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Board: pol Thread: 420732526 File: Devon Stack.jpg ( 43.7KiB, 900x900 )
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Post em
This place is boring thanks to kike ai, who are you anon watching now? Who else is worth the time while being entertaining and informative? Devon Stack is the most based streamer around desu. He just finished a live stream, the chat is always based which is /comfy/. He also sounds like Norm MacDonald which is a plus!
I haven't seen Big Jim O'Shounessey in awhile but he was good last time I saw him. Not sure if the cancer got em.
>Black Pilled - Devon Stack
Devon for me, too. I dropped TRS like a hot brick (Sven had already made TDS insufferable) after Jazz and Warren started shitting on him out of insecurity.

Board: pol Thread: 420728670 File: classic.png ( 308.1KiB, 737x802 )
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>President Trump Office
>Liz Harrington (Trump Spox) https://twitter.com/realLizUSA
>Donald J Trump Presidential Library
@realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom
>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!
ARCHIVED LINKS http://pastebin.com/ynXV6CHT

>TrumpVideo: I'M BACK 3/18/22
>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - Ending Brandon's War on Suburbs That Pushes American Dream Further From Reach 3/20/23
>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - I'm One Standing In the Way Between You & Our Enemies Pt 2 3/17/23
>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - I'm One Standing In the Way Between You & Our Enemies Pt 1 3/17/23
>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - Leading in Polls 3/17/23
>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - Nation In Decline 3/17/23
>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - Banks are Starting to Collapse 3/17/23
>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - Chy-nah Must be Held Accountable 3/17/23
>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - Trump's Been Right about EVERYTHING! 3/17/23
>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - We Must Support Innocent January 6th Prisoners 3/17/23
>TrumpVideo: Agenda47 - Preventing World War III 3/16/23
>God Bless the USA (Donald J Trump) 10/20/16
>NEVER COME DOWN (10hr ver) 8/11/16

OP pastebin: http://pastebin.com/nygxu29R
prev >>420716552
>giving your TDS shill ass away this hard

Is Rod correct? Is being a trans woman the complete form of a gay boy? I honestly agree completely, but how would we be able to make this happen so more young gays realize sooner rather than later that transgenderism is the key to their salvation?
On the contrary, Fleming has perhaps the most unified theory of any TDS person
At the very least, he's right that gay bottoms should be put on HRT

Board: k Thread: 57565395 File: TigerII.jpg ( 288.6KiB, 1023x717 )
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>half of /k/ says it was a complete meme tank
>other half says it was the pinnacle of German tank engineering in WW2
I need to know the truth about this fascinating weapon
imagine how many pz IV they could have shit out if they had not made this, and all the other meme heavy tanks and TDs

Board: lgbt Thread: 30191708 File: 1618942559354.jpg ( 202.6KiB, 1137x856 )
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Where do you meet cis f chasers irl?
Unironically this, I touch grass semi-regularly and tranner hate just isn't that widespread in irl queer spaces, at least where I am. The most I've ever seen is a sort of uncomfortable ~tolerance for ~kinda terfy older lesbians here and there, but nothing like the psychotic tds shit that gets posted here.
Trans girls are just too cute to hate unless you're seriously mentally ill which most people just aren't.

t. cisles chaser

Board: pol Thread: 420733911 File: neck pussy.jpg ( 99.5KiB, 828x790 )
14 KB
What does it feel like? Does it get wet when Trump is horny? does it have a clitoris? Would you put your dick in it?
>Literal TDS suffering faggot calling other faggots fishing for (you)s

Board: pol Thread: 420734007 File: WgiSZpz.gif ( 620.4KiB, 498x374 )
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Ok MAGA /pol/
Tell me how this plays out

>Trump takes credit for making miracle Vaxx
>Opposed sides all say its Bad & don't take it
>Election Happens
>Opposed sides switch sides and say the Vaccine is a miracle
>Heavy Mandates are introduced
>People start saying they are having issues and are still getting covid after the shot
>Trump gets booed while at a Rally promoting Vaccines
>Rare breakthrough cases start happening more frequently
>Transmission blocking turns out to be false
>Vaccine starts showing problems
>Vaccine starts showing even more problems
>Vaccine pushers including Trump continue to say it is a Miracle they made it in so short of time
>State reps and Celebrities start calling it out
>Scientists start writing peer reviewed papers showing how bad it really is
>Trump calling Desantis out for killing a 100yr old WW2 Vet with the Vaccine

So my question really is
How is Trump gonna make this into a bomb that doesn't blow up and hurt him?
If he goes on Twitter and says the Vaccine is dangerous, all hell might break lose
Millions of MAGA supporters all got poisoned and lose their shit
Abusing TDS to cause vax hesitance among the dem voters. Tl;dr "Trump did this, it MUST be bad!!". This maneuver probably saved more lives than endangered his voters, because, as he's proven time and time again, his voters think for themselves, see the reactions to him pushing the vax during rallies.
Whether he intends to survive the proceedings politically/as a public face, remains to be seen.
Politics are complicated.

is Trump 2024 realistic?
Retards are not permitted. His presidency could result in civil war.
People who suffer from TDS aren't even worth engaging with. You have a fundamentally warped sense of the world.
You got provoked by a discussion about Trump's suitability and qualities, so much that you had to shut down the discussion. That's as bad as the people who have TDS. Inverted TDS if you will. His cult can't be reasoned with either.

Board: tv Thread: 182096708 File: images (9).jpg ( 16.7KiB, 428x368 )
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>movie/show makes fun of religion
I think it's most likely a little of both. You're so determined to be hostile that you scramble any ability your brain had before to think or even read simple statements, the condition is very closely related to TDS.

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