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Ever disowned a family member? If so why?

I disowned my dads family in 2010 haven’t seen them since and hope I never do again.
Oh also, my father went insane after qanon, spent his entire time on an ipad and obsessing and spouting negative shit until finally his daughter went nuts and then he fucked off only to become even more entrenched. Went full on Donald trump and felt enlightened, but being on 4chan, I knew the system wasn't so bendable that he could be anyone not already pre-selected. Zog puppet in other words. He once joked I'd go nowhere, because I wouldn't have anywhere to house him if I was old. I laughed it off. That said, I just recently responded to "I'm still here.." text for months of silence with "I'm not." Slow boiling abusers get left to die, it's that simple. These are chimps first and people second. Good people out there, most of them aren't our parents or family and we're all realizing it.

Board: tv Thread: 174683649 File: tlc.png ( 21.6KiB, 3840x2400 )
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Pitch a new TLC show.
>Warwick Davis vs the Hacker Known as 4chan
A tragic documentary highlighting the struggles of a little person actor attempting to fight back against the multi trillion dollar 4chan organization. Warwick is interviewed by Oprah: they talked about kicking off my head, terrorizing me with a dog, swinging me by the arms and letting me go, humiliating me in front of my family, violating *sobs* my only daughter, just so many things

JAX: James Robinson breaks out for 17/100/1 line vs LAC
LAC: Chargers crushed by Jaguars in injury-riddled loss
DEN: Jerry Jeudy (shoulder/ribs) active for SNF vs. SF
WAS: Curtis Samuel again leads Commanders in targets
MIN: Justin Jefferson held to just 14 yards vs. Lions
LAC: Joey Bosa (groin) downgraded to OUT vs. the Jags
MIA: Chase Edmonds scores two TDs on seven touches
DET: D'Andre Swift totals just 46 yards against Vikings
DET: Jamaal Williams scores 2 TDs against the Vikings
NE: DeVante Parker goes for 5/156 in loss to Ravens
The amount of people mocking Mac Jones’s injury proves the predictable, smart ass nature of this board.

All of you people try and impress each other with these funny green text comments, from someone who doesn't spend all their life online, it looks ridiculous.

Fuck this I'm off, don't wanna waste my life on "addictive and funny" 4chan.

Board: v Thread: 613207769 File: 1494142121456.png ( 363.4KiB, 720x661 )
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I remember when this game brought /v/ /co/ and /sp/ together in perfect harmony. It was the best week on 4chan. It made me realize this shithole website will never be that good again

Board: g Thread: 88823465 File: file.png ( 92.6KiB, 910x1054 )
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What went wrong with DuckDuckGo?
If you use duckduckgo you're a fucking moron.
>CEO/Founder known to be a sleazebag and sold user data in his previous company
>Censors search resultds [No image results for Pedobear, a 4chan beloved meme]
>Openly admitted to downgrading ''Russian propaganda'' [https://twitter.com/yegg/status/1501716484761997318]
>Jewish owned
>Promoted by Israeli news publications [https://www.timesofisrael.com/searching-for-privacy-in-an-online-world/]
>Announces Purge of Independent Media – “Only MSM Allowed” [https://newspunch.com/google-lite-duckduckgo-announces-purge-of-independent-media-only-msm-allowed/]
>Secretly made an agreement with Microsoft for their Browser to track users [https://securityboulevard.com/2022/06/duckduckgo-browser-allows-microsoft-trackers-stolen-verizon-employee-database-attacking-powered-off-iphones/]

7-3 49ers

Shit teams
Shit game
4chan was always an anime board faggot

God tier movies thread
i know it's 4chan but you don't have to have such bad fucking taste. there are better movies than "misunderstood white guy does something crazy" ugh

Is it just more interesting to talk about things you hate than things you love? Why are we always arguing?
>Have you guys noticed all it takes is ONE dedicated autist to ruin threads on this site for months if not years?
Been this way for a long time, yes.

>Even when people start to wisen up, there will always be new posters who reply. Failing that, I'm absolutely confident that they'll start replying to themselves to keep their shit going.
This is the reason why it will never get better here or on any of the most active boards on 4chan. Ignore the trolls is fine, but the trolls have learned they can reply to themselves or "team up" if need be. Or they're bots which doesn't make it any better at all.

Board: pol Thread: 396960906 File: maxresdefault.jpg ( 167.9KiB, 1280x720 )
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Peace, and grace to you anons of /pol/.
I was once known as cernanon, and then (Enoch/Elijah) because I felt a strong connection to their path. I've always been a simple manual labor worker (commercial plumber now) who posts/researches on the side. Around 7 years ago I became the shemitah, and blood moon poster bringing awareness to God's Holy cycle for nations under him. This led to me exposing corruption in the technologies, and uncovering blatant symbolism in movies, games, and magazines like the economist the world in 2015. We then saw in 2015 the largest point drop of its time during the appointed time after Jonathan Kahn, and others noticed the upcoming shakaning before spring of that year. You've heard this message from me over and over again, but I've come with a new heart of boldness and a fresh testimony on my lips. Here we are on the night of Rosh Hashana, (the 2022 shemitah) and Jehovah Adonai, our Abba has come into my life and blessed me beyond measure. His grace is sufficient, and his mercy is abundant. I believe he's calling to all of his children to put down the divisions, and welcome in the revival of the holy spirit.
This is what I'm talking about. People who accept parlor tricks and spooky sightings will be easily mislead into Yawheh's farm. Do you really think Yahweh influenced my post number here on 4chan? Lmfao.

Also on a related note, what does 666 even mean? I know what the Bible says, but nobody ever explains WHY it's the number of the beast. What's so special about 666?

Christianity is so confusing when you stop blindly following and start asking questions.

I'm 28 and I want a gf under 22 years old.. but I'm not chad or rich
i go to the gym a lot and im very fit. i got crowned best looking in parties a handful of times and i get hit on by actual chads. we met on 4chan also..

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