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Board: mu Thread: 99836339 File: frank-zappa.jpg ( 43.0KiB, 940x564 )
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Let's post the dumbest things musicians said. I'll start.
> "Here`s a government, the surgeon general, telling us that AIDS came from a green monkey-what is this, a world of fairy tales?-and that there`s a Patient Zero who started the whole thing. It`s pure propaganda. I`m suspicious that they keep the thing at a fever pitch, to keep people from having sex. It`s all a puritanical holdover from a fundamentalist religious ethic that has acted itself like a virus and infected everything from Congress to the judiciary."
>What the heck is a "glownigga"?
The late Terry Davis, a severely schizophrenic programmer who developed a complex OS from scratch with which to communicate with God, became a huge meme on 4chan in part because of the OS (making him a /g/ celebrity) and in part because he was super paranoid and also racist and referred to CIA agents as "glow in the dark niggers" (making him a chud celebrity).

Here's the original quote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp921drrADQ

>"The CIA niggers glow in the dark, you can see 'em if you're driving, you just run them over. That's what you do."

It remains unclear what he ever meant by "glow in the dark" (possibly something related to ostensible experiments on mutant humans), which is what makes it funny, and the ambiguity and humor of the turn of phrase has turned "glows in the dark" / "glow in the dark nigger" / "glownigger" into an anonymous imageboard meme to refer to supposed undercover operatives or shills working on behalf of an intelligence agency.

Hope this helps, newfriend!!

Board: pol Thread: 293549982 File: 1596930339393.jpg ( 143.5KiB, 1183x608 )
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@realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom
>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

ARCHIVED LINKS http://pastebin.com/ynXV6CHT
SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool: https://factba.se/topic/calendar

>Pres Trump @PA State Senate Hearing on 2020 Election in Gettysburg 11/25/20
>Giuliani/Trump2020SrLegalAdviser Ellis @PA State Senate Hearing on 2020 Election in Gettysburg 11/25/20
>NSA O'Brien on HughHewittShow 11/25/20
>WHTradeDir Navarro outside WH 11/25/20
>WHTradeDir Navarro on FauxNews 11/25/20
>OpWarpSpeedLdr Slaoui on CBSThisMorning 11/25/20
>WHEconRecovTFMbr Moore on FBN 11/25/20
>Lara Trump on FBN 11/25/20
>Lara Trump on F&F 11/25/20
>ThiccSarah on PragerU 11/25/20
>Trump2020SrStratPolAdviser Cortes on Ingraham 11/25/20
>Sidney Powell on Dobbs 11/25/20
>WHVideo: FLotUS Melania Receives 2020 WH Christmas Tree 11/25/20
>TrumpTweet: Presentation of 2020 Natl Thanksgiving Turkey 11/24/20
>Jon Voight: America 11/24/20

OP pastebin: http://pastebin.com/nygxu29R
prev >>293541718
Can someone screenshot this post and then upload it to the general chat? I want to see whether I am actually posting to 4chan.

Board: pol Thread: 293550476 File: 1602932462918.jpg ( 231.7KiB, 1080x1072 )
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Every one of my neighbours who is white or Paki and has children is living with or married to the woman who he has children with and they live as a family unit with the man either working to provide or on bennies but still living together. Every woman i know who has kids with a black man is either a single mother or doesn't live with the black man despite still being in a relationship with him. The black men will just never move in with the mother of the children and live together as a family.

Why is this? What makes grown black men over 40 years of age averse to committing to being a family with their coalburners or even with black women? Black men just don't become family men even in the cases where they are still involved in their children's lives

See >293549318

They should make a video together so 4chan explodes
The doesn't need 4chan freaks, there are plenty of dudes who find her attractive enough to spend some lunch money.
/b/ always thinks its more important than it really is, its how incels think.
They all think they're Kurt Cobains with the finger on the pulse of society when they're actually Marvin Davis of Cleveland OH who died doing autoerotic aspyxiation and had a vacuum cleaner hose on his dick.

Is this true, /lit/?
>Where the fuck does this dialogue take place?
You just spam shit takes into the void and wait until one of your fans makes a post about it on 4chan (hint hint: that fan could be yourself)

Board: k Thread: 47435439 File: mrgunsngear.jpg ( 117.3KiB, 934x527 )
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I like MrGunsNGear, but I'm starting to get really turned off by the amount of shilling he does in his videos. Like, I get it, he's trying to get compensated for the time and effort put into making the videos, but he shills some real garbage. SafeLife made in China armor, Olight made in China flashlights, etc. The Olight shilling from firearms YouTubers is out of control in particular.

I swear, out of all the popular gun YouTubers, Paul Harrell and Hickok45 seem to be the only ones not shilling junk.
I remember when 4chan was a free speech bastion.

Board: b Thread: 841095290 File: 20201107_074048.jpg ( 1.8MiB, 4032x3024 )
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Muh burnt feet, I am the least punished in this hellfire

Board: v Thread: 533910384 File: 6970.png ( 207.9KiB, 428x431 )
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games you secretly like but pretend to hate
I can't use racial slurs there, so that's where 4chan comes in handy for me

Did any of the Anons degen got into the private sale??

>Polkadot posted about the project recently. They have indeed very solid data protection features in the dVPN systems as well as the possibility of bandwidth monetization.

>SpiderDAO is focusing on its unique voting system for DAO ecosystem with the possibility of bandwidth monetization.

>SPDR token is still in the low-cap phase and has an extremely strong liquidity pool of $1.5 million, exceeding the first quarter-million market cap.

>Their governance ecosystem leverages Hardware, Blockchain, Cryptography and advanced $SPDR Liquidity mechanisms to make it as robust and fair.

Tokenomics looks fair for the community

>60% of SPDR supply will be unlocked through liquidity mining. Participants will be able to mine this supply by staking LP in the SPDR/ETH or SPDR/USDC liquidity mining pools.
Also, participants will qualify for FreeVPN services as part of the Liquidity as Utility (LAU)
Not a 4chan elite anon but I dont think DuckDAO invest with great project most of it got rekt as hell

SpiderDAO still d' best providing a “whale-resistant” governance solution against:

> Plutocracies
> The Rise of Dark DAOs
> Exploitable Governance

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