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Board: mlp Thread: 38105816 File: 2022 Jan OP.jpg ( 1.1MiB, 2160x2880 )
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ARYANNE PREORDERS ARE OPEN! (http://order.mppp.horse/) We have a solid prototype now!
Preorder deadline: N/A.

>What is this about?
Chinese mass produced pony plushies. (mainly 12 inches Olyfactory plushies)
This thread project aims to create unique plushies at the lowest cost possible for /mlp/ anons. (some restrictions apply)

>Aren't cheap plushies shitty?

>So what plushies are we doing now?
Currently they're producing Nasapone (as of now they're still stuck at the embroidery process, no ETA) while we're gathering preorders for Aryanne while working on the prototype simultaneously. Please check Anchor Posts!
>>>ARYANNE PREORDERS ARE NOW OPEN: http://order.mppp.horse/ <<<

>What's the next plush being planned?

>What can I do?
• Spread awareness about this project within /mlp/ community. Help explain to confused anons if needed. Stop spreading FUD. (You're doing PR support for free)
• Design - feel free to provide any ideas & suggestions for the new plushies! (if you designed any pattern, we'll submit to Olyfactory to try it out)
• Feedback - by providing critical information and opinions, you can make a difference and help improve things.
• Based Department LLC - To further extend the project's pipeline and supercharging the blueprint, we may need to form a company, but there are many pros and cons for establishing this. Currently we're not familiar with this and it's only still an idea. Any lawfag or bizfag are welcomed to discuss and give /adv/ice!
• HYP squad - help create unique ads and propaganda materials.
• BUMP team - create fun content with the plushies, have fun!
• BUY THE PLUSHIES goyim. Whether if it's buying for yourself, or doing a grand giveaway, as long as we can reach at least 300 pcs for each plushies we can continue on with the project.
Thank (You) for all the time, effort & money (You) put into supporting this project. Give yourself a pat /)

>any alternatives?
if you have any feel free to share your ideas here.
>I don't like your stupid idea, I disagree with...
if you have better methods post it here, contributions are encouraged!
>I have very serious and important sensitive questions for all the preorder organizers, how to contact?
http://support.mppp.horse/ or email us at info@mppp.horse

[pic related],Current Aryanne Prototype. Currently waiting for feedback & advices from anons for improving the current design, additional media (sample pics with permission, patterns, guide sketches) are needed and encouraged!

Previous thread:
I don't understand the verity meme, literally who...

because it is cute! she can triforce, unlike the majority of 4chan.

The pic that literally destroyed Russia and started a massive manhunt in Russia.

I'm still laughing about this.
>CIA shills on 4chan have folders full of interracial porn

>Robots simp for fat girls and black girls, classes universally recognized as undesirable.
>Black girls flood in here looking for validation.
>Fat girls don't.
What's going on here?
No but I spend way too much on 4chan and it has shifted my view of the world in a much more dramatic perspective. Ik things are not as bad as this place them out to be but I am weak spirited

Is pathetic that this made me giggle, I wonder what me in 5 years is going to think of me now

Do you have discord?

Board: vt Thread: 17053433 File: Esg6_eRUcAMNPvo.jpg ( 177.9KiB, 1092x1251 )
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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoSrY_IQQVpmIRZ9Xf-y93g
Member VODs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UUMOoSrY_IQQVpmIRZ9Xf-y93g
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gawrgura
Schedule: https://twitter.com/gawrgura/status/1483112695721308160

Songs: https://rentry.org/ggg_songs
Merch: https://rentry.org/ggg_merch

Previous thread: >>17041480
Why not just call them "jungle asians" which I heard on 4chan and didn't know gooks don't like being called that and ended up calling both a girl on /soc/ and a girl IRL that because none of my chink friends ever said it was insulting until after I had said it

Humanya Edition

>Resources & Commissions Listings

>Voice and Singing resources

>Twitch Clips Guide

>Watchalong cytube

>Minecraft Server
>Dynamap of the server

>Ref Sheets

>underage girl with a 4chan logo on her model bragging about being banned from collabs for saying nigger
If I want a racist NGMI who panders to internet degenerates and bigots, I'll watch Athena

Someone just explained the NPC meme to me. Is this true? That some people act like robots and don't have any inner thoughts? Is there any proof to this theory?
in some cartoons, you npc, there was a raincloud that followed him.
but he could just as easily have referenced lucy and the football
>here try just one more time to get a human response back from 4chan
>i promise, this thread is a real happening
>look at all the human-like responses
>certainly one of them will confirm that you are not in some sort of simulation that just seeks to constantly fuck with your head
>try this group of people, try this online game, try this dating site, surely you will meet someone who can hold a conversation
falls on ass

Board: k Thread: 51751326 File: proxy-image (72).jpg ( 247.4KiB, 1064x1600 )
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Did the Vietnamese ever consider sending saboteurs to the US?

they didn't need to because there was a vibrant anti war movement in 1960's america. read a fucking book before you ask 4chan for a history lesson, retard

Board: b Thread: 871296836 File: 20211228_104431.jpg ( 732.3KiB, 1039x1385 )
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Ever posted some1 who got recognized or seen someone you know on here
Yes, like 9 years ago I posted here in /b/ some nudes of a girl I was fucking, and some faggot (that i actually know) recognized her and sent her screenshots, so this girl confronted me first by asking me about 4chan and then by sending me the screenshots of the conversation she had with the faggot who told her. I obviously denied it and told her that my phone/account had have been hacked, but she sure knew it was me because I was posting stories about her with every nude, so yeah, that was the last time she ever spoke to me, she was a side chick so not a big loss but still was a loss, gorgeous tits. I hate that faggot to this day, fat fucking loser.

Signs a country is ACTUALLY third world.
1. If you cant say something negative about them or their leaders on 4 chan int, its a giant shithole.
Lets test...

Board: tv Thread: 162837249 File: game of tones.png ( 598.4KiB, 1366x768 )
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>mom...is it really you? theres so much i want to tell you.
it's actual redditors trying as hard as possible because they think 4chan is when you bitch and make bad posts
stop forcing this gay meme you faggot

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