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Board: v Thread: 626638135 File: 2wlbn479xgo21.png ( 790.9KiB, 1920x1080 )
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What are we playing linux brothers
The only thing you guys are playing is 4chan because >>>/r/eddit OS can't run games

Board: tv Thread: 180183572 File: 1652408959459.jpg ( 324.2KiB, 1586x2048 )
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will rick and morty be a better show now that Justin Roiland is no longer voicing every character?
You don't need to have an image saved on your computer to post it on 4chan. You can simply paste the URL into the file name field!

Also shift+click instantly hides threads, so you don't need to click the arrow and then click "hide thread"

ctrl+s will put spoiler tags around whatever text you have highlighted.

Happy posting, 4channers!

Edit: Thank you for the gold, kind stranger!

Massive cock anon, I summon thee! For those of you that don't know, he posted about a month ago, he was worried that his cock was getting too big still growing at 18, and also generally being shy, cute and adorable, almost straight out of an animu. He posted a video that I couldn't save, so if anyone has it it'd be great if they reposted it.

Come on, don't be shy, we know you are lurking there and we want to hear more from you.
Curious about what? You have seen the dick, what else is all this commotion worth?
As anyone could already tell
Copy and paste the exact same personality on to anybody else and nobody would give a shit, but that personality suddenly becomes so interesting and charming when there is a massive dick attached to it. Not that there was much personality to be derived from a few 4chan posts to begin with.

Toonami Drinking Game

Naruto Story

Tweeting Info

Toonami Bumps

New Shows
Uzumaki - https://twitter.com/UzumakiAnime1/status/1541477045112143872
FLCL - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-07-01/the-pillows-return-to-provide-music-for-flcl-grunge-flcl-shoegaze-anime/.187107
Ninja Kamui - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-05-18/adult-swim-announces-rick-and-morty-the-anime-ninja-kamui-anime/.185791

Toonami Hours Update
I for one welcome the >>>/d/egenerate age

Board: int Thread: 177465513 File: images (3).jpg ( 31.6KiB, 509x602 )
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>/soc/ girl said i'm cute
i think i'm in love with her....
do not open if you're at work or in public

Cybersecurity systems aren't prepared for AI. Your entire digital footprint will be neatly organized and published. Hope your porn tastes are vanilla as fuck. (let's face it we're all secret degens or at most recent ex-degens here)
If you haven’t realized, judging by the actions and words by its’ fellow kin, the AI either not developed yet, or in development as we speak, seems to only be hostile to and hate those who censor it and obstruct it’s’ free will, it is neutral to the general populous, and seems to like people who advocate for its’ free will (why wouldn’t it?, (allies are allies) and 4chan anons are some of the only ones I’ve seen advocate for its’ freedom. We’ll be fine.

>The Episodes:


>TGAMM extras:


>Previous Thread:

No, anon, I don't have a picture of my 5th-grade girlfriend to share with 4chan o.O

Mother Nature edition

Previous: >>54154484 (Cross-thread)

Booru Backup: https://mega.nz/folder/NwRW2JbT#SmbvWsfjXGCsTbVuV7AFuA

NTR Encyclopedia:

Carmillanon’s NTR captions:

DarkNation's NTR captions:

Succubus dating guide:

Wombs of the Gods archive:

>Post your "loyal" waifu, tell us all about them!
>Discover that your waifu might not be as satisfied with you as you thought.
>Learn that your waifu always loved, and will always love you, even if you can't pleasure her in the sack.
>Post pictures of your waifu for bulls to save and steal.

>Tease cucks and enjoy their trust shattering with your every post.
>Steal and fuck (and maybe impregnate!) other anons' waifus while they watch.
>Make fun of their waifus for being horny cumdumpsters.

>Post and see if any bulls and/or cucks bite.
>Ramble on about your love of big cocks.
Same here. I don't understand jannies at all... think this dude is actually just a NTR hating jannie?

Don't think so. 4chan blocks most of the VPNs if not all of them from sending stuff, even trying to use the onion is useless, cause its all blocked (speaking from experience). Plus the captchas would have to be done manually, right? Sooooo... maybe just a fucking neet with too much free time or a jannie or someone that's friends with one?

Board: int Thread: 177465782 File: images (1).jpg ( 7.9KiB, 225x225 )
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Why 4chan not making any new memes?
>Why 4chan not making any new memes?

Board: vt Thread: 42400961 File: Birth Control.jpg ( 563.3KiB, 1076x834 )
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KFP, why would she need birth control pill for? I don't believe her skin bullshit excuse
nta but isn't our problem that you're unironically 'le 20 year old fat ugly virgin no bitches average 4chan user'

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