't bad enough. now suffer palpitations 75% of the time i stand up. thanks mom

Board: fit Thread: 67446192 File: Sugar-1.png ( 112.0KiB, 726x487 )
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The single image that destroyed /fit/ and all the ketolards on here.

If it's
Why is obesity higher when we decrease consumption. Could it possibly be that eating 100g of fat in a week and a 50% meat diet with bbq and burgers isn't healthy and has the most calories of any macronutrient!!?? Holy shit news flash!
In that study, fruits and vegetables are replaced with green tea extract to test antioxidant capacity.

Board: v Thread: 604763736 File: Video Games.png ( 11.0KiB, 764x265 )
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Is this a good deal? 792 games for 10 dollars.
Anon, it's a perfectly grammatical sentence, maybe learn to read.
>any cheating condones aborting the fetus
Numbers 5:11–31
If you think your wife is suspected of cheating you take her to a priest, she drinks cursed bitter water and if the baby 'isn't yours' then the curse will kill the baby. So now since we have gene testing if it isn't yours you can easily abort it without having to do the test now.
>fetus is not considered to be a person until it is born
Exodus 21:22-25
If a woman if injured and the baby dies it does not count as a life and cannot fall under 'eye for eye, life for life' rules. However if the mother dies it is life for life. Fetuses are just considered 'things' or 'property' and not people until they are born. Punching a woman in the stomach and killing the fetus is considered on par with going into her house and smashing a chair, not going into her house and stabbing her child. The person who does it only has to pay a monetary fine.
Actually read your bible once in awhile, read it cover to cover. You'll be better than the evangelical megachurch and prosperity gospel crowds who specifically go against Matthew 6: 1-24

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