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Wide-band Web Receiver

>Set Frequency to 4724.00, 8992.00 or 11175.00
>Set Mode to USB
>Tap "Wider" to increase bandwidth (2.7-3.0 kHz)
>Get /comfy/

>At night, 4724 is clearest along with 11175.
>Daytime 8992 replaces 4724.
>Click the "wider" button once to get 2.7kHz.

>4625 kHz
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUgzv-8_EMc



Keep SKYKING threads comfy, we like more crowdsourcing and OSINT.

You need a 4chan pass to post with a vpn.
>You need a 4chan pass to post with a vpn
Not actually true.

Board: g Thread: 85375595 File: 1641429167796.jpg ( 267.1KiB, 920x915 )
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>coding ninja
>"we're like a family here"
>John Faggison CEO (he/him) #BLM #boostedvaxxxedandrelaxed
>We're committed to making the world a better place with real time dildo analytics with a microservices architecture
Is anyone else fucking sick of this shit. No other field I've worked in is this insufferable. The bulk of these companies do literally nothing except rehash some worker (((productivity))) app that effectively just makes draconian spyware, or some bullshit analytics app, or some adware pile of garbage. I cannot think of the last tech company I looked at that was providing any form of quality utility beyond distraction from nature. The bulk of tech management are pozzed npcs vomiting the same tired talking points up. Coworkers are always these disheveled burnt out zombies that can only talk about what they saw on fagflix the night before. How do you cope /g/nomes?
I am a tenured member of the prestigious Guild of Shitposters. Posting to 4chan is challenging, and important work. It takes years of practice to hone my craft to this level of laser-focused excellent. The memes flow from my fingers like pure consciousness. The careful dotting of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes beguile you with the depth of my internet acumen. This is art, 4chan is my gallery, and the world is better for it.

He sure likes using Pizzagate as his go-to example of an absurd conspiracy theory.
>spend all of your time posting on 4chan.
No, see, I come her to make fun of you while I cook dinner. I'm not here all day every day. I get to laugh at the defectives who believe untrue things about everything and have turned 4chan into a place where it is impossible to talk about science. Immediately after I'm done here, I'm alt-tabbing to a textbook filled with real knowledge, rather than the deranged ravings of schizophrenics.

I'm not the one with bad intentions, though - you're intentionally spreading disinformation in order to convince the gullible that they shouldn't believe in reality. You're never going to act on any of this. It's all a game where you try to trick the stupid into believing in the wackiest nonsense possible.

Previous: >>25718856

I'm sorry I didn't bring music.
If only they didn't kill the true comedians. I promise anon there is nothing to be ashamed of in that. It is a coordinated harassment campaign run on 4chan users. This is the reason it hurts so much. It's because the abusers have a huge amount of control over your life right now.

Board: vg Thread: 369714179 File: FDwQGQOaAAA8Sgw.jpg ( 257.9KiB, 1000x1750 )
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Previous iM@S Thread: >>369649921
Archive of materials: sites.google.com/site/yukipobackup
Japanese news: imasnews765.com
Official website: idolmaster-official.jp
New wiki: project-imas.wiki
Android APKs: apk.ksmz.moe
Material translations + Music downloads: pastebin.com/DebHdukE
Character birthdays: pastebin.com/4WFxQ9qt
Next thread OP: pastebin.com/9JEKzNti
>New here? Check out the FAQ + Resource Links: pastebin.com/icRtaLvv
>Game Links + Event/Gacha dates (Jan 24th): >>369603378

>Archive of >>369568724: archive.is/dPkxB
- CG Nagi wants you to vote for her: >>369654779
- CG Kaoru/Momoka/Arisu/Chie mysterious fluids fancomic TL: >>369683550
- SC Straylight siren fancomic TL: >>369686274 >>369687124
- PL Gacha Update (Jan 24th): >>369679353
- PL Romantic Now: >>369698435

Jan 25th, 8PM JST: Theater Days Valentine's 2022 stream: youtu.be/GOeoPfmkoD4 nico.ms/lv335318619 >>369163636
Jan 25th, 9PM JST: Million Live LIVE MORE FUN! with AkabaneP/Iku/Mirai's VAs: youtu.be/l3xiVK8Vc7I
It's the 4chan equivalent of a dumb child learning the word "fuck" and using it everywhere

Board: b Thread: 871332021 File: 20210330_000030.jpg ( 150.3KiB, 720x1156 )
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Parker moderson thread anyone?
Of course she is. I always believe everything angry teenagers say in fucking 4chan

How big is your dick?
Do you wish it was bigger or smaller?
How big are your balls?
Do you wish they were bigger or smaller?

No need to lie on the internet.

I’m 6x5.5 and I wish I was a bit bigger. I like the size of my balls but maybe they could be bigger.
i definitely didn't like being cut before i ever browsed 4chan or any internet space really. its not as common in canada so i always felt different and not normal because of it. mixed with the agp fantasies it legitimately made me think i was a tranny for a bit. i don't think i really am though, more like cis agp with sexual trauma.

I'm a friendless loser, haven't had one since highschool (2017), and want to make a change. I don't get along with most people due to awkwardness and having maybe high standards for friends. I don't want to waste my time with just anyone, I want a true friend who is genuine, low maintenance but we still do stuff together IRL.
The kind of person I'd get along with would:
>be down to earth but also fun
>family orientated (it'd be nice to raise our kids side-by-side)
>outgoing to compliment my at-first shy behaviour until I warm up and become outgoing too
>can handle differing opinions
>curious, thoughtful and talkative
What kind of environments do such people tend to be found in? What kinds of people do they not get along with? Are my standards too high? Don't really want to settle in friendships since bad friends can be hell.
No, I thrive on misunderstandings. Your consent just makes it easier for me to focus. You can ask me to return whence I came, but do remember that you first had this conversation on 4chan, and it's kind of a loaded word.

Does the ethnicity of your leader matter? Especially in the us where most of our heritages are so mixed at an ethic level
If say i as op may be a zoomer on a pathway to becoming an elite, and say picrelated was my family tree, would the dissident right an 4chan alt right types(not derogatory) support said person, or would the maternal great grandfather prove problematic?
Bare in mind the ancestor in question upon immigrating to America assimilated, changed surname, and adopted Christianity

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