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How fucked am I?
looool!!! r/4chan put me in a screencap pleaeeaea

>sexhavers commit most crimes
>but an incel ending a post with 'in minecraft' is a bigger threat
more people are killed by drunk drivers in a week than by incels in a decade. but no, that short dysgenic dethnic who is fare more likely to kill himself than anyone else, he is the REAL threat to society! dont you see!
that anon is absolutely retarded vampy, i wouldnt give him the time of day. he probably read about 4chan on knowyourmeme and thinks he's some kind of expert on the site.

Board: co Thread: 133170717 File: unknown[1].png ( 283.2KiB, 640x480 )
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Kowalski, ANALYSIS.

Who is this 4chan?

Anyone else got experience with BPD hoes? I seriously think that having BPD should be highly frowned upon and get you shunned from society, literal diagnosed evil
shizoids/autsist/shizos aka the average 4chan population are a natural enemy of dark triad

How ya enjoying your steam deck bros?
what's your record for leaving 4chan?

Je suis mourant mon homme
Moi, je vois Enzo comme une créature 4chan qui fait tout ce qu'il peut pour récolter des (you)
>oh une planche /k/ bah je vais acheter des armes
>oh /pol/ bon bah je suis nazi
>oh /ck/ donc je mange du macdo et de la merde
>apu avec des baskets Lidl ? Wesh je me les achète
>et /a/ bon bah je vais lire des animés
Quand tout le monde simpait Lisa il est sorti avec mais après quand on a commencé à la trouver moche et conne, il l'a larguée.

Board: aco Thread: 6757207 File: 1663722350339954.jpg ( 619.8KiB, 4096x2276 )
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'Relations' Edition


Useful links:

FDR Link:

there was like 2 posts and she got triggered by them lmao, why is she caring about what a bunch of virgins on 4chan think of her tits

So I came across this thread here:
(took my VPN off to comment, and it is closed..)

And we've been seeing a number of other threads where an 8-10 person strong shill squad is shilling for Orban.. At first I couldn't understand what they were doing here (this place is a cesspool)

Than I figured it out:

Hungary is an extremely poor country, people get paid about 60% of what other people get paid in other countries, even Slovaks make a lot more. Plus there's very high taxes. (never mind the insane level of gipsy crime - and the near anarchy outside of cities)

Up until now energy prices were subsidized by the government. About a month ago Orban ended subsidization of energy prices, and with the already existing poverty people will not be able to make due come winter..

There will be riots.

These shills are here to butter up foreign opinion, for when brutal methods are used against the population.

Also the extreme left - the DK has formed a "shadow government" (those who are from H. and are paying attention know what I'm talking about) - this is case the rebels win - so the liberal jews can hijack the uprising and can over from the conservative jews..

Thar's how it all fits together.

My fellow Hungarians - get the fuck out of there... If you don't leave than don't rebell - freeze/starve quietly, or leave.. but stay alive...

While normally I favor upheaval - they are ready and prepared for public unrest - to the tune of buttering up foreign opinion, and having an extreme left government waiting in the wings.

I'm doing you a favor telling you - spread the news.
Those daily visegrad24 spam threads are the most obvious ones. That strategy of using screenshots without mentioning the target link was first used here circa 10 years ago to promote affiliate links. I thought 4chan wised up to it, that's why I'm so surprised they allow such blatant spam eben now.

Board: trash Thread: 51182801 File: 22-09-24.png ( 358.7KiB, 755x766 )
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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

Non-happenings, small GETs, complaints about shit boards being shit, known spergs sperging out, personal report buttons and blogposting belong on >>>/trash/nah.

Previous thread: >>51126213
Are ecelebs 4chan culture?

Board: v Thread: 613243482 File: 1651873728680.jpg ( 33.7KiB, 600x632 )
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You know what really brings my piss to a boil?

The fact that there are no decent gaming communities left thanks to policitcs. It's split into 2 camps. Either you have the full on pozzed shit where you can't say no-no words and have egg encouragement days or it's 100% unironic incel mode where everybody is hyper edgy 24/7 just to show how not politically correct they are. There's nothing in between. Also both sides are filled with retarded "ironic" perverts "haha, I want to smell your feet jk °-°".

Why can't people be just be normal? 10+ years ago or so it was fucking fun to hang out with people online and just talk about random shit.
The problem with arguing politics in a place like this is that it is impossible to determine the legitimacy of a post. There is no way to gauge if a post is in bad faith unless you lean back on your own belief set to determine whether or not you at least agree with it, but by that point you've invited conceit into your train of logic and are effectively humoring an echo chamber. There is no real debate here, only the forceful back and forth of what one or a group of people believes to be the truth, and it only serves those doing so. Everyone else is alienated and eventually exhausted. Interesting to note that if a dedicated troll were to notice this, why would they not commit to endless shitposting? Devil's advocate, whatever, they'll post whatever they need to post in order to get people to bite, no greater ulterior purpose. An easy task if someone, say OP or me, is just too fucking upset and feels the need to say something in some vain attempt to stop it; as if OP or I might suddenly change the minds of everyone and 2013 /v/ or earlier just miraculously reforms. Now, what if there's dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of said trolls on a board that is slowly stagnating and dying because everyone outside of that circle, like us, is either fed up and moved on, or can't let go and choose to fight the impossible? The latter must be the perfect catch. After all, constant politics, trannies, nazis, ACK, ywnbaw, niggers, alt-right, Trump, Biden, Russia, reddit, minorities, whites, Q, god when does it fucking end? How can I not fucking believe anyone peddling this garbage is either being paid to or is just an opportunistic troll feeding on all the people who just desperately want a more reasonable /v/ experience? So anons like OP lash out, anons like me lash out, and we make ourselves look like fools.

Fuck all of you. You do it because you know we have nowhere else to go. Our last bastion for vidya and now it's a playground for marketers and malefactors.

4chan is dead.

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