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Is Link actually worth a damn or is it just its cultists that hype it up as the next big thing?
Checked. Listen, I genuinely care about about Anons financial well being. Its hard as shit to get ahead in life now, not just working 9-5 for the rest of your life. The sooner you start saving the sooner you can get ahead in life. Chainlink is a meme started by 4chan (an infamous trolling board) to lead people to financial ruin. This is NOT A JOKE. Don't let your saved wealth be thrown away over night. Vitalik Buterin the creator of ethereum said himself the days of making x100 or x1000 are over, that right the guy who created the second most popular crypto said himself those days are over. Now 4chan is trying to get people to lose even more money after this mini pump. Smart money already exited the crypto world. Crypto is basically a highly specialized database, companies don't need this. They will just create their own private blockchains. There is no need for crypto chainlink isn't even needed to run the nodes. Think XRP when you think chainlink. The company ripple (smartcontracts) is doing well but the coin XRP(chainlink) isn't even needed for the companies technology. Considering what Vitalik said "The days of making x100 or x1000 returns are over." Chainlink needs a 399900% increase in price over the next couple of months to reach $1000 this is ludicrous. Don't fall for it, chainlink its a meme to fuck you over, it's a 4chan meme to siphon money out of the hands of the already vulnerable. DONT BE ANOTHER VICTIM

what is the ideal school uniform for anime girls?
Shut up roastie.

Welcome to 4chan retard.

I just recently realized the extent to which this site and the internet in general is infested with literal faggots and trannies.
I sifted through the sewage on /soc/ and joined a bunch of servers being shilled, and they were exactly as I had imagined.
I knew the whole discord / twitter tranny meme was true to some degree, but I hadn't realized it was this bad. these are the people that i've been responding to this whole time.
I've intentionally stayed away and not given my thought or attention to such things, but over these last few days i've finally been discovering it for myself, and it's been upsetting.
this applies not only to the chans, but literally anywhere else on the internet. these types of people are everywhere, and i've been oblivious to it
I don't even necessarily hate trans people, it's just that it's shocking to discover and reflect on something you never truly cared to acknowledge.
this site is ruined, there is no culture, and I should have realized this long ago.
thanks for reading my diary
If you think thats bad there are agents of alphabet groups posing as 4chan users

Will white people ever take back their countries?
/pol/ is 4chan.

In this thread we'll talk about methods of countering the propaganda.

It is all about controlling the narrative. /pol/ fucking sucks at controlling the narrative against globohomo, because /pol/ don't understand how normies work.

Normies don't read schizo infoposts.
Normies don't react well to gore.
Normies shut off explicit racist content from their brains.

You have to redpill them with simple images. Easily digestible and easily shareable. Images that are hard to refute, or require a giant wall of text to counter. Pretend as if you're part of giant advertising company.

I'll start with my contribution in picrel
I support this especially. How do you think 4chan made such a big impact in the first place? Make some jokes.

No question that Jesus Christ is a slave owner. Look no further than 4chan's pitiful "/his/ - History & Humanities" board. Slaves of the Lord Jesus Christ everywhere.

Board: pol Thread: 317900309 File: Demon World.jpg ( 112.2KiB, 1024x963 )
14 KB
Right now we're at End Stage Clown World, and do you know what World is beyond that?

Demon World is where it's not funny anymore, and it simply becomes psychopathic, where all innocence and goodness is gone, and the only way to survive is to become a demon.

Things you'll see in Demon World.
>child rape becomes a celebrated and publicized thing, oftentimes leading to the child dying
>cannibalism, with recipes dealing with human flesh being easily available
>roving hordes of niggers that rape, pillage, and murder whites for days on end, police only respond if someone kills a nigger, to arrest or murder the person defending themselves

Am I wrong?
this unironically, I’ve seen like 10-20 4chan threads that say the exact same thing in the same order

Board: qa Thread: 4258684 File: index.png ( 1.2MiB, 1500x1320 )
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ITT: Non-interesting and usual stuff that's happening on 4chan, or related to 4chan.

Happenings, yuuge GETs, celebrations about great boards being great, unknown friends being cool, public praise buttons, and on-topic posting belong on >>>/qa/happenings* or any available equivalent. In case there is no /happenings/ thread, one should be created.
Do you think the 4chan boy is cute?

Board: v Thread: 552678653 File: 1618979793329.jpg ( 469.3KiB, 1440x1920 )
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I used to be one of these types of kids and I don't regret it for a second
man i dont really care, i agree with you ultimately
just pointing out some are probably feeling fatigue from being inundated with trash threads from invaders
besides, taking creepshots of strangers and posting them is a decidedly 4chan thing to do

Seems that the series isn't dead yet.
Tsumugi get off 4chan

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