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>ayo daekwon
>I been doing a lil resesrch om why our bitcoin stock be droppin.. these white boys on 4chan be sayin the jews did it
>like them niggas who gave you some bread to hand out yo mixtapes to lil white kids
>we finna hit the synagogue and get our dough back nigga
I love even more when they try to spread retarded narrative such as "4chan wasn't racist, it's just /pol/ invading us".

Fresh, juicy, ripe strawberries Edition


>Stock market words:

>Risk management:

>Live Bloomberg stream:

>Educational sites:

>Free chart:


>Pre-Market Data and Live data:

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

>Boomer Investing 101:

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

>List of hedge fund holdings:


Previous >>29883523
How come 4chan can't trigger a short squeeze like reddit?

Episode 38, "The Blazing Blue Friendship", airs in one hour! We FINALLY get Yamato's backstory of just how he ended up in the Network! Also, Gabumon dies.

Episode 38 preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Orlq_VeXxWQ

Episode 38 synopsis: Mephismon sacrifices weak Digimon to Millenniumon by controlling a strange spell. Gabumon tries to stop the violence, but gets captured by the enemy. Yamato, who hasn't joined up with Taichi and co. yet, carries out an operation to rescue Gabumon with Joe and Gomamon, who just happen to show up. There is only one way to save Gabumon, who is being held captive at the top of a precipitous cliff, and that is for Yamato to climb the perilous cliff alone. He is exposed to spell attacks from Salamandamon and Mephismon, who are watching over the cliff. What moves him is the memories of when he first met Gabumon.

We also have news of the fourth ED theme, to debut next week: "Overseas Highway" by Wolpis Carter & Orangestar: https://twitter.com/digimon_tv/status/1365242947692683265
Koushiro is 4chan
Joe is Reddit.

Keep dreaming, Mimi is only for Koushiro.

Board: tv Thread: 147296794 File: johnoliver.jpg ( 85.5KiB, 1280x720 )
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>Addresses a serious topic while cleverly using smumor (Smart humor)

Why exactly does /tv/ consider this a bad thing again?
No one in England outside of 4chan even knows this guy exists

>tuemefaggot banned from 4chan
>tries to shill their shit channel on ccc
>gets banned there too

no, reddits FPH initially consisted of reposts from 4chan, similar to r/greentextstories

Board: g Thread: 80419318 File: brave.png ( 128.1KiB, 828x526 )
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what browser is actually private, since Brave is a honeypot scam?
you just got baited rent free tranny incel go back to 4chan nigger

Board: g Thread: 80421127 File: image.jpg ( 102.9KiB, 938x1138 )
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Communicating in good faith.
I remember the era before bait was the newest meme on here.
Back then, the constant baiting was actually a new development. Before that, everyone was communicating mostly in good faith. Yes, there was trolling, but we had a fucking word for that concept because it was semi-rare. Now everyone is just trolling at all times and hiding behind thirty layers of irony and post-modernism. Every single post nowadays has some degree of social posturing on this anonymous messageboard.

I miss the times when 4chan was simply the most honest place on the internet, where you could have open discussions instead of social posturing like on social media.


Mods this is racism

Fuck this retarded site

The only guys in that age range who sleep with young girls were getting laid even more when they were in high school and college. They aren’t 4channer virgins who decided to do NoFap at age 33.

Even if you do get a young girl she’ll realize you’re a creep and leave you within a year. You’re a LOW VALUE male, so stick to the wine aunts and single moms. If you wanted a hot teen you should have done it in high school
>Let me put this picture of some Highschool kid next to some irrelevant faggots post on 4chan
>That’ll prove I’m not a deranged dork who made no effort to make himself worthy of dating

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