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the return value of millis is a uint32. when it rolls over it goes to zero. using unsigned variables takes care of this. if you do the subtraction between two uint32 variables by hand it works out. you can also test it manually in the program by forcing the time value to start at some large number
>more than 1 second loop
youre right about this. op said regardless of how fast, not slow, its running. i assumed that hes trying to make the loop go as fast as possible. but i even already stated that the correct way was to use interrupt based approach by pointing to the other guys answer, which solves that problem. seeing as the op is so retarded he couldnt figure this "problem" out on his own i suggested a solution that was simpler than the interrupt approach which is much less intuitive because it doesnt rely on millis. millis only has problems if youre disabling interrupts for whatever reason

#806: You Just Know IV Edition
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This general is for the discussion of original, fanmade, or look-alike Megaman games as well as original titles developed by IntiCreates.

>/mmg/ news
MMBN Collection Announced! Releases on April 14 2023, on most major platforms with online features (no crossplay). Preorders start Dec 13.
E-Reader cards are in.
Kit-Makes-Pose Mega Man Battle Network line for 2023
There's a MMX collab on Minecraft going on. https://youtu.be/IUWRK0Jy9d0
There's also a minecraft server in progress for mmg+inti
World of Pixels: https://ourworldofpixels.com/mmg

3rd anniversary event, Hunter Tokens and 2nd DAX
DMC Collab, Dante X, Vergil Zero, Deconstructor Machine Gun leaving
Datamines: SSJ Zero, EoS, DiVE (Switch).
3v3 needs more Yai

>/inti/ news:
GV3 Epilogue on all consoles now.
Grim Guardians will have to change its name to Gal Guardians after some copyright issues.
Physical release still on March 23rd. It'll return to online stores once the name change's done.
4 more projects in the works, confirmed by Takuya Aizu.
bloodstained cotm JP physical bundle announcement for july 13 release
Rhythm game was showcased at JustDan Game Festival.

MegaMix/Gigamix volumes:
Translations of Classic mangas on mangadex now.

>DiVE Links
https://rentry.org/xdaibu (game, emulators and other stuff)


>Melt Stuff

>Game Downloads
Has all MM games, MN9, romhacks, patches + BN cia files

>Audiovisual Media
Contains:Cartoons, Anime, Comics, Manga and other printed media - Music Playlists and albums

>Old /mmg/ stuff/Archive

cytu-be/r/mmg_inti (replace - with .)
Dunno about parsec but at least I know that Ryujinx doesn't need that many resources to keep stable 60fps. You'll have to test it on the machine and see how it goes.

Board: his Thread: 14802641 File: file.png ( 274.1KiB, 1095x459 )
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I took a genetic test and got these haplogroups in the results.
How do I reconcile it with the fact that my brother looks extremely finno-ugric, while I carry mostly european features?
Were my ancestors kangs?

Board: v Thread: 631945547 File: 88467864788.jpg ( 71.6KiB, 720x1280 )
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Jill Valentine..
low test fag

>Jesus called the crowd to him and said, "Listen and understand. What goes into a man's mouth does not make him `unclean,' but what comes out of his mouth, that is what makes him `unclean.

So if I eat a poison to kill myself I’m not sinning?
I guess you forgot about the part where Jesus said not to test the Lord

Board: a Thread: 250496491 File: MjaRPRr.png ( 288.7KiB, 577x725 )
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>this is how the pokemon anime series ends.
There's already a Pikachu in the new series, so this seems to be the test to see if the show can survive without Ash specifically.

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Global Alliances:
Ship 1: Mikuna, RappyDeathsquad
Ship 2: Daikkuri, Tendoku, Toblerone, Oyasumi, Stardust Drive
Ship 3: Mitsuba
Ship 4: group chat only

>Upcoming NGS Headline (3/28/2023)

>Scratch Tickets:


>NGS Information/FAQ, READ IT

>PSO2 Information/FAQ

>Fashion History

>Most recent Headline:

>NGS Roadmap:

Most of the players are on Ship 1 and 2 (Global)
>go through ngs story
>tells me to go to a plant
>do so
>sorry, nothing!
Really does feel like a beta test, or the devs just got up to piss and then just submitted whatever they'd worked on.

there are still people running around believing he's a philanthropist donating billions to save humanity
No it was the ultimate npc test. Some NPCs have higher IQ scores than player characters.
not really an IQ test, it was a peer pressure test, and how susceptible you where too said peer pressure.

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