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Board: pol Thread: 293546090 File: apusa.jpg ( 17.4KiB, 495x362 )
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The boards in a pathetic state right now, i thought you guys were the high authority on 4chan and you let the board about one of the whitest mediums devolve into tranny madness. Shame on you all
Kek imagine thinking this when we’ve literally had “i’m from /_/ and i support pol” threads

4chan is us. Cope

Board: x Thread: 26854282 File: litreallyme.png ( 197.2KiB, 652x786 )
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I am 6'2" and desperately want to become a manlet. What are my options for losing at least 3 inches of height? I will take anything except costly surgeries
>Basement? The fuck you talking about?
I'm talking about the majority of 4chan posters being Americans in their Moms basement...

The comparatively minuscule number of Aussies by comparison would even be noticed.

Sure, we are here on /x/, but who pays any attention to us anyway?
Its a numbers game, bro.
Everyone I know posts on 4chan and I'm based in Melbourne. What kind of bullshit you smoking?

>Waits for his personal dealer to roll up so can keep smoking the better stuff.

Board: v Thread: 533911691 File: ouch.png ( 184.5KiB, 233x402 )
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What went absolutely wrong?
>believing random shit people on 4chan say

I just got a feeling deep in my balls that trump will win, I have doubted 4 chan before with trump 2016 , with ethereum , with chainlink at the earliest stages. I'm sure as hell not fucking doubting 4 chan again, is iteme magic? What is it? A collective will to influence the real world. I'm in not holding back , we got only one life what's a little risk? Fucking nothing.
Betfair shills made this post
>yes, goyim bet thousands on a sure loser, just think of the meme magic!

>calling it 4 chan
There won't be a 4chan at all if Biden wins

Board: r9k Thread: 61123351 File: 1445860814347.jpg ( 91.4KiB, 640x1136 )
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>be me, pretty average except a big dick and the fact that I lift
>message my friends girlfriend
>''hey anon said he can't go the gym today I can pick you up though if you still want to come''
>'sure anon''
>friend looks visibly annoyed and confused I'm picking up his gf but is too beta to interject
>get intimate with her while she does her exercises (example hand on waist and a few quick ass feels while she squats)
>buy her cheap subway lunch after work out
>after that we're in the car she says ''anon I had a really good time with you, thank you for helping me work out''
>I could sense 100 percent she wanted my dick from the way she said it so I say fuck it and kiss her
>start groping her
>''this is so naughty, I have a boyfriend anon''
>''let me ask you something, does your bf have a dick like this?''
>''no he doesn't''
>''suck it''
>she blows me in the car in a subway parking lot
It's literally that fucking easy. Making women cheat is sexlife on easy mode.
Lmao bros, even my normal sexual stories get these reactions from betas on here. Some people can't even fathom women being slightly slutty or someone who's had a non-pathetic sex life being on 4chan. Yet we're supposed to be on 4chan were women are hated for being sluts

Welcome to the Chaagrut sector! A cozy part of the Imperium that has two splinter fleets, no a single astartes a displaced T'au fleet, a detachment of Custodians and a warp storm, just a galactic stone's throw away from Holy Terra!
I don't have links to any of the old threads, but of someone from the older threads sees this thread, then please share them for others to see!
For those who are new, please read through the 1d4chan page and discuss what we need to flesh out
What I think we can start with however is to maybe try and flesh out the sector history so we can get read off most if not all TBDs.

Here's some music to get into the grimdark mood

Board: v Thread: 533910384 File: 6970.png ( 207.9KiB, 428x431 )
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games you secretly like but pretend to hate
I actually use Twitter way more than 4chan these days. 4chan should do better, or else people will migrate to Twitter.

Board: jp Thread: 29856457 File: En0z2TeVEAAt9F2.jpg ( 1.2MiB, 4096x2130 )
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