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why cant an account owner or even youtube revoke all current "session tokens" with the click of a single button in the dashboard? wouldn't this have stopped the LTT hack before anyone even noticed it?
>you’re retarded if you aren’t autistic and spend all day on 4chan

>China is bad because..... the jews on TV said so!!!
George Soros is anti-China, so there is money in being an anti-China YouTube influencer, right? They would make threads on Reddit and 4chan to get more people into this sphere. I'm from Vietnam and don't care about China as much as these foreigners from far away. It's a form of escapism for them. I would know because I used to talk about Africa and other things that didn't matter to me when I was younger with you people.

I just want to verify my ID with coinbase so I can buy a 4chan pass and make stupid posts on the internet but they are treating me like I'm fucking Osama Bin Laden. Do you want a fucking retinal scan and a blood test retards

Board: vp Thread: 53500300 File: ;).png ( 141.4KiB, 800x500 )
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Ditto's Early April Fool's Day Trick Edition

>Pokémon GO Event Info

>Frequently Asked Questions

>Submit and Review Pokéstop Nominations (level 38+)

>Server Status


>PvP IV Checkers & Battle Simulators

>Estimated Shiny Rates

>Submit Your Friend Code Here

>Find Friends Here

Previous Thread: >>53489116
this has to be the general with the worst ability to spot bait on 4chan

Board: co Thread: 136213298 File: Header.jpg ( 186.6KiB, 720x941 )
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>"The idea that Victoria Alonso was fired over a handful of press interviews relating to a personal passion project about human rights and democracy that was nominated for an Oscar and which she got Disney’s blessing to work on is absolutely ridiculous," the former Marvel executive's attorney Patty Glaser says. "Victoria, a gay Latina who had the courage to criticize Disney, was silenced. Then she was terminated when she refused to do something she believed was reprehensible. Disney and Marvel made a really poor decision that will have serious consequences. There is a lot more to this story and Victoria will be telling it shortly—in one forum or another."

>but English literature has virtually no real-world application

I'm not surprised someone on 4chan doesn't understand why people need to be able to read and understand things. Kind of surprised this is being said on /co/ though.

I'm pretty new to mecha and I've seen Evangelion, Gurren Lagann and Baldios. Evangelion was by far my favourite and was wondering what else is like it. My favourite aspect was the weird technobabble, for some reason I love that shit.
I have a friend who seems pretty deep into mecha and he recommended it
I asked him for more recommendations too but I'd like to ask 4chan for more opinions.

Board: g Thread: 92320212 File: over.jpg ( 38.5KiB, 537x314 )
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>BREAKING: A federal judge has decided in favor of four publishers in the long-awaited copyright case Hachette v. Internet Archive. >"There is nothing transformative about IA's copying and unauthorized lending of the works in the suit," the judge writes.
You thought what happens on the internet, stays on the internet? Not anymore.
The bytes are on page load alone, the larger bytes is a result of cookies being sent with each request to 4chan's website. The 4chan cdn does not use these cookies so loading content from them won't require sending them, even when they're embedded in a page on 4chan's website.

be nice to the blind

>Actual possibility
You should take your meds anon, and probably not listen to some randos of 4chan are speculating as the absolute truth

Board: v Thread: 631923369 File: FmX2O4YX0AE6uuD.jpg ( 667.1KiB, 2628x2880 )
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Play Final Fantasy XIV!
Lmao the usual cope, you're on a vidya board. Achievements and high scores are king, why do you think YOU DIDNT BEAT THE GAME has been do prevalent for over a year? You're on 4chan, you already font value your time.

Is it the best part of Australia?
I wonder what the Americans think when some arrogants who know nothing about the USA because they are not Americans use them to say nonsenses. They are many on 4chan.

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