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Why is it that Tigers and Panthers get so much love and even Hetzers and Stugs, but no one cares about the Nashorn?
>pak/kwk43 was on pair with US 90mm, British 17Pdr, or Russian 122mm.
youre thinking of the kwk36 on the original tiger, with 55 caliber length
the kwk43 had 70 calibers

M3 90mm gun was 55 calibers, same as the kwk36
performance wise, the 90mm had performance better than the short 88 but worse than the long 88 with AP
it exceeded both with APCR, but which was in short supply for most of the war as TDs got priority on those

>armed with 76 mm gun
M18 Hellcat
>armed with 76 mm gun

What was the thought behind making a tank "destroyer" that was just your main tank but worse due to less armor and thus survivability?
1) TDs were meant to be mobile reaction forces. They're faster on road and off.
2) They'd made over 1000 Hellcats before the first M4A3s with the 76 started to come off the line.
these arent TDs, these are light tanks/assault guns
stryker MGS is intended to provide direct fire support for SBCTs, it only carries a handful of sabot rounds because it would do badly against anything other than a T-72A
same for the griffin II, its only given a handful of sabot for self-defense and is intended to sling HE and HESH all day to shore up IBCTs

Democrats, as part of their perverse and subversive propaganda campaigns, are making ai generated images of trump and posting them in Twitter
It's absolutely repugnant that these people would do such a disgusting thing
imaginary images created by an artificial intelligence programme with a researcher’s prompts, police officers chase and tackle Donald Trump. Others show the former president behind bars and wearing an orange jumpsuit in federal prison.

The images, generated by Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins using the powerful text-to-image Midjourney programme, exploded across social media while a New York grand jury considers evidence in a criminal investigation into the former president, who has predicted his imminent indictment and arrest.
They served as a high-profile example of the kinds of viral phenomena relying on false images built with artificial intelligence programmes that could be used to spread harmful disinformation to spark unrest and disrupt news cycles and elections.

Democratic US Senator Mark Warner told The Washington Post that lawmakers have issued similar warnings about the potential for synthetic media to “spread disinformation and more generally to sow confusion and discord.”

Mr Warner, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said that the technology is now at a point where “these tools are widely available and incredibly capable.”
makes sense all people with TDS probably have a trump bdsm fetish. They love getting their rear rammed by him to the point they can't stop dreaming about it.

Board: tv Thread: 182136871 File: 1183455887.jpg ( 580.3KiB, 2560x1708 )
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If you had the opportunity to give this loathsome cunt the Murrayyy treatment, and get away with it, would you?

Assume that everybody knows you did it, but you are pardoned and suffer no legal consequences at all + your job security remains intact.

The daily show derangement syndrome

Obese faggot has an enlarged prostate, diabetes, and urinary frequency, urgency, and hesitancy all at the same time. He has to wake up 6+ times a night to try to take a single excruciating piss. That is why he uses social media to schizopost at the stupidest hours of the day.
>Orangeman rants on his social media site
>OP rants on a Indonesian underwater basket weaving forum
>tfw you see someone who suffers from TDS so badly that they copy said orangeman and rants on preferred social media forum

From observing their performance in the Ukrainian war, are tanks and armoured vehicles obsolete now, or is it just that soviet-era tanks are complete garbage?
US TD doctrine called for highly mobile reaction forces, this did not work out in practice as the TDs were not kept in reserve but just used in the frontline as any other tank, exposing the thin M10's and M18's to artillery fire and such. I have no idea whether the thin armor and no roof was actually a major issue, but atleast some crews were concerned about it as you can see with historical pictures of applique armor.

In hindsight, the US army would have been better off with just having more shermans, and much better off if the tank gun development wasn't lagging behind.

Unironically, languages with grammatical gender frustrate transphobes/TDS more than they frustrate trannies.

Especially Slavic languages where verbs sometimes conjugate according to gender of subject. In Slavic languages, you get to assert your gender more often than transphobes get to misgender you, and you can talk over their objections, so to say. It is unironically harder for transphobes to weaponize misgendering by tricking others into misgendering you. You know what I mean? In English, you'd just get called "he" or "she" by a transphobe, and it's a little harder to "overwrite" without coming off as a "hypersensitive tranny".

I'm quite amused actually at how unable these Slavs are to amass harassment campaigns against me because of their language's grammar.

Ayo it's time to discuss dat mafuckin Warren Report episode 51.
I liked when Enoch claimed that 90% of TRS’ audience was in agreement with him on his retarded COVID takes (argumentum ad populum), only to be completely fucking eviscerated in the comments section of the infamous TDS episode 1000.

Why does Stephen Colbert hate Trump so much?

-hated him so much he made a while cartoon to ridicule him
-made fun of him for trying to put a stop to wars with tyrants even though Stephen was all for that during the bush era
-constantly tweeted about orange man bad
-for a late night show host, he spent a lot of his episodes just saying orange man bad
they have to overcompensate for 2016, the pied piper strategy mostly
with sam harris I think it is class sensibilities
class sensibilities are majority to blame for TDS outside of cold hearted mercenary self interest

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