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Dungeons with ramps.
So disabled "adventurers" can enter it and die.
Isn't death inclusive enough?
Hate you 5e.
lol that wasn't even me dickface

you're too dumb for 4chan

but you're still lying about that post too

>burnt ass bbq face
>perfectly prestine moist eyeball
how he do it
seriously, real burns are pics I still refuse to open on 4chan



>trump is backed by the military
>they've been suppressing technology over the years so the cabal couldn't get their hands on the technology
>they've been trying to build a counter narrative to the cabal narrative
>released internet and social media in order to get around cabal narrative (obviously cabal infiltrated and took over since they saw what was happening)
>Q information dissemination campaign in order to declass enough information that when shit started going down people would remain calm
>the arrest and extermination of the cabal happening
>patents that have been hidden by the navy will soon be released for all for free
>they've been cleaning up and disclosing as much as they could as quick as they could but cabal has been fighting the entire time
>russia helped ddos the 2016 election so the cabal couldn't steal it like they did in 2020
>explains cabal obama's full out assault on the military and the only leaks coming out damaging the military's intelligence apparatus
>once trump got in they used the russia collusion in order to delay declass
>comey and mueller investigations to delay
>first impeachment to delay declass
>covid hysteria media hoax in order to delay to election
>they tried to steal it again as a last ditch effort in order to take back the presidency and stop it all
>they got caught
>free energy and patents to be released
>new currency backed by gold, freedom from the central banking slave system
>republic of the united states restored
>liberal policies set back hundreds of years, return to freedom
>1000 years of peace and prosperity, cabal routed out and exterminated from earth
>space opened up, mining off planet, ayybro humanoid friends, breakaway civilizations
>elon used to disclose some of this technology early so we can quickly get all this technology out to the public


Are you a fucking bot ???

Same thing happened a few days ago.

I posted with large letters, and seconds later a nonsense was posted with also large letters, you like you NIGGER BOT did.

Is 4Chan run by bots ??
Are you a fucking bot ???

Same thing happened a few days ago.

I posted with large letters, and seconds later a nonsense was posted with also large letters, exactly like you NIGGER BOT did.

Is 4Chan run by bots ??

Admit it liberals:

You didn't actually want (Joe Biden) to be president. You just didn't want Trump.


No it took a pandemic, changing the election rules at the 11th hour and the entire mainstream media, silicon valley and large corporations throwing billions at "grassroots" movements, propagandizing, lying and censoring their political opponents for 4 years straight to just barely weak out a win. But congrats. If you're white i hope you enjoy being a second class citizen. If your not, i hope you enjoy immigrants depressing wages and increasing costs while your jobs are being send out east to be done by the lowest bidder. I hope you enjoy big tech censorship because once the trump supporters are gone, the radical leftists and sites like 4chan will be next on their hit list.

Joe Biden is the president nobody wanted but that America deserves. enjoy

Board: mu Thread: 101002041 File: 1610723089479.png ( 1.2MiB, 1919x1079 )
14 KB
black aurora edition

ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, flops, leaks, hitting the wall, meme fetishes, legwear

Thread theme: https://youtu.be/fn_6i7Wed-c

Prev: >>100996129

https://wpop.booru.org/ (memes and edits)
https://celeb.booru.org/ (pictures of celebs)

-Grimes is a walking warning against doing meth
-danz is short for based
-the COCC album cover is fucking terrible.
-anon wants me to talk about music in recent events, posts nothing about music
You're accusing him of experiencing some meme effect instead of just disagreeing with you? What a fucking worthless narcissistic bastard you are. You're nothing. You're a hunk of shit posting on 4chan, and you think your word carries any weight? If it does, then you know her personally, DP, even though you claim you don't.
I believe you. It sounds exactly like something he'd do. If you put him under just a little bit of stress, he makes some of the craziest accusations and some pretty vicious personal attacks. He can dish it out, but he certainly can't take it, even though he probably does "take it" quite a bit IRL.

Board: g Thread: 79768343 File: 1607695205708.jpg ( 1.5MiB, 3024x3800 )
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Has anyone heard about altstore? https://altstore.io/

Is it run by The Jews or is it safe to install?
haha 4chan is almost exactly the same: endless cynicism, mindhive mentality, unfunny and repetitive jokes, ect. At least Twitter can be used to follow updates for different projects, which is not true with 4channel. that said aside from updates twitter is worse in every regard.

>January 18th
>i am forgotten
I'll buy 4chan with my LINK gains just so that I can implement flags on biz

LBG thread post her newest content
(Insert Pete Davidson joke here)

Yes I'm starting this back up since no one posted her new shit months back
God damn it go away.
Facebook and Instagram keep forcing your shit on me and now 4chan.
Lmao. Legit for real?
Show me the proof dude.
So sick of this fucking thot invading every part of my God damn life.

Board: asp Thread: 12702049 File: filter.jpg ( 8.9KiB, 389x119 )
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your /asp/ filters?
this. I want the true 4chan experience, not my own personal echo chamber.

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