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I'm thinking of starting a youtube channel where I make videos about a particular niche interest of mine. I can't find a whole lot about it on youtube right now, so I feel like I have a corner. Honestly, making videos is not super important to me - I just want to tell stories and relay facts - I just feel like videos are the best way of doing that nowadays.

I'd like to ask everyone here if anyone has advice on starting a youtube page, video length, frequency of uploads, etc, or really anything at all relating to it. I'm also not sure how to format it, but that may be something I hvae to figure out on my own. I don't want to put my face in the videos, but I don't want to become a youtuber who has the little cartoon with five or six different facial expressions, and I also don't want to just do clip shows. I'll see what I can figure out. Any advice (or even lack thereof) is appreciated. Thank you all and have a good day.
I don't know, I was just wondering what anyone here has to say, if anyone has created a channel before or has any particular preferences. You can get advice from many sources, and just becuase 4chan is 4chan doesn't mean the advice here is any worse than anywhere else, necessarily. It could be, but who knows, it may not be.

Previously: >>79229795

>Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>Proxy a deck or a cube for cheap

>how to proxy using any printer

>Thread Question:
What playstyles are you hoping to see support for in MH2?
The difference between having real cards and fake cards is having a collection that’s worth something, and getting triggered on 4chan that someone makes fun of your pretend cards.

Board: v Thread: 555790619 File: file.png ( 3.5MiB, 1200x1476 )
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"Yeah the gameplay is good but its too political"
ask me how i know you don't spend your time on the internet anywhere outside of 4chan

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>y-you are here forever!
Heh, cya later noobs. Guess who just beat 4chan?


I will post fun offtopic shit wherever I want no matter what site.

>Emperor of Rome
>Gets tired of Jews shit.
>580,000 Jews were killed in the overall operations, and 50 fortified towns and 985 villages were razed to the ground, with many more Jews dying of famine and disease
>Wipes them out for 1500 years
>rules over one of the most peaceful periods in Roman History
The Jews are still alive today and control the world, but who remembers the Romans? the Italians are a walking meme. When the Jews were expelled from their land they only went to the east of Ukraine where they took the most beautiful girls and continued with their race.

Despite what the 4chan incels say they are the true superior race because they have been here since the beginning and have the blessing of god himself.

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anyone here financially blackpllled? after making 20 million, i can safely spend 800k/year. but i dont even feel like spending 200k. in fact, anything that costs money i dont have the energy to do, or it sounds boring
>buy a mansion: why? i just need 1 room with a nice computer
>travel: why? takes so much energy, and i dont even want to see the sites in my own city
>start a family: why? i dont even like talking to girls

theres nothing money can buy that would be more entertaining than the internet. im 27, and i think id be happiest sitting in filth for the rest of my life. I think im genetically inferior to prefer this life. can anyone relate?
suck it up faggot LARPer
look at all these gullible retards

She made her Instagram private,
this little slut doesn't want us jerking off to her.
Mainly because she's the hottest arthoe and she's the queen of 4chan atm

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pervious: >>13137884
I don’t care if a retard on 4Chan thinks I’m a fag. Cryptocurrencies are a way for me to gather wealth beyond the direct reach of shitty money-grubbing governments.

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Have any books helped you with your depression? Has any single book got you out of a rut? I have trouble feeling any emotion at all, or any connection to any work. I haven't cried in a year and have incredible anhedonia. At the same time though, books contain incredibly valuable knowledge, so I'm wondering if one might be able to help me. Thank you anons
Books helped me gain a new perspective or think a new thought. But the only one who can get you out of depression is yourself, talk to someone other than fictional characters in novels or your friends on 4chan

Board: b Thread: 854570467 File: 1618781735327.png ( 111.7KiB, 379x298 )
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>built for BBC
>niggers and poop
>andy sixx logs
>trap thread
>pictures you shouldn’t share
>drawthread: shit edition
>odds fap, evens sleep
>local man gets dubs
>share your secrets
>tranny hate thread
>daily reminder that
>hunger games
>rekt thread
>paid 40 bucks for this
>kik thread
>clothed girls you have nudes of
>smash or pass
>cock rate thread
>doll thread
OP this is a serious reply. I was a jannie and worked for free. I got fucked off and threw in the towel because I realised Gook's entire team are liberal trannies who are intent on destroying 4chan from the inside.

I cannot tell you whether this is happening because he is under pressure from law enforcement or he was promised something in exchange for not getting shut down. What I can tell you is that at least 80% of shit you want gone is done by the very MODS you are asking to help. I got proof, I posted it dozens of times. FUCK ALL CHANGED.

On more than one occasion I offered to sit here for 18 hours a day, every day if necessary and continuously delete all the fucking cancer that infests this board. I am ill and I don't get to leave the house anyway, it's not as if I can lead a normal life. It's my choice and no loss to anyone, not that I was getting paid for it. I got turned down at every single suggestion. They are killing this site from the inside. The MODS know, so do the jannie team. A lot of them are in on it.

I said it before I will say it again. TIME TO FIND ANOTHER HOME, or if possible make one from scratch. He already turned this place into R3ddit 2.0. Let this fucking place burn.

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