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Board: r9k Thread: 72103085 File: prld.jpg ( 462.4KiB, 1400x1866 )
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I have a bag full of these soft cotton "masks" that I had to wear for 2.5 years. As happy as I am that I don't have to wear them at all any more, or any mask at all except an actual mask while waiting for a doctor or dentist, I kinda miss rocking these things. Maybe I'll wear one for 10 minutes tomorrow just to be ironic- and grateful that I never have to wear this shit again.
keep doing it to piss off chuds. i'm never going to stop wearing KN95s everywhere because cold and flu are annoying and a mask is nothing to my athletic lungs

i've been going out in a femboy rave fit just to buy groceries because it's comfy and i'm not a big sissy afraid of judgement from strangers


previous: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/54145656

https://rentry.org/nai-speedrun | https://rentry.org/sdg_FAQ


>Local install
Nvidia GPU: https://rentry.org/voldy | https://github.com/AbdBarho/stable-diffusion-webui-docker
AMD GPU: Native: https://rentry.org/sd-nativeisekaitoo | Docker: https://rentry.org/sdamd | Onnx: https://rentry.org/ayymd-stable-diffustion-v1_4-guide
CPU: http://rentry.org/cputard

>M1 Supported Fork

>Furry models

>Other Guides
LORAs: https://rentry.org/lora_train
Textual inversion e621: https://rentry.org/sd-e621-textual-inversion
Inpainting/Outpainting: https://rentry.org/drfar
Upscaling images: https://rentry.org/sdupscale
Textual inversion: https://rentry.org/textard
Training: https://rentry.org/informal-training-guide

>Other Finetuned Models

>In-Depth Usage Info
/g/ wiki: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Stable_Diffusion
SD Akashic Records: https://github.com/Maks-s/sd-akashic

>Tools & Resources
Big index: https://pharmapsychotic.com/tools.html
Artist styles: https://rentry.org/artists_sd-v1-4 | https://www.urania.ai/top-sd-artists | https://sgreens.notion.site/sgreens/4ca6f4e229e24da6845b6d49e6b08ae7
Prompt sharing: https://lexica.art/ | https://krea.ai/
Dataset: https://rom1504.github.io/clip-retrieval/ | https://laion-aesthetic.datasette.io/laion-aesthetic-6pls/images
AI Booru: https://tempt.ai/Products/UploadAIGeneratedImage
AI Booru 2: https://aibooru.online/

Official: discord.gg/stablediffusion
NSFW: discord.gg/2ZhBzDGf8u
Furry: discord.gg/cNyuGvbT8U
Slowly re-tooling a femboy prompt, since I've prompted so many women I've lost my touch with males

Board: v Thread: 626636803 File: 20230204_064122.jpg ( 105.0KiB, 1160x1006 )
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Tell me your most contentious gaming opinion. I want to argue with somebody
youd make a good femboy let me fuck you are you in london

kik Femboyshavefun

caged femboy looking for somebody to control my lovense so i can hopefully cum before i go to sleep :(

caged femboy looking for somebody to control my lovense so i can hopefully cum before i go to sleep :( - must be willing to use xtoys or lovense app

perfect size for a feminine penis
Too small, not enough to play with. Dont get me wrong, I like them small, but I also want to be able to stroke my femboy bf off and tease him without having to use just my fingers

Do "femcels" exist?
You could get a bf incredibly easily, regardless of the answers.
>Just lose weight. If you're an HRT femboy or whatever then plenty of transgirls would top you.
>like a young secretary wanting a raise,
If that ever could happen feasibly then he's not really a robot.
>they will still never treat her the way they would a much more attractive woman
So what's the problem? Women never will treat even chadlites the same way they'd treat model-tier chads. Lots of "lonely" women still here still find bfs that are loving, just ask them, and you can filter through countless guys who don't treat you right xd.
If you're actually lonely and not a NEET then that's insanely amazing, yeah, but OP isn't lonely at all, obviously.

