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Board: v Thread: 533919332 File: 4pciknh9p8Z6a.png ( 83.5KiB, 300x250 )
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I don't get it
You are both wrong. 4chan icons are pepe and basedjak
4chan is an anime board
This gif is older than 4chan

What can this graph be applied to?
Go to Hackernews and LessWrong if you want to see what <120 IQ conversation is like
Lesswrong denizens are about 130+ and it's like a completely different world
A breath of fresh air after inhaling methane from the sewers and asses of 4chan and reddit

Board: v Thread: 533910384 File: 6970.png ( 207.9KiB, 428x431 )
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games you secretly like but pretend to hate
The internet needs to be criminalized so we can go back to our peaceful existence as losers on 4chan, but this time without normalfags.

Board: vg Thread: 315032546 File: EmquNR5UwAAXTeo.jpg ( 527.6KiB, 2253x1267 )
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>What is Ninjala?
Ninjala is a Free-to-Play arena brawler where you face off against other players using special weapons & skills gained from magic "Ninja Gum."
>Is there Single Player Content?
Yes! Although you do have to purchase it. Story Pack 2, featuring Berecca is out.
>Official Websites
>Any Wikis/Boorus/etc.?
We'll have a booru when someone decides to make it. There is a Wiki, but it is still a work in progress. There is current a Mega for art.
-Season 3 is now live! 2 new weapons: Pop Eye and Cerberus, 1 new map: Croissant Arena, 2 new cards: Parting Utsusemi and Gum Boost Impact, spectator mode. New shop selection not in datamine and all past non-gacha, non-collab, non-pass items are in Specialty Collections. Ninja-gum won't consume so long you bought the pass: https://youtu.be/0KMEkSnAV4M
-Latest patch notes: https://ninjalathegame.com/en/news/info/season03.html
-Ninjala TV Cup 2020 Autumn:
-LET IT DIE collab announced: https://youtu.be/u9y48wIQCZ4
-Cyber Monday Jala deals: https://twitter.com/playninjala/status/1331070057066192896
-Ninjala Collection Cards coming out on 1/9: https://toy.bandai.co.jp/series/ninjala/
-Ninjala Pass Matsuri is active until 11/30 17:59 (PST). Remember to reroll for the dailies with the highest points!
-This is your last day to buy the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu collab items and get the exclusive ippon deco after matches: https://twitter.com/playninjala/status/1331441887136215040
-Cross-region squads are still broken.
-Dataminer wanted, please someone save us

Previous Thread: >>314427337
How can i get notifications then?

Is thete a 4chan app?


The acting, the timing, everything's perfect
I can never tell if persons like this are genuine shills or just really dumb and naive people that were led to 4chan by some leftist discord and now think they're trying to fight le nazis

Board: qa Thread: 3654039 File: 1576192282513.png ( 1.2MiB, 1280x720 )
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I'm getting real tired of seeing these missionaries proselytizing their dumb religion on a god forsaken site. They're constantly breaking the rules by avatarfagging and spamming multiple boards, they're too stupid to use adblock and whine about the porn ads and are probably newfags who set up a raid on their 8kun board to "convert" 4chan. I don't have a problem with jews and muslism because they don't proselytize, but Christians are fucking annoying, why can't mods get rid of them? Aren't they technically liable to get banned because they're advertising their religion?
Im new to 4chan and really don't have a problem with porn ads.i really don't get why the fuck people want to convert this place

Board: trv Thread: 1906281 File: 1599357206979.png ( 384.2KiB, 639x582 )
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Tell me some travel cringekino stories, I need to feel better about myself
>be in shinkansen station in hiroshima to osaka
>have a fuckton of shit with me
>bought okonomiyaki with egg to go to eat in the shinkansen
>wait in line to get reserved ticket with my JR pass
>okonomiyaki slips to the floor
>oh shit just like in 4chan greentexts but not spaghetti
>everyone staring at me
>clerks rush in to help me
>get sharp eyes from japs in line
>white guy in line just smiles

That was very embarrassing but at least I was traveling alone so no one will never know.

Also bought another one and it was great, it was the okonomiyaki restaurant at hiroshima station.

This demented orange piece of shit's imunity will expire on january 20th, then he will spend the rest of his life in prison.
He should borrow one of ivanka's BBC-Dildos and prepare his fat orange ass.
>4chan in 2010 would laugh at O'Reilly's claim that ocean waves can't be explained
>4chan in 2020 would agree with him and call the Moon a libcuck disinformation campaign spawned by the Kennedy's to make Nixon and the GOP look bad

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