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4chan Search `MikuMikuDance` 4 comments

Board: vg Thread: 355704440 File: JLMG.png ( 570.3KiB, 700x700 )
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Idea Guy Edition

LAST TIME, ON /agdg/: >>355585943

>Demo Day
Next: https://itch.io/jam/agdg-demo-day-41
Previous: https://itch.io/jam/agdg-demo-day-40
Older Demo Days: https://pastebin.com/M8xVhUQu

>AGDG jam
Current: https://itch.io/jam/agdg-halloween-jam-2021
Last: https://itch.io/jam/agdg-frog-jam
Previous Jams: https://pastebin.com/ZNPSfbJ9

>Helpful links
New Threads: >>>/vg/agdg
Archive: https://arch.b4k.co/vg/search/subject/agdg/
AGDG Steam Games: http://homph.com/steam/
Weekly Recap: https://recap.agdg.io
Fanart and stuff: drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6j4pcv3V-vfb3hKSlhRRzlLbFE
AGDG Logo: https://pastebin.com/iafqz627


>Free audio

>How to Webm
Nah I'm not very talented, I'm just a 21 year old neet who got lucky with a game and replaced the need to find a job in harsh times, which to be fair is nice...
Also here's the C++ animation module, kinda proud of it, my first time writing non-trivial c++, needs some cleaning tho https://github.com/EIRTeam/VMDMotionGDModule
Never said otherwise anon, the point of that was the C++ animatino module, it can load VMD files (from mikumikudance) and retarget them into any VRM model, this will be coupled with a source filmmaker-style tool to make 3d dancing animations for the background of a rhythm game.

Previous Thread: >>2613154

>Guides & Resources
Pastebin: https://rentry.co/MMD4Chan



>Search terms:
MMD, mikumikudance, R-18, 紳士の社交場, 紳士向け
MMDモデル配布あり, MMDステージ配布あり , MMDアクセサリ配布あり
MMDモーション配布あり, MMDカメラ配布あり, MMDエフェクト配布あり

Pastebin & Catalog: https://rentry.co/3DCG4Chan

Board: v Thread: 573664992 File: 1613449627707.jpg ( 45.3KiB, 480x474 )
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I'm just fucking mad as fuck my autistic cousin is making over $70 dollars a day by making games? he earns more making roboblox skins and selling them than more that I make in a month?, he earns more than me being a waiter? WTF how can anyone make real money by playing games?
I have a real job, but the free money for producing stuff far below my own standards is too tempting to pass up. I can put away a lot of cash with that shit providing all my fun expenses.
MikuMikuDance, that alone should explain how low quality it is. Yet people throw money at if you if your stuffs niche enough.

Board: vg Thread: 354033890 File: mfw.png ( 329.6KiB, 413x417 )
14 KB
Episode 71.5 - Dead and Dying

General Info on Taimanin

>Game: https://www.actiontaimanin.net
>Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1335200/Action_Taimanin/
>Official YouTube Page (EN): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgh5jkKAti-nPmXmQY3oaOQ
>Official YouTube Page (JP): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6P81d_sYiNAjb3A-N4IFjQ

>Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10M3mxaE6FVmAYB-EkBLQ9AtvCJZ-Xmlaqb3qrkvjCzo/
>Supporter List: https://actiontaiman.in/index.html
>Extras: https://rentry.co/atgExtraLinks
Astaroth is now available for purchase with Gems!
※ Price: 1200 Gems

>Ongoing Events
New event "Youth and Jealousy Camp" is live!
※ Event playable until Oct. 19th, 2021 01:59 (UTC)
※ Event Exchange Facility available until Oct. 26th, 2021 01:59 (UTC)

>Current Banners
Pickup Gacha for event-obtainable weapons for Kirara, Asuka and Oboro until September 28th, 2021, 01:59 (UTC)
Pick Up Gacha until 2021, Oct 19th 01:59 (UTC)
Pick Up Gacha Reward: UR Weapon Voucher
Golden Pass!
Special Pass Prize: Costume Voucher: Autumn Queen etc.
Pass purchasable until 2021, Oct 5th 01:59 (UTC)
Pickup Gacha with an increased drop rate of new supporter "【UR】Aishu Hebiko" is open!
Pickup Gacha until Oct. 19th, 2021, 01:59 (UTC)
【UR】Aishu Hebiko" is also available in the Shop of Desires.

>Timed Costumes
Dress up your Taimanins in “Autumn Breezes”!
Available for sale until 2021, October 5th 01:59 (UTC)

1st Anniversary
Part 1 = The attendance event!
Part 2 = Golden Pass
Part 3 = A story event
Part 4 = Mizuki Yukikaze and Yatsu Murasaki limited package
Part 5 = Special gacha you can only draw during the 1st anniversary
Part 6 = Double Gems are back, Monthly pass for half the price
Part 7 = Join forces with everyone during the event period to complete missions and get rewards together!
Part 8 = Contaminated Gosha Forest Event

Previous Thread: >>353594451
that's me, these are renders that I make in MMD short for MikuMikuDance, it's just something I like to make to pass the time after work, I don't upload everything I do, just the odd pic now and then.

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