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Board: qa Thread: 4258385 File: 210420.png ( 1001.1KiB, 1500x1320 )
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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on 4chan, or related to 4chan.

Non-happenings, small GETs, complaints about shit boards being shit, known spergs sperging out, personal report buttons, and blogposting belong on >>>/qa/nah* or any available equivalent. In case there is no /nah/ thread, one should be created.

Previous Thread: >>4252075

Board: a Thread: 220783470 File: panty.png ( 847.2KiB, 1014x561 )
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>mc is a whore
Hein, I would've visited /b/ around those times had I known 4chan existed. Of course, from what I've read I'd probably leave after some weeks of lurk; old /b/ used to be wild apparently.
Eh, not really. I don't know how much that board has changed but nowadays is pure boredom. Just incest fanfic stories, larpers and wojaks.

Board: pol Thread: 317892751 File: pussy cop.jpg ( 70.0KiB, 976x549 )
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Anyone who still bootlicks for cops after the Daniel Shaver murder is a complete cuck, simple as that
/pol/ is the most low IQ board on 4chan

What the fuck is their problem?
Oh god the fucking teachers have invaded 4chan

Why do Rubic holders get so upset whenever someone brings up the completely underwhelming exchange? I thought the exchange was the whole reason they expect me to buy, but every time I look at it there’s no volume whatsoever and greater tech minds than myself tell me there’s nothing at all special about it. Whenever I bring this up I get told “my Rubic stays cubic” or to stay poor or that I’m “priced out” even though it’s down 50% from ath or I get accused of being a whale who’s “fudding in order to accumulate”. Yeah really makes a lot of sense that a whale with a million tokens couldn’t just buy more if he wanted them, I’m sure he’d have to fud to be able to afford 100k more. What the heck is wrong with these guys?
Cross chain swaps at the lowest, optimized price . Non existent marketing, coupled with high amounts of FUD due to (ironically) overshilling on 4chan has mainly kept the price to where it is but I rather an actual, quality working product exists before starting marketing

Cumflash/girls getting cummed on with or without noticing in public
this was one of the first things i saw on 4chan.
in 2006. what.

Built for BBC
I find it hard to believe 4chan is filled with nigs considering the niggy thread spam unless it really is filled with monkeys or just stupid americans

America is a failed experiment. America was a mistake. Americans at the individual level are a disgrace. Prove me wrong.

> Spoiled kid cries, tells his parents he hates them, breaks shit, hurts other kids
> Parents are so spineless they concede to their kid and give him whatever he wants

This is basically what's happening in America right now. It's why the Seattle government allowed Chaz/Chop, it's why we got this meme virus / plandemic, it's why everyone on Twitter / Reddit / 4chan are autistic Neet losers (but hey, at least here we can still say whatever the fuck we want, for the most part), etc. Back to basics, boys. It's Christmas day after all. Lucky us, it must be fate.

Board: mu Thread: 103081534 File: trmpstmps.jpg ( 66.1KiB, 400x400 )
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Hello 4Chan /r/Music! I just discovered this little indie pop-punk band from TikTok called the Tramp Stamps and they're awesome! For the first time in history we have an all-female rock band that isn't afraid to dismantle the patriarchy! And their music is bangin' too! I especially like their song "I'd Rather Die", streaming now on Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube! What do you guys think about them?

► Detected: 143,542,550 (+361,651) ► Dead: 3,057,541 )+5,039) ► Day: 467(-08:14:21)
► End of numbers for Day 466:141,998,500(+657,827) Dead: 3,042,863(+9,813)
► Weekly Case : infection 19% Deaths 13% increase

VAERS underreports vaccine deaths, estimate - 11,700-117,000 deaths in USA with vaxx from Dec 14 2020 to Feb 7 2021

— 209 countries & territories infected
— 107x more confirmed deaths than swine flu (2009-2010)
— 319 treatments, 217 vaccines announced
— 29903 base pairs, original strain sequencing complete

>what's seasonality


"What to do when Corona chan comes over to Netflix and Chill"
Rundown on latest SARS-CoV-2 vaccines
SARS-CoV-2 sensitive info on origins/responsible parties
SARS-CoV-2 Common/Non-rare Complications
SARS-CoV-2 Info/Research/Studies 2.0

NEWS on SARS-CoV-2 - Post-21-09-2020 Edition
SARS-CoV-2 Variants/Mutations
Patients with severe SARS-2 found to be infectious up to 32 days
PNAS - lab manipulation/release with the clear intention of causing harm - possible scenario
US Vaccination Card
>Thread is fake if has wong rinks, ring stats or Op is a memefag
Last thread >>317736802
Are you and Gary butt buddies.
We want to know... since you are so young on /pol/ which is not a Draw fag thread... and you never post info, data, files, articles, charts, tables, graphs...
- you two have never had jobs in an office and it shows.
- You guys are like star crossed lovers.. all emotions, no substance, no commitment, no honor, no integrity, no duty,... You have a racket. This is where you have no responsibility even when acting like you are old, experienced, tough, skilled, educated,... but that is what 4chan is... it is place for the young to see a forum... to see how they need to grow.
- Please Grow Gary w your American Flag Fag

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