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4chan Search `fappening` 195 comments

I can't wait to watch with my daughter.
>Whoever is fucking and casting now has shit taste in women
fwiw, during the fappening, (I never fapped to those stupid pix but that shit was funny), I vowed to never watch a female lead ever again if I had never first seen a photo of her butthole.
So, all the JL movies are open for me, but I want to see what the future holds...
I ask other anons to take up the banner and never again suffer movies with female leads without first seeing the butt.

please oppress me
>mogs every other fappening leak
how did she do it?
her leaks are the most kino shots of people having genuine sex

gookmoot is worst that ever happened to 4chan, the reason why 4chan is so cucked now is because he doesn't give a shit about 4chan only the money, moderations was completely cucked and passed over to trannies to appeal to the jewish companies so they can pay him for ads.
internet in general:
wider internet access to the 3rd world (sorry bud)
social media boom, the barrier between internet and reality is long gone and whatever is online is seen as a direct extention of self
commercialization of everything
the complete breakdown of social fabric across the west and politicisation of every single fucking thing (everyone is now an armchair activist and it consumes the other half of conversation that isn't about porn).

90% of internet traffick going to 10 websites in 2020.

4chan specifically: 2016 election, the fappening (people never left), every mention in the news before that and after, generational shift and gen z being obnoxious beyond any reckoning

Could pic related pass as local in your country?
US women's soccer team's old keeper
Hope Solo
Pics got leaked during the og Fappening and people spam it bc it's a hideous looking cunt

Board: b Thread: 896293167 File: marisnot126.jpg ( 9.9KiB, 242x229 )
14 KB
waiting for mar to stream edition
Yet another weak insult. Hate to break it to ya bud but everyone on here is using reddit.Sadly 4chan hasnt even done anything of significance since the fappening. Reddit would be perfect if it was so overly fuckin liberal.

Post songs by the greatest female pop/rock singer of this century

the resort photos with the beach in the background are actually her best pics
they were included in the Fappening
this is from the fappening, 9 years ago anon

>closest thing any Bethesda game has to a left-wing faction
>make it a ridiculous strawman
it gets very tiresome
I thought New Vegas' heckin rad wholesome AnCap city was peak reddit, but Fallout 4 topped it

When the game itself is all shades of commiefornian and jewyorker liberalism and leftism.

/v/ loved NV due to sheer contrarianism after the fappening and social inclusion/iphone tourists came out, then the gamergate tourists.

privacy chuds we lost...
This is a hearts and minds problem, anon.

We're human beings and we all suck. Programmers, managers, and executives.

We're all a bunch of perverted gluttonous greedy bastards. Remember THE FAPPENING?

I think the only real countermeasure is to acknowledge this and remind people that they're forgiven for it. (If they believe.) This has a funny way of changing behavior.

Don't be like that fatass that got bagged in Florida. But that's a /sig/ for another day. In the meantime, bullets stop niggers. Do you have bullets that can put down a raging bull negro?

>Get armed you boomers, lest the niggers shoot you dead and take the keys to your Corvette from your still-warm dead hands
>Get armed you xoomers and millennials, lest you be killed and your wives and daughters raped by blacks and tans
>Get armed you zoomers, because chances are you'll have to drag your unarmed boomer/xoomer parents and millennial siblings' asses out of the fire
>Acquire a long gun, long guns are usually less regulated in cuck states. I recommend a rifle first, in burgerland that usually means an AR-15. If you're on a budget, get a PSA AR kit, and assemble it yourself. ~$500 total for the parts, tools, and FFL fee
>Second long gun should be a shotgun. If you're on a budget, Maverick 88, $200-300. Avoid Remington at all costs, (((Freedom Group))) QC issues

Every single day an American will shoot a nigger in self-defense. Most stories don't make the news, because it isn't politically expedient to do so. It's only during contentious election years that it gets broadcasted. After all, if people see a nigger shot in 109 self defense cases, at the 110th people are going to start wondering why it's always a nigger being shot in self defense.

As always, if you don't know, ask.
>Live in a ban state?
Just ask!

Thread theme:
People don't appreciate this version enough, it's a lot livelier.
subversion by mods, its a blue board. get some fed/retarded blue haired libshit mod in there and delete/ban everything which doesnt follow the r*ddit narrative. they usually have to use some fake incident for a swift in moderation rules to sneak their BS in.
now you only need some "pioneers" to aggresively colonize that board with pozz until its a save space for mlp horse pussy whoreshipping fags to keep the board permanently ruined.
thats also the reason why /b/ turned to shit because moot surrendered that board to the feds after gamergate and the fappening. that cuck ultimatively left then.

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