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Why does Stephen Colbert hate Trump so much?

-hated him so much he made a while cartoon to ridicule him
-made fun of him for trying to put a stop to wars with tyrants even though Stephen was all for that during the bush era
-constantly tweeted about orange man bad
-for a late night show host, he spent a lot of his episodes just saying orange man bad
they have to overcompensate for 2016, the pied piper strategy mostly
with sam harris I think it is class sensibilities
class sensibilities are majority to blame for TDS outside of cold hearted mercenary self interest

im not radical. the left turned into maoist traitorous treasonous seditious libelous slanderous degenerate pedophillic faggot scum.
seeing tds, censorship, lawfare and no justice system along with the kikes completely out of control along with their golem niggers and massive amounts of antiwhiteism made me believe this kiked republic needs some tree of liberty action.
A lot of things I guess. Race wise it can be summed up to intrinsic and natural racism and intensified with one too many bad experiences with blacks and foreigners.

Background wise I grew up in a very liberal household and often spouted off liberal talking points (in a southern state no less) without really knowing jack shit about anything. After the 2016 election my mother, I say this without irony, had TDS. A combination of being raised and most certainly abused by an actual CIA glownigger, other life traumas, mental illness, and media manipulation really made me see how fucking bullshit the current system is and how it victimizes plenty of people, good and bad alike.

Board: sp Thread: 130281991 File: Crowder Duke.jpg ( 64.3KiB, 500x500 )
14 KB
Duke QB and Duke WR in NJ
NYG: Giants add another slot WR with Jamison Crowder
CLG: Raiders and Panthers meet with Bama QB Bryce YoungFA: Bucs cut kicker Ryan Succop after three seasons
FA: Elliott 'narrows' list to Eagles, Jets, Bengals
NYJ: Jets bring back Ty Johnson on one-year deal
ARZ: Aaron Wilson: Bills 'headline' D-Hop trade market
DEN: Hamler (pec) undergoes surgery, out 4-6 months
CLG: BC WR Zay Flowers meeting with Saints and Giants
FA: Connor Hughes: Jets interest in OBJ is 'very real'
FA: Moreau stepping away to fight Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
>be me, circa 2056
>GM of the St. George Floyd City Indigenous Persons (formerly Minnesota Vikings) of the National Flag Football League
>league policy requires that all starting QBs be Black
>on the FA market
>top signal-caller available is Jarvarious Jigaboo, a star from the CHAZ Nonbinaries
>he completed 43% of his passes last year for 6 TDs and 19 INTs, making him one of the best QBs in the league
>we decide to reach out and offer him $4.9 billion fully guaranteed on a 30-year contract
>turns out he was seeking $6 billion at least
>he posts the offer on Twitter
>next day receive notice that I’m under investigation by the FBI and Taco Bell Presents the United Nations for perpetrating modern-day slavery
>wages garnished for the next 5 years as reparations
Yeah, didn't think so.
>career starts: Lameme 61, Watson 59
>career TDs: Watson 111, Lameme 101
>career INTs: Lameme 38, Watson 41
>TD:INT ratio: Watson 2.71, Lameme 2.66
>passer rating: Watson 102.3, Lameme 96.7
Be grateful I didn't include postseason stats
Reminder he had ZERO (0) TDs in 2021. He had a great year because Hurts elevated the run game; and the Eagles can't rely on Penny to be the RB1, >gainwell is a great RB2 but probably not a RB1, and Boston Scott is just there to return punts and play against the Giants.
They still need a RB1 and taking one of the top RBs in the draft so they have them for 5 years cheap is a great move. I think Howie will take a defender at #10 and Gibbs at #30.

Board: b Thread: 896392065 File: 1614644725701.jpg ( 111.2KiB, 720x731 )
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>orange man good
I bet you also resort to TDS as soon as anyone dares speak up against this goon

Board: pol Thread: 420799470 File: shut-up.jpg ( 110.8KiB, 500x633 )
14 KB
holy shit. he can't shut up. he reminds me of the annoying bitch in the mental institution who wouldn't shut up and kept begging for adderall. fuck. sedate this bitch for his own good.
Yes, your TDS and obsession with Trump is what makes these outlets continue to talk about him. If you wanted him gone, you would just stop obsessing over his mighty cock for more than two seconds

Board: lgbt Thread: 30202569 File: 2023-03-08.jpg ( 138.1KiB, 1250x423 )
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In the view of trans people, what is the cause of the trannygenocide? Blacks? Jews? Republicans? Reaction? JoeRog? Inherent Evil? How can such anti trans sentiment have broken out everywhere all at once?
What level of tds is required to have this level of brainrot?

FA: Raiders TE Foster Moreau stepping away to fight Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
MIN: Vikings FB C.J. Ham lands a two-year extension
LV: Vegas adds Austin Hooper to help fill Waller void
CLE: Browns acquire Elijah Moore for a Day 2 pick swap
NYJ: Jets add Mecole Hardman to their crowded WR room
JAC: Former Browns RB D'Ernest Johnson signs with Jags
HOU: Texans sign LB Denzel Perryman to one-year deal
CLG: Scouts clock JSN 40 time as low as 4.48 at pro day
NE: Patriots bring back CB Jalen Mills on 1-year deal
ARZ: Browns not among teams pursuing DeAndre Hopkins
can't wait until Love throws 35 tds/10 int and 4000 yds and makes the nfc north seethe

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