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He married a Jewish woman who made him move to France and draw comics she writes. He's one about their TDS.

Why do they do this to themselves? Trump makes fools of them, consistently, and yet, they persist in participating in their own humiliation. TDS is real.

Finally understood where that obnoxious clicking sounds in every TDS is coming from. Sven is literally smoking from a gandalf pipe and periodically using a lighter to keep it burning. What
This show is sinking to abysmal levels white trashery baka

Board: tv Thread: 182162997 File: file.png ( 35.2KiB, 380x385 )
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wake up babe, new JCS just dropped
It's the same fucking guy as always. A far leftist boomer who had massive TDS but stopped talking politics the moment Biden was put in charge.

Well /pol/?
this fag lost his marbles due to tds and never got 'em all back

>/k/ says Russia is losing.
>Posts thousands of videos of ziggers getting btfo by Ukrainians
>/pol/ says Russia is winning.
>"Just believe me bro" and posts zero evidence of Russia winning anything.
Why should I believe /pol/ over /k/ if you have no evidence?
Daily reminder that Musk revealed 80% of twitter users talking about the war were bots and 90% of those were ukrainian bots.
Trafic to /k/ more than doubled when the war started and jannies mass ban any dissent like a good redditoid or discord jannie would.

There is N.O.T.H.I.N.G. organic about support for ukraine, it's as fake and gay as vax shilling and TDS, it works by mass media propagandists censoring, ridiculing and demonizing any hint of dissent, making normies too afraid to step out of line for fear of being the next target. Just remember how they talked about Trump supporters and Purebloods to see how "consensus" is manufacured.

It's all just so tiresome.

TDS1017: Democratic Backsliding
lets discuss this again but in a searchable format.


>The Ballot Mules
>Math that just doesn't add up
>Last minute rule changes to make ballot harvesting legal in swing states
>Took several weeks to count the ballots.
>4 AM unmarked truck of exclusively Biden ballots delivered in the night
>Windows being bordered up so you cant even see whats going on in there
>Literally any discussion of fraud was silenced from every form of media, including radio hosts openly saying they arent allowed to speak about it.
>Democrats kicking and screaming about Republicans trying "Take away voting rights from blacks" whenever republicans pushed to have the rule changes reversed after the election
>Trump's legalfaire thrown out on 'standing' so they never actually have to address the claims
>Same as above whenever states began to sue for this
>There was a whole Janurary 6th committee for a 9/11 style probe into the protest but not so much as a peep on an election legitimacy probe.
>Now proven cheaters, Dominion are trying to sue Trump and Fox news for daring to expose them. What a power high that must be

I dont know if Biden directly cheated, or leftists suffering from TDS did it for free. But there is no question that this election was not legitimate.

What are the (political) implications of Asians becoming extremely racist towards black people due to black on Asian hate crimes?
Shouldnt you be posting this chat gpt3 nigger babble on the TDS comment section. What exactly do you hope to achieve?

Board: sp Thread: 130314245 File: 1455072131.jpg ( 1.3MiB, 3200x2134 )
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DEN: Russell Wilson on track for OTAs after knee scope
FA: Schneider: Seahawks still in contact with Wagner
DEN: Former Saints WR Marquez Callaway signs with DEN
CLE: Browns ink deep threat Marquise Goodwin to deal
PHI: Eagles sign Terrell Edmunds to one-year contract
CAR: Panthers add to WR room, ink Chark to 1-year deal
BAL: Ravens sign Agholor to one-year, $3.25M contract
FA: Raiders hosting special teams ace DeAndre Carter
PHI: Eagles sign Lane Johnson to one-year extension
FA: Sean Payton recruits RB Tony Jones to Broncos
Please resign McKinnon veach.
Dude was a large part of moving the chains and getting in the redzone for TDs.

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