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Board: qa Thread: 5069357 File: 1631082736170.png ( 247.3KiB, 823x601 )
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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

Non-happenings, small GETs, complaints about shit boards being shit, known spergs sperging out, personal report buttons, and blogposting technically belong on >>>/qa/nah (but let's be real that thread dies all the time)

Previously: >>5049428
"4chan" meant /pol/ right?

New thread
People on 4chan don't know what autism actually is. Most of us are schizoid, not autistic anyway.

Board: co Thread: 125800072 File: 1631853707551.png ( 1.9MiB, 3000x3000 )
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►►Vote: https://forms.gle/PNqEH1BrApT1QKMc6
—Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-round-5-of-ms-co-2021-to-end-h5y4

►Bracket Image (wip): https://imgur.com/a/8dK8rbq

►OC & Other Links
—msco.booru.org [upload oc]
—dropbox.com/sh/hux2dhrzwji9dcl/AAAoTk9Jo3cQF1--UhWFziSTa [dropbox oc]

Round 4 Results: https://pastebin.com/vxgp6JjN
Round 3 Results: https://pastebin.com/kMkxd8nx
Round 2 Results: https://pastebin.com/yMKST16y
Round 1 Results: https://pastebin.com/68w6kbVB
Qualifier Results: https://rentry.org/ti58n
Round 1 Matchups: https://pastebin.com/BBEFd6Z3

>no new threads are to be made before this archives

►Character Judges
yotsuba & /co/nrad!
jenny XJ9
Hope Corgi

► Previous: >>125796232
Round 4: >>125793337
Round 3: >>125766369
Round 2: >>125750084
Round 1: >>125706243
Qualifier: >>125702875
Nomination: >>118537544
An "old" character can easily have 20 years of recognition; if you look at how remakes and Disney bring back "old" content it's on this weird generational rotation where the people who grew up with something get it back when they're old enough to have had children who are old enough to sell the remake to.

When I look at old characters, even ones I have no attachment to, I recognize that in their time they were the most popular at the time and that popularity lingers, to the degree that new less-significant characters cannot compare to them. Like you look at Frankie, Leela, and Power Girl and that's all a toss-up, a legitimate strong case can be made for any of them. And you can see it with Shego until I guess the majority derailed that.

I do feel like the hate-voting gets out of hand with characters I feel feel nobody can possibly care about because they are well past the point of popularity. I think Betty Boop is the best example of that. But overall the hate-voting really came out in Round 4, which is always disappointing but also always expected.

I'm a bit sad that 4chan users can't help but sabotage their own vote but that's consistent with all the votes we've ruined outside the site. I just feels bad we cannot produce decent popularity results, it kinda speaks towards how fucking bad its gotten here. If you truly wanted the real popularity results you'd probably best use Paheal and the OC numbers there; those numbers won't be perfect but they're free of hate-voting.

>be MC of sequel of very well received fighting manga
>be absolute bottom tier lmao
>the clone of previous MC approaches
>get training arc and become revelant
>get strong enough to beat jobber
>[plot intesifies]
>get gangbanged by some jobbers with weapons
>fucking previous MC returns
>barely survives the assault
>”this is too much for you to handle”
>barely recover to watch from sidelines
>tfw tournament turns into Niko fuckfest
>tfw when previous MC and your bf are connected with niko
>tfw when you aren’t
>therefore not revelant
4chan likes Yumi as a meme. That's not everyone, retard. The nips hated Yumi going by their threads

Lol all of 4chan is laughing at you guys for this
Could see why

>imagine doing temhe cashiers and such works, for literally free
Oh no no no, is this a janny thing? Lmao.
Can you add a few more BIG RED ARROWS to this easy to read image please? I don't think the redditors you're going to farm karma from on r/4chan are smart enough to read it as is
You fucking fag
Pic related, it's OP

>marvel capeshit Shang Chi movie's main actor Simu Liu is a literal ricecel
>calls out asian women as race betrayers for mixing with whites and niggers
>literally a redditor posting on aznidentity
>is called out for being antiblack (redpilled on who is behind "muh asian hate")

Didn't take long for people to remember his username nippedinthebud...he's the guy who tried to launch a porn war on 4chan in 2018. They crowdfunded an asian man to have sex with a white prostitute to "own" /pol/ and then claimed they were training "an army of male asian porn actors" to have sex with legions of white women.
>he's the guy who tried to launch a porn war on 4chan in 2018.
What fucking porn war? I how come i didn't see that?

> They crowdfunded an asian man to have sex with a white prostitute to "own" /pol/ and then claimed they were training "an army of male asian porn actors" to have sex with legions of white women.
Its really comical that they think anyone actually cares about this.

You're on 4chan bro

>Norm Macdonald sexually harassed me
>blaming 4chan for his own actions.
weak and pathetic and very common

Board: vt Thread: 9921013 File: 1613375279533.png ( 229.1KiB, 371x309 )
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And where did you come from? Fess up, we're all anonymous here.
I always thought it was just me, but /vt/ really is the only board where I can say I've seen the spirit of old 4chan still.

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