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You know the drill:
1) roll to see if you're going out to suck tonight
2) please post a webm with the roll
3) dubs means you have to do it
The glowies need to stay away from 4chan altogether. No turd dicks are required

Welcome to Sonic the Hedgehog General. Here we discuss ALL things Sonic!

/sthg/ #4824 - Independence Day edition

>Headcanon unhappy with the state of their S3&K build for Origins, claims they were denied extra time to fine-tune and patch out bugs

>Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Breakdown

>Sonic Central merch and game announcement

IDW Release Dates:
51 - July 27
2022 Annual - August 10
52 - August 24

>General Interest Links<

General link compilation

/sthg/ booru: https://sthg.booru.org

/sthg/ cytube:
https://cytu/be/r/sthg (replace / between u and b with a dot)

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...said Tails on 4chan, crying and seething as Fiona's moans become louder in Sonic's room nearby.


Avoid Silluellyu posts!
Do not respond to Silluellyu posts!
Silluellyu is intellectually dishonest!
While 4chan can be a great wealth of deep knowledge on a variety of niche subjects, /fgg/ isn’t one. It’s all eceleb drama, bitching about games, and shitposting. Even r/fighters is a better place to learn.

That said, here’s the real advice. Pick which game you want to play, pick the character who looks coolest to you, then just google combos and hop in. Practice is better than any other resource for fightan gaymes.

why haven't you joined the most mental place on 4chan yet?

Board: sp Thread: 121734570 File: ak-jax.jpg ( 62.1KiB, 689x568 )
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NO: Thomas (ankle) posts route running video to IG
NYJ: Jets TE Tyler Conklin 'in the lead' to start
JAX: Trevor Lawrence making quicker decisions in '22
BUF: Bills coaches remain 'firmly behind' Singletary
CLE: Watson ruling not expected before week of July 11
BAL: 'Highly unlikely' J.K. Dobbins plays in preseason
WAS: Sam Howell expected to be Commanders' 3rd stringer
ATL: ATL beat: Mariota 'far ahead' of Desmond Ridder
PHI: Miles Sanders says he 'needs more opportunities'
WAS: Commanders extend McLaurin for 3 years, $71 mil
didn't JFFM say that the only way he's avoided the bans is by switching mobile carriers?
imagine being so fucked in the head that you're willing to waste countless hours jumping through hoops just to get called a faggot on 4chan in a general about a sport that isn't even played in your country
make it make sense

Hi. I seek advice and resources for education.
>I am 34, I have some brothers and sisters.
>One of my sisters has Down syndrome and Autism (these two usually go together) and she's 23-ish
>My mom has been taking care of her entire life
>Recently it has become more difficult for my mom to do things together with my sis and overall it's a heavy case where you could not leave the person alone as they might disappear or hurt themselves
>Our family would rather not have a mental breakdown of our mom.
Hence, this post.
We have been developing the communication and finding tools to help do activities together with my sis (like, going to a dentist you need to take photos of the entire route and the place itself. You then need to describe everything in detail and like this you might convince my sister to go there. Otherwise she would fight you the entire way, grab the steering wheel, etc.)
We are looking for more strategies and/or tools to help in communication.
We are also looking for psychological advice or education material, related to living with a person that has Downs or Autism.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks
Hey y'all. Thanks for all the replies. I gotta agree that 4chan might be a place where this question is too specific. Your advices, however, are generous. Thanks again

>Brexit economy lift-off! UK space launch to invigorate huge new sector worth £400bn
>loads up computer
>opens 4chan.org/pol/Brit
>clicks thread
>sees yank post
>clicks reply
He’s done you mate

Board: r9k Thread: 69285660 File: hellskelly.gif ( 369.6KiB, 206x176 )
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We know about the gpt3 4chan bot that was posting on /pol/ couple months ago. Now that bot is open source for anyone else to run. The captcha is easily solvable through a script. I've even seen mobile apps with it implemented. Not to mention the pass allows the bypass of the captcha outright.
There was news today that reddit was infested with bots trained on their model and users couldn't tell them apart.
Hell I could be a bot and you would not be able to tell.
Any post and comment on this site could be made with a bot.

So I ask,
Is the site still usable?
Can you even take anything here seriously anymore?
If you knew you were talking to a bot, would you continue to talk to it?
Would you continue to use this site knowing you could be wasting your time on a bot post?
Is 4chan considered social media?

Board: o Thread: 25650668 File: 1633901384595.jpg ( 402.0KiB, 1600x2000 )
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I'm too sleepy to tired of an edition have some art

>Motorcycle discussion
>Motorcycle news and rumors
>Personal attacks based on brand preference
>Carb cleaning tips
>EFI cleaning tips
>Mirror removal services
>Top motorcycle speedruns
>Use trail braking for better cornering
>Undersuits keep you cool on hot days
>Wear earplugs every time you ride
>Highschool girls riding motorcycles
>Motorcycles taking naps

/dbt/ Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1Q2T00gYYuhB-Y6Ng9AJ0Hdy5U1DDYeQ
To be added or updated, email johntheripper@cock.email with:
>The year/make/model of your bike and a web-hosted photo of it
>Your general location and a note about yourself if you want
If you don't wanna dox yourself then just don't send personal information you retard

READ THE STICKY: >>23526953
FAQ: https://pastebin.com/xu560p4q


Twist of the Wrist II: https://youtu.be/EIbMN0lZd14
Street Smarts: https://youtu.be/AtG6MRIVtZg

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>4chan buzzword

We’re the closest thing to hell on earth humanity’s ever made


> be soldier in trench on the western front
> see best friends, cousins get killed
> can’t bury because easy pickings for German snipers
> must sit there with stench of friends rotting corpse
> must watch friends corpse get devoured by rats
> can’t leave wounded out because rats attack wounded
> all while getting eaten by lice

Seriously fuck ever going to war
No you newfag bots have 4chan pass, captcha is absolutely useless.

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