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>About me
>Looking for
>Not looking for
24 USA M(Femboy, genderfluid)

>About Me
Short, Nerdy, Caucasian, Subby, bubbly booty, anime, games, uhhhhhh.... reading? idk lots of stuff

chastity, cross dressing (feminization), orgasm control, obedience training (tasks), anal, shaving/waxing, cum eating, blowjobs, humiliation, pegging, body worship, hands-free orgasm

>Looking For
Other femboys/genderfluid friends, or dominant men/women to be online keyholders and give obedience tasks ;)

>Not looking for
Clingy individuals, not super into weight-wise bigger men or women sorry!, cocks smaller than mine, findoms, USUALLY ppl younger than me :P, diaper idiots, disrespect


down 2 talk on snap or kik if easier jus hmu on disc 1st

Board: d Thread: 10565785 File: FjijHDCUcAEcUvh.jpg ( 299.2KiB, 1615x2048 )
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Cute boys, huge cocks. The premise is simple.

Greentexts encouraged.

Previous threads:
8 - >>10506833
7 - https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/10455146/#q10455146
>ywn meet a fae hung femboy in the woods
>ywn get entangled in one of his contracts
>ywn visit the woods for "hours" only to stumble out ten minutes later, knees trembling and cock stuck on edge
>ywn have him tease and bully you with his giant meat pole, almost suffocating you on his smooth nuts until you try to push at his fat thighs to get out
>ywn be locked into magic chastity by him
>ywn feel yourself slowly changing as the weeks pass and he blows load after load right into your cage
>ywn feel his cum seep into your skin and force your cock to bloat and your nuts to swell and overproduce constantly
>ywn have him release your now-giant femboy cock to milk
>ywn cum your brains out to finalize your agreement to be his eternal boytoy

Board: vg Thread: 423383745 File: 1520314970412.jpg ( 110.6KiB, 736x1554 )
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BEST GIRL edition!

OT: >>423327343
The Latinxcanto support was supposed to be a femboy

Board: lgbt Thread: 30224600 File: Nonbinary.png ( 12.0KiB, 1153x692 )
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non binary is a coopted aesthetic from trans people by cis people. it's like being goth. its a rebellion by the youth against the status quo. thats cool that you push against gender sterotypes. i agree with that push. that doesn't mean you're nonbinary. nonbinary doesn't have an underlying fundamental fact of the matter. in 20 years nonbinary wont exist anymore.
Nah I desire a male bone structure, and either no genitalia or a dick. I plan on presenting femininely or somewhat femininely, especially with longish hair, while transitioning with test, fin, and bone surgeries. I got lucky and may not need FMS. I will also get periareolar top surgery and bottom surgery, most likely nullo. My gender identity is vastly different from a cis woman now, although I used to essentially be a textbook cisgender theyfab. I dislike alt aesthetics, piercings, etc. and would prefer to either be muscular, a pretty femboy, or both. I never touched yaoi in my life. I showed the opposite of FTM signs as a child and was hyperfeminine, but this may be to blame on my childhood onset (masculine) OCD
>t. nonbinary pooner

Board: vg Thread: 423394168 File: 1595523766780.jpg ( 198.6KiB, 750x1051 )
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Previous: >>423376091

>[Notice] [Summon] Part 1 & Part 1.5 Memorial Pickup Summon
2023-03-23 21:00 - 03-30 20:59 PDT

>[Event] Akihabara Explosion! The City of Wishes and the Sculptures Engraved with Love
2023-03-17 01:00 - 03-30 20:59 PDT

>[Summon] Akihabara Explosion! Pickup Summon
2023-03-17 01:00 - 03-30 20:59 PDT

>[Summon] Class Specific Pickup Summon
2023-03-12 21:00 - 03-28 20:59 PDT

FGO Timers: https://fgo.mitsunee.com/

>[Servant Info]
Servant Material Lookup: https://fgosim.github.io/Material/
Servant Planner: https://github.com/chaldea-center/chaldea
Coin Calculator: https://fgo-servant-coins.glitch.me/index.html
Rank Up + Interlude Timeline: https://kazemai.github.io/fgo-vz/relate_quest.html
Damage Calculator:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CWsaeirsiQHCLf2OJ15kbZSvFlRRdUl5czWXBzSebyg/

>[Mats/Summoning Info]
Rateups in FGO JP: https://files.catbox.moe/orcda3.png
FGO Event Compendium: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qvxLU407QwiFaCvItqR16SqqAVlLD5u5nBzY_bCFYvs/edit#gid=2111060397
Drop rates: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_SlTjrVRTgHgfS7sRqx4CeJMqlz687HdSlYqiW-JvQA
Future Quartz: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRQFC6pgsvDr11c1oe8PcGXurF3uw0MBq73YoQMGCJemzMics9LfwVurTLMi0rpfHNEBjG6gVCOrIer/pubhtml
FGO Raw Database: https://apps.atlasacademy.io/

Jannu doesn't deserve the big tits they gave her. She was an androgynous woman often confused for a femboy not some farmgirl who literally sells her own milk.

/ftt/ - Fapping Together Thread
Post lewds and talk about fapping and schlicking.
Foreskin appreciation edition.
Previous: >>55292768
I'm sitting here waiting for a cute femboy to test my sexual orientation...
See this is what I'm talking about.
I like cute small chests and naizuri.
Maybe a cute femboy could convince me to naizuri their chest instead...

Post humans getting railed, whether it's /amohm/, /amohf/, herm-related, trans-related, or otherwise, this is a thread for humans of all genders to find themselves (wittingly or not) in anthro-dominated situations and generally get fucked silly by anthro cock. Worldbuilding, captions, and IC storytelling are definitely encouraged, but feel free just to share your favorite pictures if that's why you're here.

QOTT: Which part would you wish to play in a /furred/ society? Anthro male? Human male? Human female? Something else?

Previous thread - https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/54958486/
tfw no big dick anthro femboy bf to dick me down and feminize me into his gf (male)

Board: b Thread: 896471700 File: 534.jpg ( 65.8KiB, 435x508 )
14 KB
Yes it is anecdotal. It is until it isn’t. I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby who is now a toddler and meeting all the age appropriate milestones. I was advised by multiple doctors in the midst of the vaccine hysteria to get the jabs. Get it for my safety, my child’s safety. I refused. It was all bullshit. I caught covid twice after she was born, she caught it once and we both suffered mild flu symptoms at its worst. I have close friends who were coerced into double vaccination while pregnant. Two have children with delayed development, and the worst had her baby who is barely six months old and has been diagnosed with a rare cancer only ever seen in adolescence and up. She is riddled with tumours. Six months old. They literally don’t know how to treat it. As a mother I cannot imagine the pain. It makes me sick to my stomach and breaks my heart. I dread the next five to ten years when the effects of these debilitating drugs become blindingly obvious. I’d rather be wrong. I hope I’m wrong.
Laugh at them. They got too cocky
-1 femboy pic rel

tsutsu kun, I have to take my meds soon
bigu posing like a gay femboy for his orbiters

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