Timeline /tug/: https://files.catbox.moe/m97wmq.pdf

▶/chug/ 8k Banner: [IMMINENT™]

Be aware, any /chug/ thread that uses globohomo nuspeak wording in the OP (such as Kyiv) or cites UKROP sources (like video game footage) are fake shill threads.
>By posting in these threads, you recognize Israel controls the NATO Council and you irrevocably denounce the Talmud out of your own volition

>Belogorovka has fallen into the hands of the Russian Federation - https://t.me/antinatocoalition/6328
>Germany approves Leopard 1 tank deliveries to Ukraine - https://archive.today/zxTRR
>The Orchestra has taken Nikolaevka 2km away from S&V – https://t.me/milinfolive/96425
>PMC "Mozart" failed in Ukraine due to addiction to alcohol and Kiev strip clubs - https://archive.today/2TFef
>Sakko and Vancetti was liberated by the PMC Wagner - https://t.me/antinatocoalition/6238
>2 enemy missiles shot down over Belgorod. Governor Gladkov The governor of the region reported that air defense worked over the Belgorod district and the Shebekinsky district. - https://t.me/s/readovkanews/51729
>Rheinmetall offers to buy British-made Challenger 1 in Oman and repair them with a view to transfer to Ukraine – https://archive.today/d9FJT
>Ukraine will receive Abrams no earlier than the end of 2023 - https://archive.today/MDCbo
>Iranian drone attack stopped, Iranian government did not say who was behind the attempted attack - https://archive.fo/pd0nA
>Wagner has captured Blagodatnoye - https://files.catbox.moe/m17ihg.mp4 / https://t.me/s/wargonzo/10586



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>And that's why you'd probably be OK with cuckoldry if your boyfriend could bring sufficient facts and logic to convince you.
The femboy wanted me to fuck a girl in front of him at some point and he failed to convince me so I doubt that.

Board: vg Thread: 417353540 File: file.png ( 2.6MiB, 1920x1080 )
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>Limited Weapon and Matrix Orders
[09:00 Feb.02 - 21:00 Feb.22] Unyielding Wing - Alyss
[09:00 Feb.02 - 21:00 Feb.13] Balmung - Frigg
[09:00 Feb.02 - 21:00 Feb.13] Heartstream - Saki Fuwa
[03:00 Feb.14 - 21:00 Feb.25] Shadoweave - Lin

>Passion for Chocolate
[09:00 Feb.02 - 21:00 Feb.17]
Guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EJCYf-QSVahOFDhGpz066zhPLHvdr7XHmAbuMZJd-h4
Accumulate Ardor by making chocolate gifts for characters to claim Red Nuclei, Gold Nuclei, titles, avatar frames, and other rewards.

>Half-Anniversary Party
[03:00 Feb.09 - 21:00 Mar.08]
Participate in the event to obtain a free Vehicle: Nova, Red Nuclei, an avatar, and other rewards.
[03:00 Feb.09] Frost and Flame
[03:00 Feb.16] Fruit Barrage
[03:00 Feb.23] Heavyweight Boxing

>Half-Anniversary Gift 1
[09:00 Feb.02 - 21:00 Mar.01]
Participate in the 7-Day Sign-In to obtain 10 Red Nuclei.

>Half-Anniversary Gift 2
[03:00 Feb.09 - 21:00 Mar.08]
Participate in the 7-Day Sign-In to obtain 600 Dark Crystals and an SSR weapon box.

>Half-Anniversary Memory Time Capsule
[03:00 Feb.09 - 21:00 Mar.08]
Share your data review to claim the Half-Anniversary Commemorative Title.

>Best Adventure Partner
[04:00 Feb.03 - 04:00 Mar.17]
A new free simulacrum skin will be designed for the most popular character.

>Codes (redeem at Gift Icon -> Rewards -> Exchange)

Info Archive: https://toweroffantasy.info/
Interactive Map: https://www.ghzs666.com/tower-of-fantasy-map#/
Time Conversion: https://rentry.org/ToFTime
.ini Edits: https://rentry.org/ToFiniEdits


>/tofg/ Crews

>/tofg/ Pastebin

All times in UTC unless stated otherwise
Previous: >>417227469
exactly why you want reset fiona/lin skill while their skill last long enough more than their skill cooldown?
and no i dont play g game and none of their femboy as pretty as icarus

Board: pol Thread: 414922647 File: woman.png ( 91.4KiB, 845x555 )
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Are gay men chuds sisters?
Is it gay to fuck that given it has a pussy?
Its true tho. I am a bisexual man and its the cock that makes me horny.
CIS females are amazing, but so are femboys and shemales; even gay men with dicks can ge sexy, because a throbbing dick is hot.
But a hairy manlet dude with a vagina? Lol wtf, why? They offer me nothing.
Not the vagina with hot tits/ass,
Not the smooth skin and soft features,
Nor even the cute tiny dick of a femboy/tranny.
And not even just the dick of a gay dude.
Nothing to offer me.
A hairy body, a scarred chest, and prob a mound of pubes due to their insecurity about their vaginas.

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