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same reason 4chan exists.

Board: b Thread: 871329308 File: 1641308202369.jpg ( 775.8KiB, 1920x1200 )
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I'll try to pray in a bit. Stay for a while, if you want, and maybe share what's troubling you.
>i very much like this pic
I found it here >>>/wg/7857141, if you want more.

Board: pol Thread: 357970183 File: Black_colour.jpg ( 308.7KiB, 3120x4160 )
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German gangster rapper here, ex-universal artist. Shit is shady af.

savas is too busy blowing sido to come on 4chan

what the political implications of making random shitposts just to fuck with/pick fights with random internet strangers and maybe telling a few people to go fuck themselves for no reason at all?
fuck you btw.
i'm dumping files not saying you are a troon, the 4chan filename though

You all just proved yourselves to be nothing but malding unicorns.
Seriously, let her be herself and I promise you Hololive will still survive. And if you hate her so much, don't watch her, you retards.
Leave her to the rest of us who enjoy her.
>when you have so little value yourself you’re effectively off the market
man who has "value" dont sit on 4chan and argue about how everybody is virgin for talking shit about their waifu.

looking for sauce or webm of that one where the petite girl w/ obvious extreme mental illness goes to this dimly lit place to suck off black dudes, it was her 2nd time there and her boyfriend didn't know she was there. she sucks off some black guy and asks "can I fuck you?" and then there's footage of them fucking her. gets posted here fairly often, there's just no cuck thread rn and I don't have one saved.
happy people don't post on 4chan tho

Board: trash Thread: 45014362 File: IMG_0828.jpg ( 446.0KiB, 750x1334 )
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Location: The Bear Squares
Holy shit, get the fuck over yourself Ramsay. And yes, it's definitely you. For someone who sure loves shitposting, you've got to be the biggest fucking retard about it. Really? A "monopoly"? We're on 4chan, buddy. Nobody has to do anything or follow anyone. Johnny has as much power over anybody here as much as you or I do. Well, I say you, but it's pretty clear based on the sort of asperger's E-coli brain malfunction it takes to forget to take off your shitposting name before you enter a game as one of your avas that you don't even have any power over yourself, but that's beside the point. Johnny hosts his autistic fucking wrestling games and goes on RP arcs and you're mad because...people follow along? You know you can just start your own fucking wrestling games and go on RP arcs or do whatever the fuck it is you want to instead of blaming others for the things going on not being what YOU want to do, right? I don't know what's more braindead, you disliking/shitposting Eric for associating himself with someone you don't like or hating Johnny because he does things you don't like and they gain traction. Why the fuck would he not be fine liking this dude who's clearly his friend/RP buddy? Because some shitposting autist who happens to RP as a boatgirl every once in a blue moon told him not to? Kill yourself you fucking invalid.

>this is an entry

Board: trash Thread: 44995506 File: leni time.jpg ( 47.7KiB, 331x369 )
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>Thread Archive



>Episodes and other official and fan content

>List of All The Sisters' Unique Episodes



>TLH Season 6 clips shown in Nicktoons UK promo

>New Listen Out Loud podcasts announced


Recent Episodes

>A Loud House Christmas
https://u.tlhg.club/ew2rr [2160p]

>How the Best Was Won/Animal House
https://u.tlhg.club/2lprv [1080p, NICK]

>Lori Days/In the Mick of Time
https://u.tlhg.club/xcoc4 [1080p]

>F a m Scam/Farm to Unstable
https://u.tlhg.club/r7yrh [1080p]

>Diss the Cook/For Sale by Loner
https://u.tlhg.club/mu2g4 [1080p]

>Fright Bite/The Loudly Bones
https://u.tlhg.club/2oduw [1080p]

>Runaway McBride/High Crimes
https://u.tlhg.club/ae28h [1080p, Sky Go]

>Appetite for Destruction/Frame on You
https://u.tlhg.club/4d5w4 [1080p, GPLAY]


Upcoming Episodes

>Runaway McBride (TBA)
Howard and Harold tear their home apart after Clyde starts spending more time with the gang and less time at home.

>High Crimes (TBA)
Sunset Canyon is falling apart and Lincoln and Clyde are determined to find out why... David Steele style
why yall gotta be so mean? All I did was ask a question and offer a suggestion.

who else uses the "Read Chan" app?
Its a 4chan client for Android available on Google Play.

poopy butt: >>24175967
>I was like 6/7 when George Bush said Iraq had WMD
Fuckin zoomers on 4chan…

Board: v Thread: 586242786 File: fIAVCj.gif ( 2.9MiB, 584x800 )
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Give me some coomer-kino games
Anon please, I won't spoonfeed you, if you haven't found THE site then you need to lurk more and not only 4chan

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