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Board: tv Thread: 182173948 File: renner-face.png ( 3.1MiB, 2000x1333 )
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I've been living under a rock for a while and haven't heard anything more about this guy. Did he died from his injuries? Did he show up at that awards thing nobody cared about? Did he regain his full power? Is he now in a wheelchair? What happened to everyone least favourite Avenger?
God I love 4chan. Can you imagine being on one of those faggot sites where someone gets banned for saying this kind of shit to you instead of giving you an actual answer. Brings a tear to my eye whenever someone tells me to eat shit or fuck off and accuses me of being a pathetic virgin faggot. Tastes like freedom.

Even so, fuck jannies.

Board: tv Thread: 182165053 File: poo bitch.jpg ( 100.8KiB, 640x335 )
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>ruins your cooking kino
You're either so stupid you can't follow a 4chan thread or you're pretending to be retarded, either way I suggest you seek Christ and start picking up some books
>This faggot would show up to a luau and try to argue the roast pig is actually a European invention
you are the one who's claiming victory based on you claiming someone else would claim something retarded, so who can't follow a 4chan thread here?

Board: tv Thread: 182174015 File: bundy.png ( 562.6KiB, 680x627 )
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Imagine posing for a silly photo like this after you've raped and killed several innocent people, like nothing had happened.
buy 4chan for a dollar or stfu

Board: pol Thread: 420962912 File: Winnie.png ( 235.5KiB, 596x602 )
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What's on the agenda tonight, lads? I guess we should start with the main news.

>Protesters force Posie Parker to leave Auckland event
>The New Zealand Herald said there were about 150 supporters of Parker at the event, and as many as 2000 counter-protesters.
>Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki turned up to join the minority of Parker supporters.
>she had liquid - believed to be soup and egg - flung at her, and was forced to leave the area before she could speak.

Also, predictions for the 2023 general election? I think if Luxon reveals more policy, like the education one yesterday, and doesn't go full retard during any interviews, he could narrowly edge out the victory. Especially if he stops trying to be a woke retard and trying to win over lefty faggots. If the recession gets worse, it will be blamed on the Labour government (for good reason), and people will stop caring about "Chippy".
Basically, the moment Chippy or Luxon makes too many fuckups, it will be over for them. Maori Party being a potential kingmaker though, scares the shit out of me.
The funny thing is, I still feel the pressures of our current economic times. I have no idea how people who earn less than me survive. I guess you adapt to your situation. Then again, I am basically the sole provider for my family, my girlfriend just works part-time and does it all for under-the-table cash so the greedy IRD doesn't tax us even more.
I am online because it's fun, I've been on 4chan since 2007 and you never leave this place, and I've got the house to myself for a few hours - perfect time to enjoy some whiskey and post here.

Holy fucking shit, guys. You guys are really fucking turning twitter into 4chan. Can you please stop?
Post some Twitter pages
Especially 4chan related /pol
You will never be a 4chan.
>Holy fucking shit, guys. You guys are really fucking turning twitter into 4chan. Can you please stop?
No keep going. The death of twitter is long overdue, plus you get to flush musk's money down the toilet as you do it.

Board: mu Thread: 115582042 File: file.png ( 364.5KiB, 840x1000 )
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I was just playing fake plastic trees on my acoustic and I just started spontaneously crying my eyes out upon singing that part of the song but I kept going just because it felt right. I wish she loved me bros.

what songs have genuinely made you cry? post them here. I'm autistic and I never cry so this was a surprise to me.
You’re not autistic. You have “Asperger’s syndrome” or some other “spectrum disorder”, which are all soft terms for a stunted male who has no social skills but thinks he’s too smart to need to bother learning them. People with actual autism diagnoses are seriously disabled and are not able to post Radiohead lyrics and wojack memes on 4chan about their oneitis.

There is nothing neurologically or biologically wrong with you. You wasted your youth playing video games and didn’t develop enough social skills to have any confidence around people your own age, especially women. Your lack of confidence and low self esteem keeps you confined to a narrow comfort zone of people you’ve been familiar with for a long time, and you fell in love with a girl because she seemed attainable to you from your comfort zone (aka Oneitis).

She doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, so instead of going outside your comfort zone to meet another one of the 50% of the human population that has a vagina like a normal healthy man would, you whine and feel sorry for yourself and cry to shitty pop rock music.

It’s time to grow up and learn the social skills you failed to learn as a kid. It’s time to leave your comfort zone and put some actual effort into building new relationships with new people. It’s time to stop blaming your problems on bullshit pop psychology disorders and autism memes. If you spent even 5% of the time and effort you sunk into video games as an adolescent into learning how to interact with others in person, you would have already had multiple relationships and wouldn’t think twice about this one bitch.

Oneitis is neediness, and nobody wants a needy man in their life.


>The whole fucking 589 meme was because of some "get" on 4chan and is being memed in simpsons intros and twitter riddeler larpers and now normies think it hold any significance

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