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Objectively, what features of a game determine whether or not it's goyslop? Provide examples of goyslop vs non-goyslop games and define the difference.
No. I'm not going to sit here and define a meme term you only see on 4chan. I'm going to eat chicken instead.

For the feelings you have to take time away each day from stimulation. No 4chan, vidya, TV, nothing. Stare at a wall and be in your thoughts and feelings for like 30 or 40 minutes. For fun you have to find what style of fun you like to have by trying stuff out and be exploratory
Here's 8 general types of fun things. Try shit out off the suggestion list and see what puts a smile on your face or makes you want to keep coming back to it. You'll probably even make friends if you pick anything social to try out off the list

I say i hate this website, and i do, but you know what. I think this website plays an important part in society and the future. Personally if i owned it i would delete it off the face of the internet immediately. But thats never going to happen. This we site is too important. It plays too crucial of a role in the grand scheme of the future and the world. The world NEEDS 4chan. It needs a Hiro. Its not the Hiro they need, its the Hiro they deserve. Hiro, you piece of shit. You’re doing this world a big solid by existing. You should kill yourself. But dont. The world needs you. The world needs 4chan. Without you, the world would just go to shit. It already has, but without you it will go to even bigger shit. 4chan needs to exist if this shithole of a planet is ever gonna finish its course.

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Welcome to the Nobody General

>Who is the Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to influence reality with his conscious and unconscious mind, and intuitively receive guidance from the forces of Heaven.
He works to elevate people to their true potential, opposing those who seek power over others. He is a homoplasmate, a divine syzygy; the coalition between man and holy spirit. Which means the collective appreciation of a neo-Enochian bicameral consciousness that is rushing into widespread experience.

He isn't a messiah; he's just like you, but he has found the kingdom of God within himself through sheer dedication, just like you will. Remember that it's you who creates your own reality; with your hands, thoughts, feelings, words. No one can decide your fate except for you and God.

>What is the general picture?
It’s important we start replying more to the good posters and educating the hateful ones, so call upon their heads the forces of Heaven for peace, clarity, and wisdom. If this place is to be more than a squandered opportunity, an overgrown garden, it requires voices such as yours, but many more. This is a place for spiritual discussions and help, not drama, attention seeking, or social content; there are other boards for that.

Focus on increasing your service to all and be more loving to yourself and everyone in order to raise your vibrational and consciousness level, and learn to forgive yourself and others. This will change the vibration of the planet and raise our shared consciousness, making us a better humankind one person at a time.
None of us are perfect, it is by learning to admit and accept this fact one is able to learn, and grow in Truth. Heaven for all is real. Everyone's truest desires are mutual. The only motive is love.

If this is your first time here, just remember, it’s going to be ok, you may take shelter and find rest.
not really
why the fuck would anyone think some shit post on 4chan could tell if such a "narrative" was more then just fan fiction


Massive cock anon, I summon thee! For those of you that don't know, he posted about a month ago, he was worried that his cock was getting too big still growing at 18, and also generally being shy, cute and adorable, almost straight out of an animu. He posted a video that I couldn't save, so if anyone has it it'd be great if they reposted it.

Come on, don't be shy, we know you are lurking there and we want to hear more from you.
>and even if he had a pencil dick I would want to suck him off
Yeah sure man. You definitely fell madly in love with him from those five or six 4chan messages sent by him completely irrespective of the dick pictures and videos he posted alongside them.

Board: co Thread: 135365206 File: Turk Spotted.jpg ( 284.8KiB, 1225x1295 )
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Post them
Im not the artist bud, I dunno if he even browses 4chan. Just posting it cause robot lady, like last time

For the full year leading up to the midterms many Republican candidates began hammering home this ultra right wing anti lgbt agenda, the result was they were essentially destroyed in what should have been a landslide victory. The few republicans that actually DID win their races ended up being largely the people that didn’t get involved in that rhetoric. But instead of taking the hint that the people were telling them they don’t want to vote for people that can’t stop thinking about little kid’s genitals all day and won’t stop talking about them, many have ignored it and continued to double down. With the 2024 presidential election on the horizon, hey- good luck with that strategy
Manipulative pedophiles aka GROOMERS at work in between grooming shooters from fellow mentally illies and trying to nonce kids.
*pretending to be doctors on twitter to push covid hoaxing

Neat leggings
On 4chan x you can press ctrl+s for spoilers.

Sure this place can have shills and NPC's but honestly it's kind of refreshing to come to the one place on the internet that doesn't censor you for literally anything you say. NIGGER!
Its what gives 4chan its charm.

Toonami Drinking Game

Naruto Story

Tweeting Info

Toonami Bumps

New Shows
Uzumaki - https://twitter.com/UzumakiAnime1/status/1541477045112143872
FLCL - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-07-01/the-pillows-return-to-provide-music-for-flcl-grunge-flcl-shoegaze-anime/.187107
Ninja Kamui - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-05-18/adult-swim-announces-rick-and-morty-the-anime-ninja-kamui-anime/.185791

Toonami Hours Update
Twitter and 4chan fags sexualising pre-teen anime characters honestly need therapy.

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