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>be aspie gf
>bf yells at me all the time for just acting autistic
>cry all the time
>bf gets mad and just calls me sensitive
>learn to cry quietly so I dont upset him and so he wont be mad and hate me all the time
>try to be less autistic always fail
>doesnt give me physical affection very often
>I feel touched starved and lonely all the time
I hate being autistic, just wish I was normal
confirmed retard whore who doesnt understand how 4chan works pretending to be multiple posters lol
Do you ever tell her shes annoying..
I havent seen any healthy relationships so I dont know what they look like. My mom cheated on my step dad a bunch and he left us. So I know not to do that and my dad has always been single. Social media kind of helps but people only show their best selfs on social media. But idk I think I might break up with him.. if a bunch of dudes from 4chan says hes abusive then he probably is..
I wish I had friends it would make everything a lot easier or family outside of just my dad. Like a real support system. A real family.
I live in a really small town and the only guys around here are rednecks who believe depression is fake
I feel like my dad will be disappointed in me if I tell him.. or maybe just think im being silly..
Sometimes it feels like a dating simulator and im choosing all the wrong dialogue options

How lonely are you though, really?
Did your wife leave you and take the kids? Overweight and unemployed?
Let’s get to the core here.
Nobody with a fruitful life comes to 4chan daily and antagonizes strangers as much as possible.
Let’s talk about it.
And no don’t go trying to deflect and ask why I’m here replying. This isn’t about me right now it’s about you. So let’s get it out in the air.
Who hurt you?

Board: v Thread: 626619391 File: 3xCuCoK.jpg ( 264.5KiB, 1920x1080 )
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>Religion is...LE BAD
Atheist reddit or religous extreme 4chan?

Could i pass as a cyborg
you are literally so fucking anooying. i see your shit on 4chan and reddit literally every day now. please just move to twitter so i can block you

I've started to lose sleep over the implications of AI. Seeing the rapid fire release of AI programs over the last year, one after another with the ability to distort and change reality as we know it. Nothing will be authentic, nothing will be a sacred truth.

We're at the very beginning of economic displacement of billion dollar industries such as art, entertainment, media, news, search engines, and this is only going to get worse with each new update and new AI tech.

Coming soon, we are going to slide back to the era before the internet where only very few sources were the arbiters of "truth" and only a few groups of people had control of the flow of information that the masses consumed, except what's going to come will be 100x worse as AI can distort reality as we know it. Governments are pretending to be asleep at the wheel on AI but I believe they are waiting for the right moment when bad actors weaponize AI to mislead the world with a deepfake of sorts that will cause a mass panic. Then when everyone is scared and confused governments will usher in laws to force all content and flow of information generated on the internet to be filtered through a controlled system in order to be deem as truth, once again giving them all the power that the Internet once took away from them.

What are the political implications of this and how many years out are we till this happens?
>Nothing will be authentic, nothing will be a sacred truth.
The world is already like this TODAY
> Governments are pretending to be asleep at the wheel on AI but I believe they are waiting for the right moment when bad actors weaponize AI
What makes you think they are not ALREADY using AI to push their globohomo agenda?
And how is that different from their usual tricks? They've been in control of the media and TV and more recently social media for decades. Google operation mockingbird. They've been doing it for more than 50 years! Do you think they would stop?
Just look at 4chan right now. How many threads do you think have been created by real humans? looking at the front page now, I can see the same '1 post by this id' threads that I see every single day: "why are indians so successful?", "you love andrew tate, dont you /pol/?", "ukraine is cool", "white male asian female is great. Racemix.", "woman hate thread. women are retarded. be an incel, " and so on

> We're at the very beginning of economic displacement of billion dollar industries such as art, entertainment, media, news, search engines, and this is only going to get worse with each new update and new AI tech.
And that's not everything, it will pretty much everything that doesnt require you to use your physical body.
But honestly, AI will eventually end up bringing more good than harm:
You wont have to wait 3h to talk to some pajeet every time amazon fucks up your order
You won't have to take your kids to public school if there is a based AI alternative
You won't need to worry about being misdiagnosed by a diversity hire.
You will have AI doctors, and eventually AI surgeons. Maybe AI will even cure cancer or whatever.

Board: m Thread: 21482233 File: 1675535734733541.jpg ( 635.8KiB, 846x1200 )
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>Give the same amount of marketing and promotion for yuri works as you'd normally do for hetshit
>Starts selling like hotcakes
>Becomes one of the most popular shows in recent history
Should more mecha shows have a lesbian protagonist?
It triggers people who can't stand the idea of nonstandard Gundam (but hate the idea of standard Gundam)

If G-Gundam came out today people would have shit on it endlessly for #NotMyGundam and "Why isn't there a WAR going on! No one wants this faggy Tournament shit" or "SUPER ROBOT FAGGOTS LEAVE!!!"

Also 4chan is one of the most hipster / contrarian sites on the net

Board: a Thread: 248577873 File: mpv-shot0001.jpg ( 152.5KiB, 1440x1080 )
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I recently learned that baseball episodes are a meme, but like, you know they're all really good right? The baseball episode of FLCL is the defining moment of that entire series. The baseball episode in Samurai Champloo is the thing I remember liking the most from that show. The baseball episode in Haruhi is the first time you see that the characters are actually what they say they are.

Name a single baseball episode that wasn't great. It's one of the best tropes.
It's not really specifically anime it's any media.
I wouldn't even say it's just normalfags since tons of fags on 4chan are the same. It's ust the pattern recognition of a cliche without observing the context or execution so they say it's bad because...

Can someone explain this to me?
>What makes you want to post on /tv/?

I'm glad you asked. I've been here a very long time and this was a place with people that were like me. It's not so much the case anymore but I suppose I could say that I come here out of habit because I'm very much a creature of habit. I actually enjoy doing the same thing over and over and I don't feel the need to change. Mainly because change isn't possible anyway.
Anyway, I've been a loser my entire life and 4chan was full of losers so I came here and stayed here and I don't really relate to them anymore. They do stuff I don't like or understand. It's like the only people left on 4chan are super autismos (the kinds who obsess over e-celebs or a franchise like Star Wars) and normalfags. I'm not in either group. I'm just super depressed and that's like my only defining feature other being an oldfag of 4chan who used to watch anime, play Visual Novels and jerk off to hentai like everyone else who used to be here.

What is it like to make out? In 4 or so years Im getting promoted to wizard, Im kv, never had a grilfriend etc. Ive been curious what it feels like to kiss and I just want to know what its like.
i'm sorry
but i've NEVER been married either
they call me the queen of evil
and i was NEVER good enough for the fags

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