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4chan Search `fappening` 195 comments

I maintain that the fappening was the worst thing to ever happen to this place

Childlike Drawings Edition

Previously on /sdg/: >>92219175

>Local install
Nvidia GPU: https://rentry.org/voldy
AMD GPU: https://rentry.org/sdg-link
CPU: http://rentry.org/cputard
Alternative UI (Node-based): https://github.com/comfyanonymous/ComfyUI

>Run cloud hosted instance

>Try online without registration
txt2img: https://huggingface.co/spaces/stabilityai/stable-diffusion
img2img: https://huggingface.co/spaces/huggingface/diffuse-the-rest
Inpainting: https://huggingface.co/spaces/fffiloni/stable-diffusion-inpainting


>Models, textual inversion & embeddings

>Index of guides and other tools
Want to know how to use SD for animation, upscaling, train your own model or merging model checkpoints?

Or need guidance on prompt ideas and when to use which artist then follow these links...


>View and submit GPU performance data

>Share image prompt info
If you would like to easily share your image generation settings (prompt, model, etc), since 4Chan removes that information from the EXIF, then follow this guide https://rentry.org/hdgcb

>Related boards

Official: discord.gg/stablediffusion
Trying to train it on photos of people to make a photorealistic model from all the leaked of/fappening pics combined with celeb photos if that helps.

Why is Demon Souls loved on /v/ despite being a Sony exclusive, while Bloodborne is hated on /v/ while also being a Sony exclusive?
There is almost nobody left on /v/ from the late 2000s. Demons and Bloodborne have a six year gap. 2013-2015 brought in the most unfunny, insufferable, despicable, unoriginal newfags around. The Gamergaters, the Fappening followers, the /pol/ spergoids, the contrarians who hate everything? All within that timeframe, hell Moot left in 2015. If Bloodborne was a game from Formsoft before that period it would be fine.

Why did kancolle die out as a gacha?
>fappening, election or covid tourist

Board: vg Thread: 422732385 File: copilot.jpg ( 99.8KiB, 1080x906 )
14 KB
Tedium Aligned Edition
AI Dynamic Storytellers are games that use text & image-generation AI to create limitless, open-ended, interactive fiction.
Last thread: >>422669542

>READ FIRST: https://imgur.com/LAsNqFe

▶Abandon AI Dungeon!

13B Colab: https://pastebin.com/MBmtYGGK
hfv2 config.json: https://rentry.org/a6stq
CPU: https://github.com/ggerganov/llama.cpp

▶KoboldAI *Free*
https://koboldai.org / https://koboldai.org/colab
Horde: https://lite.koboldai.net/

▶NovelAI *Paid*
Cardmaker: https://grotar00.itch.io/nai-card-editor


▶Tools & Other

Avoid: CharacterAI, Dreamily, OpenAI, Paperspace, Pirr, Sudowrite
For AI Roguelite, voice, full avoid list & more: https://rentry.org/aids-alts



>(03/18) AI21 offers Jurassic2; AID comeback imminent? https://www.ai21.com/blog/introducing-j2
(03/17) BYOL notebook >>422492582 ; a wild alpaca appears? >>422511112
(03/17) https://spellbook.scale.com and https://github.com/nai-degen/TavernAIScale exist, are glowiebait, sudorules apply
(03/16) Colab TPUs busted again?? ; NAI loves image samplers, hints real news next week https://novelai.net/updates
(03/13) So much happening >>422017017 ; Look how they massacred our boy https://openai.com/product/gpt-4

▶/aids/ Events
Rules & Old Themes: https://aidsrentfree.github.io/fridaids ; https://aids.miraheze.org/wiki/Theme_Fridays
>Robot Redemption Friday is over; enjoy the purified/automata prompts! Last: >>422603208
I'm still thinking about that part where I permanently lost some of a story I was writing because I was too coomerbrained on continuing the story. I just can't. This is the opposite of a coomageddon, a fappening

post things/experiences that you never will had, that fuel you will to end yourself

lets help some fellows end the suffering once for all
hey I forgot who that is... DJ instagram chick from way back when.
She has a couple of nude fucking vids on the fappening but i really cant remember her name or what hotter vid I know her from....
Steph...murphs I think?

Board: b Thread: 896167767 File: 1659477775406362.jpg ( 120.5KiB, 1170x1420 )
14 KB
Sunday evening edition
It's all fappening, more like. You never left the thread? I honestly don't believe you're the girl in these pics but keep sharing them anyway, she's cute as hell. I'd give her a mean deep-dicking.

Why have movies lost their sense of wonder? Especially those set in urban environments
Societal collapse.
Demographic changes.
Loss of glamor due to Weinstein, the web, and the Fappening.

For 99.99% of human history prostitution was legal and commonplace. Young men lost their virginities to whores and didn’t “date” girls for sex before marriage

You all fell for feminist propaganda and crazy roasties telling you it is shameful to pay for sex
If it was good enough for roman emperors, why be ashamed?
it can be found in sunflower, safflower, onions, sesame, corn oils or in nuts and seeds.

that whore's fappening had more happening than her OF

promiscuous people can have serious stds, that's why most people gossip who's fucking whom


I am trying to find a team for GTA V. I run a Fappening Discord too so lmk if you need an invite

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