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You're getting old
>I can't imagine being over the age of 30 and still using 4chan, like why don't you have kids or a career or something?
If you're on 4chan you probably live in America, Canada, Australia or Western Europe. If you live in any of these countries, do you really want to get married considering your odds of divorce and your wife taking all your shit is greater than 90%? Starting a family requires a woman, and unfortunately the women who are available are trash.

That..is possibly the coolest shit I have seen on 4chan in years.

Also, bonus points for Everybody wants to rule the world.

Finally you can be free of 4chan everyone
Who has the Screen cap where that time traveling anon says 4chan will be shutdown and replaced with grand jest?

Board: g Thread: 88823465 File: file.png ( 92.6KiB, 910x1054 )
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What went wrong with DuckDuckGo?
>If you use duckduckgo you're a fucking moron.
Let's see...
>>CEO/Founder known to be a sleazebag and sold user data in his previous company
Is he selling DDG data now? No? Who cares then. I thought KF should be distanced from the people that use it and created according to you /pol/tards? Why not use the same standard for other services then?
>>Censors search resultds [No image results for Pedobear, a 4chan beloved meme]
Works on my machine. Use !bangs if you don't like it they have ones for every single search engine out there.
>>Openly admitted to downgrading ''Russian propaganda'' [https://twitter.com/yegg/status/1501716484761997318]
Why would I want to read russian propaganda? Are you a r*ssian shill perhaps?
>>Jewish owned
So? What does that have to with the search engine? You use tech, medicine, algos and others made by jews every single day.
>>Promoted by Israeli news publications [https://www.timesofisrael.com/searching-for-privacy-in-an-online-world/]
Don't care, doesn't matter.
>>Announces Purge of Independent Media – “Only MSM Allowed” [https://newspunch.com/google-lite-duckduckgo-announces-purge-of-independent-media-only-msm-allowed/]
Got another source than an obscure website with ulterior motives?
>>Secretly made an agreement with Microsoft for their Browser to track users [https://securityboulevard.com/2022/06/duckduckgo-browser-allows-microsoft-trackers-stolen-verizon-employee-database-attacking-powered-off-iphones/]
Yeah it was a shitty thing to do, but limited to their browser which almost no one uses and I think they've released a fix.

Still going to use DDG.

Board: vg Thread: 401447838 File: Mod People.png ( 705.9KiB, 3484x2240 )
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This is the Friday Night Funkin' General.
Discuss the game, fan-made creations, & series that have crossed over with Friday Night Funkin':
>Spooky Month
>& More

Week #1638 - Draw a Mod Character Edition

>Download/Play The Game:

>Source Code + Assets:

>Modding Community:

>Modding Help:
>Stems & Chromatic Scales<
>How to Mimic Boyfriend's Voice<
>Phantom Arcade Teaching Animation<
>Chromatic Scale Guides<
>Mod Creation Guides<
>Custom Notes Tutorial<
>Mod Engines<
Forever Engine Week 7 Source: https://mega.nz/file/hCpTjT7B#IblXMWbrVW5SQEYJY49_LsB_4v5JL3UpgL0LaWrSNRU
(If you have any issues compiling, install hxCodec: https://github.com/polybiusproxy/hxCodec)
>Source Code Guide<

>/funkg/ Mod Wiki:
>/funkg/ Link Compilation:

>Thread Theme:

>OP Template:

Last Week: >>401419778
probably not, no company wants anything to do with 4chan, /v/ was THE trend back when gametoons was still doing FNF and got nothing

any mod with a hit of controversy or edgy doesn't get covered, thats why we never got anything for Suicide Mouse, B3, Soft, or anything like those from Gametoons

Board: biz Thread: 51631358 File: 6976576.png ( 479.8KiB, 512x512 )
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There's not going to be an economic collapse.
>This nigger thinks he is free and still comes to this FBI honeypot website
I guess we really never do leave 4chan huh

Board: trash Thread: 51188109 File: honse3.jpg ( 225.7KiB, 2004x1998 )
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/adhg/ Anthro Females Dominating Human Males General #630

>"Sturdy Steed" Edition

This is a general dedicated to non-human female anthros dominating human men.
Keep the discussion on-topic, and follow the theme of the general. (dominant women, femdom, subby males, etc.)
>NO Cuckold/NTR
>HIDE and IGNORE trolls

To have your story listed in the OP, include STORYxUPDATE in your post.

