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1. Inability to perceive potential threats
ie, jews, niggers, pitbulls, mass immigration etc.

2. Pattern recognition hijacked by social standings
thought X is not socially accepted, therefore it is false.

3. Memory Hole
capacity is extremely limited. to make room information is frequently dumped regardless of importance.

got any others?
He comes to 4chan, trying to be funny,
But we all know that poster is a tranny,
Look how angry he is when i say dilate
After this post, 41 becomes 48

What a bitch
As soon as they fully commit to securing the 4chan vote.

Men and women are not that different.
Being /fit/ doesn’t necessarily make you more attractive
Look at Rachel in pic related. Does Rachel’s muscular arm(by female standards) increase your attraction to her? If she was the same but skinny, would her attractiveness level be much different?

Most men will respond "no". And a lot of men will think Rachel is a tryhard that looks weird for posting a picture of her flexing her biceps on Tinder, and that she is probably compensating for something else

Guess what. That’s how women feel about your muscles too, and about men who post shirtless pics on Tinder

But now, if Rachel looked like a cute girl. Like Emma Watson, 2007 Megan Fox or any girl you can think of with a face you’d consider attractive and cute.

Then all of a sudden her having muscles looks like a bonus, especially if you are yourself into fitness.

That’s the same thing with men. Women will see your muscles as a bonus if you have an attractive face, like Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, or Chris Evans. Or even ottermode dudes like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love. Otherwise you look like a tryhard that spends too much time at the gym, and it’s not a bonus but a penalty

Being /fit/ doesn’t always make you more attractive

Anyway just some thoughts I had after seeing that profile. I swiped right.
>how fitness and muscles impact your appearance has nothing to do with /fit/ness, a fitness forum on 4chan that’s primarily focused on vanity bodybuilding.

I don't care if I'm the only person who shows up. I am not letting this kid be thrown to the wolves. It's on us to have his back and stand up for him. If we don't, nobody will.

I'll probably be the only retard who shows up, but whatever. I have to try. You couldn't find a better kid to stand up for, and he couldn't have acted better throughout the entire situation. After the 6th, I guess I understand people's hesitation...but if not now, when? When will there be another worthy cause like this? The kid was on camera rendering aid, scrubbing graffiti, and showing the restrain of a Saint. I'm not asking you to come guns blazing. I am asking you to show up as moral support. Wear a mask if you want to.

For all the Jews, I was once one of you. I was born half Jewish. But I can't conscience the suffering that your plan's suffering is going to bring. And also, as with the Holocaust, the Rothchild's will get away and the average Jew will suffer the consequences. Also, if you could have not subverted a White country for like 50 years, they'd have gladly accepted you as one of their own. As a half Jew half White, my vested interest is in both sides getting along. But it's clear that won't ever happen. And it's not the Whites' fault. I am going to have to side with them. Otherwise you are just proving Hitler right. I'm sure neither Whites nor Jews will see me as one of them, but I must go with what is right, and I do think if any religion is legitimate, it's Christianity. But I digress.

Call me a glowie. I don't care. I'm not showing up to *do* anything other than morally support Kyle. Maybe I see some of myself in Kyle. I am kind of a stupid sigma who adventures alone. I usually go places solo because people don't want to adventure with me. So I could see myself getting in Kyle's situation.

But there are some causes worth taking a stand. For me, this is it. I hope some of you will show up, too. For Kyle.
Question: How can I ensure that Kyle gets convicted and receives the maximum sentence?

Answer: encourage 4chan retards to crash the trial.

Board: g Thread: 83419340 File: pacman.jpg ( 39.9KiB, 379x700 )
14 KB
C > Rust
Nobody hires the Rust people, that's why they're still shitting up Reddit, Slashdot, Hacker News, 4chan, Twitter, Mastodon...

Yes. They coordinate everything from a Mastodon instance.

>Yeah, my wallpaper is looking kinda boring rn.
>maybe anime could be nice, but not completely necessary.
just wondering if someone could help me out on this one?
have you tried browsing the two wallpaper boards on 4chan? there is one specifically for anime-related wallpapers.

Board: biz Thread: 40928018 File: xzu banner.gif ( 47.6KiB, 358x81 )
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Hi 4chan i need a posse of ppl to help me with something...
I need people to join me to launder money through Roblox, yes i know it sounds stupid through a bad game but trust me.
<we will make a scam game etc, and then when <someone buys a gamepass, shirt, etc. we will <use Developer exchange and then get the cash $$$

Do you wanna help Reply "Yes" or go to https://forms.gle/GeTG6hG3bZfwT6ta7 to help us launder money

Active Group Members: 5

Xzu Group here since 2012

Board: b Thread: 863254386 File: 1538967928027.jpg ( 198.8KiB, 720x1042 )
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Loli thread
Aren't women just tools for finding power in the end? That anon who posts futa and speaks of love and being whole with it, I've been thinking about his words, And my love for futa. I've always autistically and schizophrenically considered penises metaphysical shadows to be swords. So I became a tailor at fighting vidya using swords. From that I learned how to draw because it's said the pen is mightier than the sword. I've been on this site since I was like 12, I'm practically an originalfag on 4chan, I've been here over half my life and won so many fights using my words. I can't even remember the fights I've lost. The Bible has the word sword like thousands of times in it, even god is a swordsman according to it. I studied the Bible a lot in life. I followed like knight and bushido codes growing up, read a lot, used 4chan to sharpen my writing skills, samurai spent lots of time on their writing and reading skills. I see love as something that's just supposed to make you stronger and wiser, I just see my love for futa as a tool ultimately. Am I right or wrong about love?

>GTA 6?
Won't answer any questions about upcoming projects or GTA 6 since that would out me pretty easily.
>This is fake.
I don't care what you think, faggot.

And yes, we are aware of people's disapprovement of the new GTA 5 remaster.

Ask away.
for anyone who missed the excitement here's a summary of what we found out
>is RDO getting any major new content?
no, not in the near future but possibly down the road
>what about a new [X] game?
no, not in the near future but possibly down the road
>are you going to stop producing shit for GTAO?
no, not in the near future but possibly down the road
>is there going to be anything not related to GTAO or RDO announced?
no, not in the near future but possibly down the road
>what about news on any remasters not announced yet?
no, not in the near future but possibly down the road
>can you tell us some details about employees that walked out/were fired?
no, not in the near future but possibly down the road
>can you tell us anything that's not already reported on?
no, not in the near future but possibly down the road
>do you like 4chan?
gtaforums is better

Board: v Thread: 571171849 File: 1631678682224.jpg ( 548.0KiB, 1536x2048 )
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Is Anubis and the Buried Bone ever going to be finished?
The hacker known as 4chan did nothing of the sort.

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