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Oldfags, when did the "4chan experience" end?
everyone here is a newfag because no real 4channer participates in /pol/ you bunch of newfag ass new newniggers. /pol/ is the reddit of 4chan

After Moot moved on and 4chan helped get Trump elected, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent shitting on this site by NGO's and Government-affiliated military information warfare orgs.

Board: g Thread: 92325283 File: aZjgyov.png ( 23.9KiB, 425x410 )
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A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots

>false hope edition



text guide: https://rentry.org/ipfub
video guide: https://youtu.be/asSk_Otl9i4
Node.js Win7: https://pastebin.com/Ah5ZUcGE
Context tokens to ≤1600
▶Miku; oai/pyg frontend; 2d gfx + tts
▶AgnAIstic; universal frontend; online demo = roko's without catalogue; memory books
▶Laika’s LiteVN; kobold frontend; 2d gfx

▶Pygmalion-6B model a non-filtered collaboration made by our own Matrixteam, KoboldAI and TavernAI:
on low VRAM GPU (6GB+) https://rentry.org/llama-tard-v2
on CPU https://github.com/ggerganov/llama.cpp
torrent of all converted models, updated for new HF Transformers: https://pastebin.com/c1cmgzya
front: https://github.com/cocktailpeanut/dalai
▶Open Source LLMs

KoboldAI: https://github.com/henk717/KoboldAI
NovelAI: https://naidb.miraheze.org
All-round intro to Pyg with more links: https://rentry.org/Pyggymancy
CAI Dumper: https://rentry.org/chatlog-dumping
CAI Cleaner: https://dropbox.com/s/spb4c7a2xoedcmh

Old: >>92322782
Go back reddit. 4chan is /pol/

No blacks
This is a closeted pedofiles dream.

Face of a 10 yo
Body of a 10 yo
Attitude of a 10 yo

Shame that all the basement dwelling pedos on 4chan will never get to even breathe the same air as her so you have to groom actual 10 yos because anyone older is already smarter and out of your league you fucking sub human cancer trash

Board: g Thread: 92320212 File: over.jpg ( 38.5KiB, 537x314 )
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>BREAKING: A federal judge has decided in favor of four publishers in the long-awaited copyright case Hachette v. Internet Archive. >"There is nothing transformative about IA's copying and unauthorized lending of the works in the suit," the judge writes.
You thought what happens on the internet, stays on the internet? Not anymore.
>Threatening people on the internet
Has 4chan learned nothing after last week

Board: pol Thread: 420951788 File: 1668380715258.png ( 531.7KiB, 1099x736 )
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Remember z-library? We destroyed it FOREVER!!!
I think filesearch specifically lists out things which are insecure. if you leave your server on there's nothing wrong with me asking it what it wishes to hand over to me freely. it's no different from those websites which have unsecured ip cams. like wtf 4chan has regular threads about ip cams and they used to follow some crazy retarded nip who would jerk off for hours on end and his parents would come in to bug him

Board: g Thread: 92325940 File: sshot-034.png ( 7.2KiB, 472x183 )
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What is the best way to search 4chan archives? I trust anons more than redditors, and whenever I try to find a more-or-less consensus topic with a search engine, I get 40,000 AI SEO "Best Of" sites, and ~15 reddit threads.
There's a list here https://wiki.archiveteam.org/index.php/4chan
Not certain it has every single one though

Konami is now censoring Yu-Gi-Oh cards because of bashlash of Bombergirl Rainbow (in Japan itself) and it's most likely that Bombergirl (Rainbow) servers are getting shutdown sooner then later and it's Switch port is getting canceled (the board it runs on is Switch based (uses a modded Tegra X1 to run the whole thing that uses GPU ram instead of laptop ram due to the board not being tethered by a battery.))
I'm more and more convinced that 4chan has become a website primarily used by the CIA to test their bots.

no catfish edition

>about me
>Interests / hobbies
>looking for
>not looking for

Reminder to use the archive to search up peoples tags before you accept them. A lot of disgusting people use this board. Also stop adding "girls" who post an obviously old or photoshopped sign with a discord tag in it. They're catfishing.

Previous Thread: >>31957244
>about me
Too edgy for normies, to normie for edgelords. I'm kind of obsessed with the rain and I like recording videos of it. If you add me, I'll send you a video of it on the sunroof of my car
>Interests / hobbies
lifting, reading, collecting religious art, I play a bit of piano and guitar but I'm not very good.
>looking for
Comfy vc chats, maybe someone to watch shitty horror movies in 480p on youtube with. Genuine connection is nice, but on 4chan getting even a single decent conversation out of someone is a big win. I also enjoy hearing accents, so anyone from outside North America gets bonus points.
>not looking for
coomers(that goes for femcoomers too), trangenders

Have the basic social intelligence to introduce yourself when you add me

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