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>Israeli murderers are called "commandos"
>Muslim commandos are called "terrorists"
>Contra killers are called "freedom fighters"
>Well if crime fighters fight crime, and fire fighters fight fire, what do freedom fighters fight?


For some reason I keep seeing all of these Carlin hate threads claiming he was a liberal or a leftist, when in reality he was apolitical and more of a "day of the rope" kind of guy. If you watch this entire bit, it's about how terrible PC language is. And if you take into account this was 30 years ago, it's amazing how funny he still is. It's especially difficult for comedians who talk about current social issues to still be funny to audiences decades later. But Carlin pulls it off by being so far ahead of his time, and pointing out trends just as they were beginning to take hold. The people calling him a liberal are idiots. Just look at hi but on Boomers. It's sounds like it could have been written by 4chan as a collective if we actually had talent. He shuts on libs and their policies plenty. You have to remember, this was preinternet, so he didn't have access to information like we do. He had to read a lot of books and papers to get to his power level.

Do we like the Hester?

96.2% of 4chan's userbase doesn't post.
Say something nice to the lurkers!

>chaos roflstomps the world anyway
So...what's the point exactly?
End times left a very, very sour taste in everyone's mouth (myself included)
Followed by old stormcast looking like space marines and a shitty first Ed that didn't even fucking have points cost.

The game is fine now, it's still got some shitty parts to it but overall it's pretty good. But unfortunately the woes and cries of early sigmar are kept in a bottle in 1d4chan so whenever anyone with a interest in fantasy comes along they read that and spew out the same dated opinions on it.

Board: fit Thread: 65282779 File: 1633894821041.jpg ( 1.3MiB, 1092x1628 )
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does this physique hit 1/2/3/4?
I actually completely agree with you, I just like to troll crazy /pol/cels. We must all appreciate our race/races and how we look like.
I admire you for staying here on 4chan despite you being non-white, kek. Although /fit/ isn't that racist mostly. I wish you the best.

>God i hope this is real.
there are bitchute videos of the lawyers giving depositions to the UK police regarding the Hague International Court's criminal investigation into the vaccines. this made every vaccination center a crime scene. there are videos of UK police and Aus police serving cease and desist orders to the other police in the vax centers, and they can't believe it and start arguing. it's an international case, which means this is coming to the US.

as you know, you cannot trespass on a crime scene, which means they cannot work at the vaccine centers and force people to take them.

the mods are deleting threads about this for the last few days even though the case number is already public. there are also videos of the lawyers warning the police in the deposition that if they don't uphold their oath they will be charged as conspirators, meaning if the vaccinated police do anything to disrupt the international investigation they are fucked.

the lawyers fought back. now we just have to support them, right now the goal is to inform as many police departments as possible of their obligation to safeguard and collect evidence in this case as their local residents come forward and share their testimony of the vaccine causing harm to them. if the police lose those records or alter them or refuse to work with you then they will be charged as conspirators.

the police have to decide which side they will stand on, will they go to jail trying to stop their good cops? or will they do the right thing and stay out of jail?

my point here is that if doctors and politicians can be charged for lying and spreading misinformation that causes harm, then so can the 4chan moderators. removing this information is criminal behavior.

He had a point, you know...
>le epic rando 4chan user knows better than Dostoevsky
How's high school going, bro?





It's called having a life outside of 4chan you retarded sperg.

They're mentally dead anyway so why wouldn't they shill?

Board: b Thread: 871330026 File: Neekolul.jpg ( 73.2KiB, 400x400 )
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>be you
>a white male
>your latina gf catches you posting racist memes
what do?
My ex was crazy and saw I was on 4chan all the time, but since it's /b/ shit kept getting deleted so she went to see what was up and thought I was into all kinds of crazy porn.

Completely serious question:

Now hear me out. Back in WW2 we had to put the Japanese in camps so they didn’t start kamikazing everything here in the US or defect to japan. I’m really worried that trump supporters will start trying to defect to the Russian military or sabotage our military efforts at home. Putin is really good at propaganda and trump supporters have on average a 90 IQ… you do the math. So do you guys think we should put Trump supporters in camps until the war ends?
>That place is worse cancer than 4chan.
just wait ti' they make everyone fall for the meta scam

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