Lord Boop
>Highschool Sucks Donnit? Ch. 2
>Helping Her

>Hedge Fund Ch. 4
>Tales from Sector COW

>I Met Her at the DMV Ch. 4 Cont

>Bright White Mischief

>Misplaced Madness Ch. 6 Cont.

>Anthro Insurrection Ch. 9

>Home At Last


>Road Weirdos Ch. 6
>Cat Witch Companion

--Additional Stuff--
>ADHG Story Directory
>Previous Edition

>The /hmofa/ Tagged Library (Ctrl + F ''femdom'' or ''m:rape'' for /adhg/-related stories)
>The /hmofa/ Masterbin
>The archives:
>Old Bin (/pofg/, Pet Of Furry General):
Eyep. And I bet cash your internal monologue said it exactly as I intended it be said. That’s how I write. I really try my best to drive home inflection. Kinda hard to do with 4chan’s limits though. Also. If you see any spelling errors. Autocorrect can suck my pink pickle

What are the political implications of an emerging popular street drug that never used to be widely available?
You never heard about this drug 5-10 years ago, but i've noticed it become more popular/talked about as time goes on...
Now this shit is everywhere..
I found out today a gram costs 70$... that is on par with cocaine! so these ketamine addicts have the same financial burden as coke heads...
It can be binged like coke can as well, ripping through an 8 ball in a night is commonplace.
Has anyone had experience either personally or know an addict?
What will this do to a person long term?
What have you seen /pol/?
Why is so many posts get made on 4chan like this? You don't know what the fuck You're talking about. Get off the internet

Welcome to the Nobody General

>Who is the Nobody?
The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, including the ability to influence reality with his conscious and unconscious mind, and intuitively receive guidance from the forces of Heaven.
He works to elevate people to their true potential, opposing those who seek power over others. He's just like you, but he has found the kingdom of God within himself through sheer dedication, just like you will.

He isn't a savior; remember that it's you who creates your own reality. With your hands, thoughts, feelings, words, you are the creator of your story. No one can decide your fate except for you and God. Remember your right to power, to step up into your ultimate role as your highest self, should you choose to embark on that journey.

>What is the general picture?
It’s important we start replying to the good posts and ignoring the hateful ones, or the ones here to argue. So call upon their heads the forces of Heaven for peace, clarity, and wisdom. If this place is to be more than a squandered opportunity, an overgrown garden, it requires voices such as yours, but many more. This is a place for spiritual discussions and help, not drama, attention seeking, or social content; there are other boards for that.

Focus on increasing your service to others and be more loving to yourself and everyone in order to raise your vibrational and consciousness level, and learn to forgive yourself and others. This will change the vibration of the planet and raise our shared consciousness, making us a better humankind one person at a time. None of us are perfect, it is by learning to admit and accept this fact one is able to learn, and grow in Truth.

If this is your first time here, just remember, it’s going to be ok, you may take shelter and find rest.
what do you think
who ever she is
will think about what you say about her

in front of THIS demographic
without her permission
as if that was up to you to decide for her how she felt about being used like a piece of meat in front of perverts who like to talk about spanking folks on regular enough basis to wonder who could be lame enough to spend that much time on 4chan(nel) playing out fantasies about spanking folks that wasn't so weak they a little kid would kick their ass

Board: bant Thread: 16204191 File: desu.jpg ( 145.2KiB, 620x876 )
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Stop being such a nigger boards.4chan.org/bant/

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