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Why is everyone surprised? Screencaping 4chan posts and image and posting them around on the Internet for likes / updoots / whatever has been a thing for 15+ years, it's not exactly new and 4chan isn't some kind of sikret club.
There's around 160 IPs in here right now, but there's also A LOT of people that are just lurking here.
>There are 20 lurkers in this thread right now screencapping your posts and trying to sort out which ones are best for posting on the Hololive or 4chan boards on Reddit.

Let me read you something which was posted on our message boards from someone who claims to be a member from a known pedophile network. It said this: "He doesn’t forgive, he doesn’t forget, his group has over 9,000 penises, and they’re all raping children." So, I want you to know, they’re organized, and they have systematic ways of hurting children, and they use the internet to do it.
4chan died when internet became serious business
For me, it's the hacker known as 4chan

Cheating on your boyfriend, husband, there is no going back! Post what you got. Legs spread, on your knees, opened wide!! Forced, blackmail, caught.
this the kinda cuck who shows his gf 4chan /gif/ and tells her to go on it when she's alone.

Board: vp Thread: 47107825 File: sadgardie.png ( 364.5KiB, 741x964 )
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Tears edition.
Welcome to /Ralts/ the weekly Saturday Ralts line thread.
Here we talk about the Ralts family line, that includes Ralts,Kirlia,Gallade and obviously Gardevoir
Feel free to share strategies stories fanfics art and more
weekly questions:

>How did you come to liking the ralts line?
>Which game did you get your first ralts?
>Is Kirlia underrated?
>What would a Garde/Gallade Gigantamax form look like?
>Would hugging a Gardevoir hurt?
>Is a romantic relationship (or just a friendship) with a Garde/Gallade feasible?
gay 4chan filter
tho its funny as fuck
actual 2006core

Board: trash Thread: 38711440 File: IMG_2307.jpg ( 175.4KiB, 750x750 )
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imagine orbiting a 30 plus faggot that spends his time whining on 4chan about how he cant flirt with other boomers

What games let me do this?
Because they hate anime and they're on 4chan so they constantly have to see it. Instead of just leaving, they want to change the site to suit them.

Board: lgbt Thread: 20564518 File: 1615959886702.png ( 866.4KiB, 1600x801 )
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How does this picture make you feel?

umm thanks for caring, unfortunately I don't have any people... I came out to my parents about being gay and being a questioning trans but they changed how they acted around me and I felt shunned, denied and brainwashed until my late 20s when I started seriously embracing my feelings, but just inside the closet. That was 5 years ago and it's just been hard.

I told a friend years ago once but he outed me on social media. I stopped having friends since then, and still in quarantine by myself which makes it harder than ever to socialize now. It's so hard to ask, I feel socially inept and stunted, children get weird vibes and sometimes laugh at me, and normies only pretend to care... 4chan is my only outlet and I rarely even post in lgbt, mostly /a/ and /vg/...

I really want to see somebody and be guided to transition but so lost... and I am scared to diy because I am surrounded by transphobes who I am afraid will violate my space when they find out what I am doing, same people I really cannot count on.

Is it true that if you use this shite site you never leave? Why is that?
(you)s are worse than upvotes. The real redpill is that 4chan is the most upcummy site out there

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