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4chan Search `fappening` 195 comments

Biggest fucking happening since the fappening right here

Please for the love of god let there be a sex tape

Board: b Thread: 896356553 File: 1590535099837.jpg ( 168.3KiB, 1280x931 )
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g/fur big ol weenies eddition
the fappening
the fappening was a girl lewds thing!
not enough people want guys weenie pics!
i hab a lot but theyre on my comp not on my phone or on the cloud
i used to post them here all the time
im reclaiming fappening!

Board: v Thread: 631707394 File: DSFARGEG.jpg ( 255.3KiB, 1080x590 )
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Of all the dark points in the site, I genuinely think the Fappening did the most damage. Like chanology was bad gamergate ect ect but the Fappening turned /b/ into porn and I mean only porn. The funniest stories and witty retorts were all /b/ caps but now it's only porn and the /b/ posters spilled over the rest of the site and every board was /b/+topic

As for me, personally, the Nazi mod fucking /tg/ was the worst thing. I miss that board

Were you ever afraid to post on here because muh glowniggers or muh honeypots? Did you atleast lurk a little?
all you have to do is ask them to look into the recruiting requirements for their organization.
Their IQ has to be within a certain range 95-110 and display a strong tendency for certain personality traits. Brainwashing these agents is easy within these certain parameters the CIA and most agencies discovered in the 50's and 60's.
do you know the trick where if you hear something enough times your mind will repeat it whether you want it to or not? 90% or greater of those 3 letter agencies are being subjected to this type of hypnosis on a daily basis, probably 24/7 since the advent of cellular technology. This is a hard one to explain and is a 40-page doctorate by one of the spooks but is the easiest way to make it happen. all dismissed by most as tinnitus from weapons training.
This susceptibility to being controlled is vitally important to the reason why they only want people in a certain intelligence range, to low and you are too dumb for it, too high and you will eventually question the suggestion.
Taking commands is one of them, the main reason they heavily recruit from the armed forces.
the ironic thing with all of it, they spend countless hours being trained how to recognize, resist and overcome certain types of programming. They can even look it up in their manuals and training courses, yet they never bother to look for and have a difficult time finding the information on how to break the programming instilled in them by their respective companies they work for. Which is hilarious, there were more failures than successes at the start of these programs. maybe they learned to hide it better? or did they work all those kinks out by changing recruiting?
Unfortunately for all of us, the NSA guys are the ones that could help all of us the most and they are the ones most monitored and controlled out of the entire thing. I mean, a bored one of them is what gave us all the Fappening.

Or, "why you need to create /ai/."
Moderators, Hiro. Good afternoon.
The situation on /g/ is known to pretty much everyone, and rivals the one that led to a forking of Vtuber discussion from /jp/ in severity. Of course, the creation of /vt/ has already happened and led to increased happiness for the communities of that migrated there, as well as the original community that was again free to exercise its culture freely, while threads like this have been made for over a year with zero action from 4chan team members.
/aicg/ is, on average, three to four times faster than the most active non-AI thread. /sdg/ hits the image limit so frequently that, as we speak, there are four threads holding space in the catalog. AI threads in general crowd the catalog, and this only gets worse as announcements happen on the weekly.
A year ago, I would have agreed that an AI board was unnecessary. But the times are changing, more anons from all across the site want to discuss neural network-based technology more than ever, and so many issues are being created by this board needing to support all of them.
I implore you to find a solution quickly.
AI isn't the new fappening or even the new VR, it's the new enduring hobby that will replace others, AI is the new videogames.

Board: vg Thread: 423017430 File: beak f g.png ( 1.5MiB, 1625x901 )
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BFGPU Edition
AI Dynamic Storytellers are games that use text & image-generation AI to create limitless, open-ended, interactive fiction.
Last thread: >>422966879

>READ FIRST: https://imgur.com/LAsNqFe

▶Abandon AI Dungeon!

13B Colab: https://pastebin.com/MBmtYGGK
hfv2 config.json: https://rentry.org/a6stq
CPU: https://github.com/ggerganov/llama.cpp

▶KoboldAI *Free*
https://koboldai.org / https://koboldai.org/colab
Horde: https://lite.koboldai.net/

▶NovelAI *Paid*
Cardmaker: https://grotar00.itch.io/nai-card-editor


▶Tools & Other

Avoid: CharacterAI, Dreamily, OpenAI, Paperspace, Pirr, Sudowrite
For AI Roguelite, voice, full avoid list & more: https://rentry.org/aids-alts



(03/21) Henk whips up a LLaMA standalone: >>422955849 >>422959121
(03/21) Roaches get their own model-training guns https://novelai.net/updates https://files.catbox.moe/lh2rtz.webm
(03/18) AI21 offers Jurassic2; AID comeback imminent? https://www.ai21.com/blog/introducing-j2
(03/17) BYOL notebook >>422492582 ; a wild alpaca appears? >>422511112
(03/17) https://spellbook.scale.com and https://github.com/nai-degen/TavernAIScale exist, are glowiebait, sudorules apply

▶/aids/ Events
Rules & Old Themes: https://aidsrentfree.github.io/fridaids ; https://aids.miraheze.org/wiki/Theme_Fridays
>Robot Redemption Friday is over; theme suggestions for next week are being taken! >>422980965
I swear, i'm good man. I coomed harder than I have in years, had a great fappening, and now i'm ready for what NAI, Sudo, and LLaMA foss contributors are cooking

>Half the questions are philosophical or logic questions
>1/3rd retarded bullshit
>the remainder is okay questions quickly drowned in babbling
Worse than /pol honestly.
The fappening fucked shit? Or Moot selling out to Hiro?

please oppress me
top fappening leak is Abigail Spencer but her were solid too

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