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Board: v Thread: 546194645 File: 12512412.jpg ( 61.5KiB, 683x1024 )
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>This is all it took to get boomers to play and love Fortnite

Do they really deserve the hate?
Yes but not for what they think,they deserve the hate for being a bunch of retard newfags boomers refugees from reddit and other boomer/normie/politic /religion forums,they don't conform with spreading their shit on /pol/ but in ALL fucking 4chan,i couldn't give a fuck about muh politics muh Bible,or when they talk about muh degenerancy ON FUCKING 4CHAN

Board: sp Thread: 106361032 File: trays.jpg ( 204.7KiB, 1400x1400 )
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CHC: Kelvin Herrera announces retirement from baseball
OAK: Frankie Montas (COVID-19) resumes throwing
CWS: Kopech to begin season in White Sox' bullpen
ATL: Braves sign manager Brian Snitker to extension
DET: Torkelson (finger) injured using fake can opener
TOR: Blue Jays sign Tommy Milone to minor league deal
CWS: Moncada (arm) could play 3B on Sunday or Mon.
CHC: Kris Bryant still open to extension with the Cubs
CIN: Bell: Nick Senzel will open as Reds' everyday CF
HOU: Yordan Alvarez (knees) ran on the field Thursday
OR-- and hear me out-- what if I saved it from a site called 4chan dot org

Bars open anon, what’ll ya have?
She's far past it. I know this is 4chan and I should be coming up with some funny, mean thing to compare her to, but I just feel sad at this point.

/int/ will not lose to anti-Japanese forces! Please remember to report all anti-Japanese threads on 4channel.
the hacker known as 4chan

Board: pol Thread: 310058768 File: nicked.jpg ( 25.8KiB, 474x236 )
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AFPAC II was weak and cucked.
It was dripping with refs to JUDAEO-Christian and how Muslims are bad.
Also, still total Trump-tards. BAKA.

Trump's job was to steal Ron Paul's moderately based agenda, and murder it, and AFPAC II is continuing that work.

In closing speach Nick kept saying how the real danger was not open enemies, but traitors that weasel in and hijack a movement by claiming to be one thing but diluting everything.

I think they call that "projecting".


No one at AFPAC II named The Jew, or even Israel. Rather they had two very Zionist Congressmen (ex and current) as their big speakers.

Well, I guess thats that.
They are both gone. What are you doing to help white people?

>I don’t need a leader
>but I do literally nothing but bitch about actual leaders on 4chan

Board: tv Thread: 147291308 File: dinosauroid.jpg ( 254.9KiB, 1058x1179 )
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there hasn't been a good "supernatural" film in years
lmaoing at your life
imagine experiencing 4chan in a strictly inferior way than all the other posters around you

PREVIOUS: >>326194373

>Wada teased plans for the Persona Series' 25th Anniversary at PlayStation Awards Japan. So expect more news in 2021.

>P5U.jp (Arena) Expires: 2021/04/30
>P5AG.jp (Unknown) Expires: 2021/04/30
>P5B.jp (Unknown) Expires: 2021/12/31
>P5M.jp (Unknown) Expires: 2021/12/31

>we have moved everything to GoogleDocs:
>Birthdays and other data
I get banned for saying Hifumi promoted my penis into a lance but this guy will get away and probably get a free 4chan pass.

Does anyone else just shut off their brain whenever somebody tries discussing news and politics with you? Even if the news is blaring on in the background, I just tune it out. Whenever something like politics or news is brought up, people tend to already have an agenda in bringing it up, so having a conversation about it is pointless.

With news, I find it like a weird variation of doublespeak. Where at one point they'll be demonizing some group or event, which is always right-wing, they'll then go on to about a funny event that's trending online. It's almost dystopian.

TLDR; it's all so tiresome.
I wish I could strangle their shitty board out of existence but some obscure cabal of moderators and hiromoot control 4chan so it will never happen and people complain "hur dur you'll just be unleashing them on the site" when it's very fucking clear they have already spread to all semi non shit boards with their race bait shit and bait politics they are a fucking cancer

Board: tv Thread: 147292571 File: dead daddy.png ( 105.9KiB, 625x166 )
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Is this dude literally a sociopath/narcissist? Who the fuck would make a video like this? This is actually fucked.
Who the fuck posts some hateful shit like this on an anime image board?

This dude can say whatever that fuck he wants about his dad's death. Stop getting upset about how other people behave in the world, grow the fuck up and realize different people deal with events differently.

When you have thousands of followers and your dad dies, then you get to decide how to deal with it, but for now you're just posting on 4chan.

Quit fucking whining about what other people are doing you image board slime.

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