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Can we have a vidya comic thread?
> being to keen to declare your opposition to something that you willingly attribute 4chan classics to reddit

Is it /v/?
4chan has become somewhat of a safe haven for the alt-right, and with them, religious retards desperately clinging to tradition.

Board: qa Thread: 2104405 File: 1466630291105.jpg ( 340.2KiB, 666x499 )
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Together, or not together.

These are the last traces of those dreamlike days.
That was the real moot and Christopher Poole was the guy meximoot handed 4chan off to

Board: r9k Thread: 45723618 File: pepesad.jpg ( 23.6KiB, 618x412 )
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hello /r9k/
>be me
>german betafag
>not too handsome but not ugly
>really shy virgin
>there is this cute redhead girl at school one year younger then me
>i want to talk to her but she is always with her two best friends
>today, 90 minutes ago
>i see her coming out of class because i have maths in the same room the next lesson
>dont even bother because she probably is with her friends
>see her walking over to a different room
>she is alone
>i dont talk to her even though i had the opportunity
>after class i walk to our bus station
>sit there for about 5 mins
>see her walking over and looking at me
>she is alone
>afraid to talk
>you think i am going to talk to her and fuck up right?
>nono right when i want to go and talk to her i see my bus pull around the corner
>look at her
>she looks at me
>looks like she is open for a convo
>decision: go talk or wait for next bus
>shyness kicks in
>rush to the fucking bus in a weird manner
>want to snap her in the bus but that would be weird
>mfw i cant talk to my crush
>mfw pissed
>mfw first time on 4chan and i feel like this story sucks
true story tho

Board: int Thread: 90189889 File: thailad.jpg ( 46.0KiB, 294x349 )
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same had 6 cans of special brew when i was lying in bed browsing 4chan last night

Board: vg Thread: 216143216 File: 106456717.png ( 233.1KiB, 368x310 )
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Merciful Edition

Bled Out: >>215930356

>Season 6 - Hero's March:

>Orochi and Peacekeeper Updates:

>TWIFH 5/25:

>v1.23 Notes:

>May-June Roadmap:

>Max Punish Guides:

>Extra Guides:

>Outdated Guides, ask your fellow sheep for help. If you have updated info/hero guides, please post them.

>Things that have changed since launch:


>Character values:

>Gear Stat Help:

>Gear Appearances:

>Player Barracks:

>PVP Stat Tracker:

>Story Mode Collectibles:

>Friends List + Sign-up Form:

>not having 4chan x

Board: vg Thread: 216101792 File: star goddess.jpg ( 3.8MiB, 2894x4093 )
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my queen! my empress! edition
OT: who cares
Good morning loligee!

Attack move click
It's used to click on minions with the left click instead of the right.
That way you only have to click near the minion to attack them instead of on them, and if you miss your character won't start moving.

There are no dubs on /vg/ cutie.

No actually, the mods hate my guts.
I'm perma banned from the 4chan IRC so I can't even attempt to appeal a 30 day ban.
Pic related.
Fact is, I don't actually break the rules c:

where can one go to meet high quality people? im talking about people who are motivated and seeking the higher things in life. if you go to coffee shops the only people there are ugly thots and beta orbiters. where can you meet people who want to rise above mediocrity? surely they must gather somewhere
>says the bugman that can't think outside prescribed notions from 4chan


Board: pol Thread: 173197376 File: aoeu.png ( 69.7KiB, 617x388 )
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Wikileaks suggests QAnon is a Deep State Psyop.

Meaning they've basically legitimized QAnon. Is that the true goal, or are they saying exactly what they mean?

Does this credence to the "Wikileaks is Compromised" crowd, or does it hurt the Q crowd?
>build the World's first legitimate Artificial Intelligence, the envy of all science, and arguably the very zenith of human achievement, now finally matching God himself
>finally have the ultimate logic machine, capable of running the world impartially and uncorruptably
>it's already calculated that interstellar space flight is possible, and is gearing up to present a ten year mission to colonize the white moon of Sirius
>but wait...
"I know, let's plug it into 4chan and see what happens!"
>people took 4chan shitposting this seriously

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