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>introducing, the Amazing Zyklon-Spider
For those who want to be part of this epic /tv/ forced meme there are three easy steps.

Step 1: This is considered the most important step. See what movie this epic 4chan meme is being applied to today. Most of the time it's the older Sam Raimi Spiderman movies but since these threads die very fast the guys that force this apply it to other movies now. This thread however uses the Raimi Spiderman meme. Please pay attention.

Step 2: Take an iconic scene in the movie, any will do as long as people remember the scene. Greentext a quote from the scene and twist the words to use anti semitisim, racism, homophobia or any other edgy as fuck topic. Go nuts, the sky is the limit! The more vulgar it is the more epic the meme is. This takes us to the final step.....

Step 3: Make a regular post, taking the position of a normal person and pretend to be disgusted by that scene. I know, I know, this is 4chan, a site where gore flows like fine wine but that's what makes this meme edgy, wacky and zany. We pretend to be offended by that fake scene. Funny huh?

Now that you understand how to do this, have fun kids. Happy memeing

Shadows move faster than light. But shadows are just abstract ideas. Light travels slower, but it is much much much much more powerful


>Stock market words:

>Risk management:

>Live Bloomberg stream:

>Educational sites:

>Free chart:


>Pre-Market Data and Live data:

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

>Boomer Investing 101:

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

>List of hedge fund holdings:


>Faggots? pass.
>hangs out on the single most degenerate general thread on all of 4chan
>single most degenerate general thread on all of 4chan
I take it you haven't been to Persona General
>the most degenerate general thread on all of 4chan
You must be new here

Via screenshots or whatever you have. Let's see some
>he thinks architectfags has something to do with MC
>he lacks the critical information
Stay off 4chan. Your too pure.

Women are so powerful and brave bros

For me, I wouldn't have honestly seen any of this shit like "red hat lol" if it wasn't for 4chan. The protagonist was obviously a villain, I didn't root for her, but we're still following her story and seeing if she actually gets away with the shit that she does. Someone takes the approach in the end and wipes her off the earth, Something the mafiya should've done but didn't, because the bossman wanted to have his cake and eat it too. He wanted to be rid of her but wanted to make it look like something else entirely. Some guy with nothing to lose took it in his own hands and offed the bitch himself.

ape edish
vanilla 4chan is one of the worst online experiences, no idea how you people can stomach it

>it was ANTIFA!!!
>antifa went to the Capitol
>they dressed up as Trump supporters
>they then stormed the Capitol to overturn the election they just won
>calling someone an autistic faggot on 4chan means you're paranoid and delusional
How new are you?

Board: b Thread: 848463797 File: raw time 1999.jpg ( 347.5KiB, 1280x720 )
14 KB
If you still haven't seen Raw Time, you are a fucking retard.
>public access show from Texas in 1999 which would be on at 1AM where they mostly played shitty new music at the time
>had a segment where a goth 16 year old girl (and sometimes other people) answer phone calls
>every call is just people saying hilarious dirty shit to her (literally /b/ before /b/)
>She's not even bothered by them
>they play more shitty music and cut back to her answering more phone calls
>now suddenly she has some 35 year old fucking balding loser sitting next to her answering the calls where he starts taking the insults personally and tries to fire back at them
>the callers shift focus onto him and roast the shit out of him in the funniest ways possible
>Goth girl even joins in occasionally to shit on him too
>Couple of niggers call in asking some questions in a friendly manner
>bald fucking loser guy starts talking jive to the niggers acting all cool and even turns his baseball cap sideways
>few calls later a white guy starts shitting on the bald fucker for trying to act cool when the niggers called in and completely embarrasses him
>nearly shit my pants from how funny this shit is
You are truly missing out on this and we need more of it.





Ight so I've been checking in periodically for like 4 days now and literally NOTHING interesting has opened. The last good thread was the breeding/impreg and the fucked up kinks thread. Otherwise everything has been


It's the same thing constantly so new thread to spice shit up.

Post whatever you want doesnt really matter. Kik, req, kinks, stories, pics, vids, drawings and stuff, questions, anything. Just if you're going to make someone pay for something tell them upfront.

So yeah, enjoy the thread, have fun :)

Pic unrelated just something on my phone. Not specifically a furry thread but if that's what it turns into so be it.
Yeah, I think even finding a friend you'll stick with is pretty hard. I rarely unadd, but I do definitely stop replying as frequently after a while. Sometimes little thread interactions like this feel more fulfilling and pleasant. People on 4chan just aren't super great at conversations, myself included, so it usually gets pretty dry after a month or two. It's still never as bad as it gets with normies, though.

Exactly. I don't even know how to go about meeting people on other platforms. The few times I've bothered to join a discord server I never talked because it just feels awkward to suddenly jump into a conversation between a group of people. I always worked best with 1-on-1 conversations and I don't want to go around randomly DMing people on social media.. at least here I can find people actually looking for friends that are kind of off just like me. What sucks is that talking to people here never leads to a meetup or anything long-term and meaningful. It all just results in unhealthy things and negative influence over me. I hope you can find a better alternative to this place eventually and that you meet a nice friend who you'll stay interested in, though!

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