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Board: r Thread: 17830478 File: nancy_03.png ( 536.4KiB, 624x937 )
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search for the hq nancy video continues, anything kpop related or korean goes in here too.
>we're already on thread 10
previous thread >>17821578
I was using keywords to get results specifically from that website and then clicked on images instead. I found a bunch of results on Tzuyu, looking up her name in Chinese but they all lead me to a website that had several different domain names, and constantly redirected me to the same page which was a dead end.
If it's out there it's definitely paywalled or on the deep web instead.
Someone could probably give you the text if you ask nicely but it'll get cleaned up by jannies because it's chinese or a long string of code.
>a warning to anyone who does that
Preferably do NOT paste the Chinese text here, it will make search results on it redirect to 4chan, and that will make finding the actual stuff *a lot* harder.

Board: vg Thread: 326202391 File: 1614479665306.jpg ( 287.5KiB, 1920x1080 )
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Mr. House and his wisdom edition

>Fallout 76 Resources:

>Fallout 1 and 2 Resources:

>Fallout 3 and New Vegas Resources:

>Fallout 4 Resources:

>Creation Club Stuff:

>/fog/ Asset and Mod Repository


>Rips (Primarily for NV):

>How to Convert Skyrim / Oblivion / NV / FO3 etc. Models to FO4 & Bodyslide Guide:

>OP Pasta:

Pre-War Thread: >>326118643
I use truestorms and it's nice, I've never used NACX but I'm about to on my next playthrough. TS+Darker Nights is a nice atmosphere.

Well given how cluster-B women (I'm assuming here) behave I might just reiterate that it's all at least some kind of warning of something then, isn't it? But if it genuinely helps you then that's a step in the right direction. I can't claim to be unscarred myself so there's something to be said about your desire for normalcy in spite of it all.

Ah so it's "hey a little trashy is alluring but goddamn, I'm not into cultish beastiality!"Well, telll ya what, I'll DL it and see if I can't figure out how to snip the shite.

There are NGOs that post shit, poast shit on 4chan, and use sex as a weapon... Most of this BLACKEDshit is also weaponised like "Hahah race is dying out, accept the immigration, it's time for conquest" so yeah I'd fucking believe it.

Board: b Thread: 848477989 File: 20210121_104207.jpg ( 554.7KiB, 4752x704 )
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hey 4chan if yall can hack this snap account be appreciated snap account: diffyrose

trump trump biden bad election fraud election election jews merchant vaccine

tranny janny gay black nigger faggot


real job, hoax, conspiracy, bitcoin, silver, fbi, unabomber, jews, faggot

Board: qa Thread: 3986061 File: 1606727665857.jpg ( 41.9KiB, 650x650 )
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Kpop posters = lee baiters

Us, true user of 4chan = Lee

Board: g Thread: 80416285 File: lisp.png ( 562.3KiB, 2880x1800 )
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Old thread: >>80411291

Lisp is the most powerful programming language.
What are you working on, /g/?
shit 4chan code block formatting
see >>80423208
that wouldn't be possible in rust, because you can't overload .ForEach(lambda) to fetch the correct parameters you want to work on

Post your soundcloud/bandcamp/etc links


Opening track is a cover of a 4chan favourite...wait for the chorus.

I want...
10 replies,
every thread,
for the rest of my life.
>let me get this straight
>you think that your jannie
>one of the most nonchalant and least caring 4chan users
>who permits maario naharis, druk, and tut practically at will
>is secretly a moderator
>who spends his nights browsing reddit with his bare hands
>and your plan is to blackmail this person?
>good luck

Board: b Thread: 848463797 File: raw time 1999.jpg ( 347.5KiB, 1280x720 )
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If you still haven't seen Raw Time, you are a fucking retard.
>public access show from Texas in 1999 which would be on at 1AM where they mostly played shitty new music at the time
>had a segment where a goth 16 year old girl (and sometimes other people) answer phone calls
>every call is just people saying hilarious dirty shit to her (literally /b/ before /b/)
>She's not even bothered by them
>they play more shitty music and cut back to her answering more phone calls
>now suddenly she has some 35 year old fucking balding loser sitting next to her answering the calls where he starts taking the insults personally and tries to fire back at them
>the callers shift focus onto him and roast the shit out of him in the funniest ways possible
>Goth girl even joins in occasionally to shit on him too
>Couple of niggers call in asking some questions in a friendly manner
>bald fucking loser guy starts talking jive to the niggers acting all cool and even turns his baseball cap sideways
>few calls later a white guy starts shitting on the bald fucker for trying to act cool when the niggers called in and completely embarrasses him
>nearly shit my pants from how funny this shit is
You are truly missing out on this and we need more of it.

Its not the device itself doing it
4chan gives a compressed version of the original file to mobile devices when they open the image to save on bandwidth
He's still an idiot for not being able to change the url to access the original image though

Board: vt Thread: 1044222 File: 1603851548975.jpg ( 31.9KiB, 576x576 )
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Guys, I'm starting to think that Gura is becoming dangerous towards her audience.

Recently, she has been doing this harmful psychological mind game, where during her chat times, she'll say these nihilism lines like "Remember, nothing in life matters" or "nothing matters, don't worry about it", I've researched this and found that endorsing this type of nihilism can create suicidal behavior.

Here are examples:

So why would Gura keep saying this? No other Hololive girl has said this. She keeps telling her viewers this and it's a red flag about her.

So I looked into this article and it says that some people introducing these nihilist views to an audience, are both destructive and self-destructive. Gura herself has a “nothing matters, who cares” attitude.

This itself leads towards suicide


So again, why is Gura doing this? Because Gura is suffering both mentally and physically...so she wants others to suffer too. You hear it from her past streams, she's taking painkillers and almost stopped her stream when her body was acting up. She's also burnt out and keeps escaping long hours into video games like Valheim then sleeping.

Gura believes everything will eventually turn out badly, so "Nothing matters" and others should feel like this too. So during her little talks, she's like "Don't worry about stuff because...nothing matters."

That's a ticking time bomb.
Then why are you posting on 4chan instead of doing something people will pay you for?

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