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I seriously doubt the 4chan girls here who say nobody asks them out because they're ugly.
You could be a freaking model and if you don't go to parties or use dating apps etc then nobody has a chance to even see you. Guys don't approach random girls at the grocery store in our culture, that's inappropriate.
Sure. M. There was one girl I met who approached me first, gave me her number ("just for studying" lol), pretty, sweet, smartest girl I knew there, hard-working, watches anime (I don't), etc. Tried to invite me to a party too.

Of course I fucked it up, didn't realize she liked me until too late, and she found someone else (i was the smartest guy there, and she got with the tallest guy, lol, just like a 4chan meme). But apparently that guy was an anime fan so maybe they were a better match anyway.

She's a doctor now but doesn't practice, I'm not sure what she's doing, some kind of corporate stuff.
I was just young and scared, I wasn't ready to take the lead in a relationship. I am now. This is just why it takes longer for guys. Some leaders are born but most are made through time and experience.

Board: b Thread: 889979923 File: d98.png ( 1.0MiB, 2688x2345 )
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>only 23
>well over 600lbs

how did my life even manage to get like this
You're making 4chan uncomfortable

In this thread we believe...
just got here but
>on 4chan
>on fucking /brit/
come on lads

Board: k Thread: 56232060 File: plans.png ( 941.0KiB, 1501x895 )
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Ukraine NEEDS to focus on this area and reach the sea. That would force the entire western occupied areas to be supplied through Crimea, and that supply could be turned off by bombing the bridge with himars, thus dooming the entire western and southern occupied territories. The eastern territories are just next to the Russian border and can be easily supplied and reinforced (and attacked again from the Russian border if taken by Ukraine), so that's a bad place to focus. It would also be a bad place to focus on attacking over the river, because of the inherent difficulty of the operation.

welcome newfag
4chan's inhabitants has been slowly replaced by edgelord redditors who moved over when reddit started becoming mainstream 6-7~ years ago. There's absolutely nothing "underground" about 4chan and there never was. That was a lie weebs came up with around 2005~ cause it was the 2000's and being underground was considered cool.The myth of the "outcasts" who come to 4chan is all a lie. Most of those people are bullied kids trying to sound like they actually belong here. This is just a weeb imageboard with too much porn on it. That's what it has always been. That is what it will always be. This is why redditors are so attracted to it. It's literally just an edgier reddit.

Buy xer game.
Would be cool if the katawa shoujo thread was expanded for snoot game content as well as a general 4chan visual novel thread.

Post funny pol
Also, as an aside ... Where can I find the song in vid?
whites on 4chan arent the ones kneeling lmao

Latest b& list from the feds:

New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

Tired of jannies not doing their jobs?

Recommended vendors list:
Want to help Firearm rights?

Hobbyists Corner:
>Luty mk1: 9mm SMG:
>Luty Mk2 .32/.380 Blowback Machine Pistol
>Homemade Guns and Ammunition (more tard-proof)
>3D printing guides:

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At least I can actually read and comprehend what people are trying to convey on 4chan. I asked a simple series of questions and for some reason you thought I was making demoralization posts. Only liberals care about grammar here, touch grass faggot.

So is /pol/ on Nick Fuentes’s side now? Did we all just memory hole the whole Jaden McNeil bit?
This is 4chan, not an AI prompt. You're looking for stable diffusion.

Anyone else here manchildmaxxing and acts like a little kid at home? My mother treats me as if I was a baby and I act like such around her. I play with toys, take naps hugging my plushies, eat candy, watch cartoons, make baby noises and gestures etc. I'm a 27 years old autistic NEET and I feel good when I act like a little kid. It's not even a sexual thing, I have just been like this for my whole life. I'm a manchild and I'm proud of it.
I'm not that far along but do have mild autism and live with my parents still. They are usually nice to me and coddle be a bit. I have lots of free time and like to play games and eat stuff (and browse 4chan of course). I even have a job in IT but it's for a small organisation and people know me and are also very nice to me usually. I am the friendly-but-simple guy who likes to help any way I can and they like that.

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