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Pornographic art is my favorite, tbh.
Even if I'm not horny, people drawing sexual expression will always be more interesting to me than sfw.
Fine. Just passing some time. Long distance partner staying with me for awhile and he still actually goes to 4chan. When he reminded me it still exists I decided to drop by and see what threads are like + contribute some stuff.

Board: tv Thread: 162839062 File: images (6).jpg ( 119.7KiB, 480x720 )
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you can tell this is some white teenager who uses reddit in "secret" so to not upset the spics on 4chan

Nobody cares about 4chan anymore bro

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Is he /ourguy/?
page 9, no reply


this guy is literally trying to fgrift 4chan like Jordan Peterson did.
They are buddies

Too bad this cheap fuck wont hire me to be on his PR team.


Board: x Thread: 30854456 File: RDR13.jpg ( 466.1KiB, 2000x2000 )
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I took HALF a tab of acid last night and it felt great but like 3-4hours in I felt like everything was conspiring against me, every post I read or video I watched had a synchronicity.

Also I was watching my favorite show to calm down and I swear Rupaul looked like a reptilian

It wasnt even like malicious paranoia it was like i felt everything had a meaning and it affected me personally. Anyone else experience this?
I kinda felt something similar, I felt like technology was "alive" like it could sense or watch you without it having cameras or anything, like it could feel your energy.

for a few min I was staring at 4chan posts because it looked like everything was on invisible cylinders/pillars and I could turn them to see hidden words and numbers behind the text kek

Board: v Thread: 586262537 File: 1629297967363.jpg ( 43.3KiB, 508x366 )
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>my parents named me after a fucking video game franchise
I hate my life
The Hacker Known as 4chan

Look at this funny hat!
Good work.

Do you have an adblocker or NoScript? Make sure you have both pomf and catbox whitelisted so it isn't blocking the media.

If that's good, try pic related options on both 4chan, catbox, and pomf.

Here's a copy pasta with some other suggestions I've seen.
I can't hear sounds?
>play around with disabling and enabling File Info Formatting on 4chanX
>malwarebytes and even some ISPs are blocking things hosted on pomf. Not your fault, so don't stress about it
>Check for hidden options in chrome://flags or whatever your browser uses for the secret settings.
>acording to one anon, "so I figured out what was going on with Chrome, and you need to enable Ignore Previews Blocklist"

Board: sp Thread: 117119739 File: 1642961575252.jpg ( 167.3KiB, 1200x1200 )
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prev >>117115304
Alright alright, I know the word "Reddit" gets thrown around a lot here but this post is an actual Redditor who came to 4chan because Reddit is down.
>>Me only want see man get punched!!!
Yes. This is /heem/. Not /mma/, not /ufc/, this is /heem/. We post and discuss /heems/ here, bitch nigga

why's there been so much FtM hate lately?
is someone stirring the pot? it's come out of nowhere
because 4chan is a predominantly male space maybe?
idk, i usually just keep to /ftmg/ so i haven't really noticed an uptake in hate

Previous Thread >>9556746

>New/Latest Pre-orders
The Vintage Collection:
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Imports/Other Lines:
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>Bring Home the Bounty extended - Bonus bounties revealed every week until 2/15

>Upcoming/Pipeline Reveals

The Black Series
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Update: TVC Razor Crest expected to be shipping within the next few weeks..

Reminder this is a thread about toys. Don't fall for bait or feed the trolls.
40k has been grimdark and edgy and meant to be taken seriously since 2e in 1991. People who believe otherwise are secondaries who don't even know the basics. That thing you posted is from an issue of a magazine that isn't WD and is as canon as someone's tumblr story about their OC dating the emperor. Even RT is disgustingly bleak and dark, and the "parody" you people try to push is a parody of 2000ad, Dune and the other stories they copped to make the setting before it was rewritten in 2e and 3e rulebooks. It has been this was for 30 years. You are not clever or smart or special because you read 1d4chan. Same shit as anyone claiming that people don't get that the empire are evil and you're bad for liking stormtroopers.

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