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Board: v Thread: 626622139 File: Zelda.jpg ( 1.2MiB, 1920x960 )
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The dark age.
>boasting about being over 40 and on 4chan

Board: adv Thread: 28274093 File: img(7).png ( 747.3KiB, 642x674 )
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After seeing >>28270099's thread I realized that time's running out for me and I still didn't make a move or progressed in what I hope would be a romantic relationship between me and my sister

we still act pretty much like the average run of the mill brother and sister. just yesterday I caught a glimpse of my sister's phone and she was literally talking to a chatbot. and it wasn't a short conversation or anything. it seems like she's been talking to this chatbot for weeks. it was then I realized she would actually prefer to talk to a machine about what she thinks than me. that left me completely devasted. I naturally had to carry on with my day, and so I did. but one thing I noticed is that even though she isn't willing to talk to me about her thoughts, I still can't shake the feelings I have for her. she is easily a 7/10. and I'm a 6/10 on a good day. I've seen (personally) and interacted with hotter girls but I still keep lusting for my sister not in a carnal fashion but rather a romantic one. I crave her validation more than my father's or mother.

while that's all fine and dandy. I can't shake the feeling that inevitably some guy or another will just carry her away from me. and I literally don't know what I would do in that scenario. meaning I would probably do something really stupid. I just wish I could avoid this mental bad ending by doing something here and now. I just can't walk up to her and say I love you. there's no guide or tutorial on how to hookup with your sister. fuck.
you're on 4chan

Board: adv Thread: 28272778 File: 653.jpg ( 56.7KiB, 540x775 )
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What other websites can I browse besides 4chan and reddit?
This its really fucking depressing. Its all just an endless timesink full of sad people. If I had the foresight to stay off GameFAQs and 4chan growing up I would have

What's the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?
Christ, show 4Chan on the doll where the bad man touched you. You’re not only retarded, you’re a cunt also.

nigger everything in popmedia is korean these days. korean movies and korean music is everywhere now, holy shit you really don't interact with people outside of 4chan do you lmao

Board: mu Thread: 114871537 File: morningrin.png ( 231.5KiB, 620x387 )
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>someone asking on the stream where to vote
>almost typed "here *unzips*"
phew, I forgot it's not 4chan there

Board: fit Thread: 69844289 File: 6bd.png ( 6.7KiB, 517x326 )
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If I fasted between 5 Feb - 11 March, I would hit my goal weight (that's sedentary, might be quicker if I also walk loads/lift). Do you reckon I can physically try this, or is it too extreme? And has anyone asked a doctor for fasting advice, or is that a load of BS?
I'm sure your life must be full of success, going on 4chan to try to convince others that they are losers and to commit suicide.
It's true that my life mainly consists of failures, but I do have some small achievements. I finished highschool and am slowly advancing towards getting a degree. I am more cardio adapted than I've been since highschool or possibly in my whole life. I taught myself a skill and got a job thanks to it.
Should I stop blaming my mother and take full responsibility for where I am in life? I don't know, I feel like I've been dealt a fairly shitty hand. If I was born in the US I feel like my life would be so much better, but the grass is always greener, so who knows.
And what would killing myself accomplish? Making my family sad, my acquaintances disappointed in me, giving up all chances at a real accomplishment... I don't want to be that guy they gossip about. "I always knew he was a weirdo, I always knew threre was something wrong with him".
If I had a gun then maybe I would've done it already. But having to hang myself, no way. Especially considering how easy it would be to be found or mess up and end up being paralized from the neck down. And it must be painful and panicking as fuck in the best of cases. Instant regret but there's nothing you can do to go back. Fuck that.
Or throw myself under a train/truck and be a living disemboweled torso for half an hour, yikes.
I feel like the best way to go out would be by bleeding out. Slowly blacking out and coming to terms with the fact that you're dying, but still having a bit of hope till the last second that you might make it. Like from a gunshot wound to the chest. And not self inflicted because again, suicide is a mortal sin and who the fuck wants to shoot himself in the chest.

>be black
>decide to watch euphoria for first time
>fall head over heals in love with this chubby white woman
Go outside and see foryourself, you clueless loser
4chan memes are not real life
Literally open any dating app and start counting the profiles lusting for chocolate men
You lost; admit it

ITT: Pantsu Shots
>redundant post
This is 4chan, every thread is an incel thread

Board: int Thread: 177465782 File: images (1).jpg ( 7.9KiB, 225x225 )
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Why 4chan not making any new memes?
>Why 4chan not making any new memes?

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