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Board: fit Thread: 65282779 File: 1633894821041.jpg ( 1.3MiB, 1092x1628 )
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does this physique hit 1/2/3/4?
I actually completely agree with you, I just like to troll crazy /pol/cels. We must all appreciate our race/races and how we look like.
I admire you for staying here on 4chan despite you being non-white, kek. Although /fit/ isn't that racist mostly. I wish you the best.

>God i hope this is real.
there are bitchute videos of the lawyers giving depositions to the UK police regarding the Hague International Court's criminal investigation into the vaccines. this made every vaccination center a crime scene. there are videos of UK police and Aus police serving cease and desist orders to the other police in the vax centers, and they can't believe it and start arguing. it's an international case, which means this is coming to the US.

as you know, you cannot trespass on a crime scene, which means they cannot work at the vaccine centers and force people to take them.

the mods are deleting threads about this for the last few days even though the case number is already public. there are also videos of the lawyers warning the police in the deposition that if they don't uphold their oath they will be charged as conspirators, meaning if the vaccinated police do anything to disrupt the international investigation they are fucked.

the lawyers fought back. now we just have to support them, right now the goal is to inform as many police departments as possible of their obligation to safeguard and collect evidence in this case as their local residents come forward and share their testimony of the vaccine causing harm to them. if the police lose those records or alter them or refuse to work with you then they will be charged as conspirators.

the police have to decide which side they will stand on, will they go to jail trying to stop their good cops? or will they do the right thing and stay out of jail?

my point here is that if doctors and politicians can be charged for lying and spreading misinformation that causes harm, then so can the 4chan moderators. removing this information is criminal behavior.

He had a point, you know...
>le epic rando 4chan user knows better than Dostoevsky
How's high school going, bro?





It's called having a life outside of 4chan you retarded sperg.

They're mentally dead anyway so why wouldn't they shill?

Board: b Thread: 871330026 File: Neekolul.jpg ( 73.2KiB, 400x400 )
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>be you
>a white male
>your latina gf catches you posting racist memes
what do?
My ex was crazy and saw I was on 4chan all the time, but since it's /b/ shit kept getting deleted so she went to see what was up and thought I was into all kinds of crazy porn.

Completely serious question:

Now hear me out. Back in WW2 we had to put the Japanese in camps so they didn’t start kamikazing everything here in the US or defect to japan. I’m really worried that trump supporters will start trying to defect to the Russian military or sabotage our military efforts at home. Putin is really good at propaganda and trump supporters have on average a 90 IQ… you do the math. So do you guys think we should put Trump supporters in camps until the war ends?
>That place is worse cancer than 4chan.
just wait ti' they make everyone fall for the meta scam

Board: fit Thread: 65282465 File: unnamed.jpg ( 125.0KiB, 800x800 )
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I've been a social recluse in terms of engaging with fitness culture of any kind, I workout at home, I don't really listen to or watch anything related to working out with the exception of some programming articles, that being said, /fit/ is my only real exposure to workout culture and when people here started bitching and moaning about women wearing next to nothing or simply clothes that are vacuum-sealed into every nook and cranny I thought it was simple hyperbole, so I signed up to a local gym since I needed some time away from home.

I was wrong. WOMEN FUCKING EVERYWHERE, wearing either some form of spandex/lycra or just crop tops and short shorts, all doing some meme glute/legs exercise, it was downright distracting, I couldn't focus in a single direction without some woman being in my direct eye line causing me to worry more about being reported for being a perv instead of on my actual workout, don't get me wrong the eye candy is nice but christ I like all of you go to the gym to lift, not to bird watch.

the craziest thing is that it wasn't even close to peak hours
/rant thanks for reading

pic rel
larp. No actually cute girl posts on 4chan UNLESS they are very strongly male-identified. You are clearly neither. It's all in your head girl, nobody wants to look at that and if they say something to you it's literally just some friendly chit-chat while you're waiting.

Board: news Thread: 994346 File: t90F5MD.jpg ( 76.7KiB, 768x768 )
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This neo nazi socialist boards is IMPLODING, Anons!

lets talk about that.

Required URL: https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/24/politics/biden-troops-europe/index.html
only losers with too much time waste it on shit like this.
I rarely reply to trolls, especially sad ones like this.
I bet you like to add let's go Brandon to all your comments

really cringe stuff

and i know, i'm imploading and im a nazi or some other such loser shit

most of the psychos on 4chan identify as nazis, idwit

but then it;s the idwit loser who reply to this cringefest.

i will never reply to your comment to this or even check on it....clean your room

Board: g Thread: 85373682 File: fuck niggers lmao.png ( 789.1KiB, 1920x1080 )
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So I've decided it's time to put together a GNU/Linux distro devoid of any cucked software. Turns out there's a lot of (((permissively licensed))) shit on your average Linux distro, and that fucking sucks. tmux, Xorg, SQLite, OpenSSH, numerous libraries and programming language interpreters, and so on, and so on, and so on...

I want to get rid of everything (((BSD))) licensed, (((MIT))) licensed, (((ISC))) licensed or whatever garbage! Replace them with GPL licensed alternatives where one exists, and develop a relicensed fork (under AGPLv3) where no alternative is present.

To be completely honest with you, I have no idea why nobody has started something like this yet, since it's so easy to wrap a GPL around a cuck license. The only challenge is going to be getting new free software developers interested in the forks as opposed to the original products - hence a Linux distribution geared towards this specific goal might help kickstart things up! I'm surprised more people don't value software that actually protects your freedom and are willing for software that merely respects your freedom without actively protecting.

Let me know your thoughts, /g/.
>everyone who doesn't agree with me is a Jew
>>>/pol/ back to your containment board

Board: vt Thread: 17041609 File: 1641961868779.png ( 2.7MiB, 1920x1080 )
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This thread is to discuss /vt/‘s very own Kiki.

>Who is Kiki?
Kiyomi Pyon-Pyon, or Kiki for short is an adorable autistic Aussie chuuba. She's a wicked bright, and super sweet girl with a passion for animals and her champyons!

>Current Schedule

>Current Aggie

>(You) got a fren in me!

>Emergency Gosling Resources

On January 30th there will be a charity event for the RWAF, stay tuned for further details. Donations made in the month of January will also go towards charity .

Kiki is recovering from a back injury, so please be supportive while she rests, she will be taking a couple of days to recuperate.

Seeking help for divegrass, if you have experience with 3D modeling and would
like to participate please post in the thread. Wiki: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//pyon/


>Thread Theme

>Last thread
Yeah I seldom post in yt chat but 4chan feels like home lol

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