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Is there any country that yours is subservient to?
yes, we are subservient to the United Kingdom of Great Britain
how the fuck are you posting on 4chan in the 1940s?

I'm thinking of turning to and believing in God, not religion but God it or himself. Any anons have any experiences with this, how has it influenced or impacted your life and has this helped give you a calling or improved your life? Has it improved your well-being?
>Has it improved your well-being?
>how has it influenced or impacted your life and has this helped give you a calling or improved your life?
More than I could express in a 4chan post. It gave me a real reason to live outside of meaningless self-assigned projects and goals. I understand the meaning of life and I know it's value, I understand love and sacrifice. I finally feel genuine moments of peace and calm, I don't worry so much, I am more independent and I am in better control of my thoughts/feelings. My life in every capacity has been improved and bad habits that I found impossible to break are now gradually and almost effortlessly falling away.

You've taken the first step, but it is a never ending and difficult road, especially here and now. But the rewards are far superior to anything the material world could give to you.

The ride continues

Post as many pics as you can
For my next trick, I'm going to psychoanalyize every anon in the thread and see what all of us looking at furry porn on 4chan says about our childhoods

Board: vg Thread: 417339785 File: FoJU9q8aAAIO5sF.jpg ( 148.9KiB, 1331x1493 )
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Penguin Queen edition

>What is Dead by Daylight?
Asymmetrical multiplayer (4v1) horror game where one player takes on the role of the Killer, and four other players take on the role of survivors. The survivor's objective is to repair five generators to power the exit gates and escape. The killer's objective is to sacrifice the survivors before they can escape.

>Moonlight Burrow/Lunar New Year event
>LIVE Patch Notes: 6.5.1
>Developer Update | January 2023:
>2022 DBD icon collab:

>Official website:
>Patch Notes:
>Remove the FPS Cap:
>DBD game statistics
>Complete Icon Collabs 2019-2022 Download

Discussion of other asymmetrical survival games are also welcome. That includes:
>Evil Dead, VHS, Friday the 13th: The Game, TCM (upcoming), etc.

>>417234572 loves penguins so much it's unreal
4chan chapter

>make a thread on /lit/ about threads being rotten by subhuman posters
>68% of the posts made by the same subhuman scum I was referring to
>jannies delete the entire thread

>make a thread on r*ddit about wathever theme
>random subhuman posting
>jannies ban the subhumans posters and delete their posts on the thread
>thread continues...

Why are (you) like this? Do you, subhuman posters, have some kind of anal perversion with jannies deleting threads because of you? You act like sexually repressed children, trying to defecate on everything so daddy comes and beat your ass so you can get your sublimated anal-homosexual pleasure. That's pretty cringe, if you haven't noticed yet.
I think 4chan has succumbed to dead internet. Most posts are blatantly disgenuine and seem to serve no purpose but to frustrate and waste time.
At this point it’s clear /lit/ has been irreparably compromised by said subhumans. The turnover rate in the last 5+ years was catastrophic for the board. Best thing you can do is make peace with it and not take this place seriously. 4chan is /pol/ now because they’ve been beaten from everywhere else. /lit/ is a habit I can’t quite kick but I’ve gotten better; I only come here once every week or two and only spend minutes here. Best thing you can do is ignore those who deserve to be ignored to the best of your ability and only post in good faith, ie. about books you’ve read

Board: tg Thread: 87603675 File: Alarielle.jpg ( 130.4KiB, 920x950 )
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Reminder that AoS is GW's true passion project. 40k is just their cash cow. That's why AoS models have been given so much love and attention compared to 40k.
Shoo shoo, blizzcuck samefag.Your posting style is too obvious.


Board: vt Thread: 42415310 File: 20230204_004824.jpg ( 741.3KiB, 1466x2048 )
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Previous >>42407041
4chan x still not fix youtube live link...
btw last thread key moments

Board: sp Thread: 128943051 File: Bell Tsu.jpg ( 289.0KiB, 603x766 )
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SF: Giants sign Roberto Pérez to minor league contract
WAS: Nationals ink Chad Kuhl to minor league contract
CIN: Reds sign Nick Plummer to minor league contract
BOS: Red Sox sign Jake Faria to minor league contract
ATL: Max Fried loses arbitration hearing against Braves
KC: Royals 'exploring extension' with Bobby Witt Jr.
SD: Fernando Tatis Jr. open to multi-positional role
PIT: Pirates ink Juan Minaya to minor league contract
MIN: Twins re-sign Aaron Sanchez to minor league pact
LA: Dodgers reunite with Yusniel Diaz on minors deal
a grown ass man just threw a tempter tantrum on 4chan over this team

why nobody put some drones inside their island to record them?
Seems that way. I can't even remember the last time I was on /b/. I think /pol/ is 4chan's most mainstream 'infamous' board now and that's where most newfags come from. /b/ is completely irrelevant now.

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