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Board: b Thread: 775105335 File: 20180722_214748.png ( 239.0KiB, 1078x1220 )
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People on the Internet have always told me caps lock wall text is immature and something idiots do.

Well good thing the US is run by a guy who just threatened Iran with what is basicly "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE BITCH..."

remember when Obama caps lock yelled at people on twitter when he was mad?

Remember, people legit think Trump is smart and totally not a child. All smart articulate people caps lock rant in twitter.
Trump is like every other guy on 4chan. He's definitely one of us. He probably comments here all the time.

>watch the first two episodes of the new tmnt
>everyone shits about the changes
>april is black because she fits more as an outcast with the turtles being mutants, her personality is great, and constantly gets shit on instead of being nuwebby 2.0
>splinter has literal rat traits which actually makes a lot of sense
>apparently the baron was one of the scientist that developed the ooze and were finally getting some lore on it, which always has been vague as shit
>new foot clan designs are S tier and they're comprised of paper origami magic soldiers which will obviously tie in with the whole concept of "shredder" as a leader

holy fuck
this is unexpectedly fitting and good, I honestly think this series will be great
Said on an anime board....

You know 4chan is one of the most multicultural places ever, no?

Buzz off bro, I have gay hentai to fap too!

Board: sp Thread: 86496788 File: Tsuuunaldevo.png ( 432.7KiB, 500x500 )
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Anyone here got any familial, personal or other connections to any notable sportspeople?
I presently play in the NPB but am home right now for a funeral
>did well in high school baseball
>got partial tuition for it
>scouted by MLB
>Got drafted a few years ago, way up high in it
>Played in MLB for a year
>NPB team wanted me

It's fun

>hurr why are you on 4chan

You wouldn't believe how many guys on on this team visit 2chan

Board: r9k Thread: 46994758 File: 1491079470528.png ( 983.7KiB, 868x1228 )
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>got fired from my job again for being ugly
nibba ur on 4chan this dude isnt a victim. he's just pretending to be because the truth about the situation wont get him enough pity and (You)'s

Alright, you fucks asked for it so here it is. Yet another cursed quest as being told by me.
"oh where is senk. Ya snek. Gib SNEK!" you scroll past the quest "Elf Slav, a truly exclusive gal: what do?" Hmm. Its been a long day and you are just trying to find a quest thread to shitpost in before you head to the concert. Try as you might though, they all seem the same. Everything has lately. You stretch out against your worn out office chair. It was your brothers and came from K-mart back in the 1990s. Despite being beat to shit, with foam coming out the sides, it is probably your favorite place in the house to sit. Granted since your family was killed two months ago, it seems like everywhere is ok to sit.
>Listen to music
>Reflect on what happened to your family
>Look out the window
4chan is a good place to drown your troubles. You check out /QST/ for a sec, recalling the good days back when qst was just part of /tg/ and /tg/ was just part of /b/, fuck you were a little kid back then, probably shouldn't have been on 4chan. Life punishes you for your past transgressions as you are abruptly crushed by a meteorite, ending your worldly existence. You never even had time for that fap, or that concert, you were finally going to probably have sex. probably. Stacy said she was going to pity fuck the hell out of you. Dammit. what does a boob even feel like?! A bag of sand? Maybe. Why are you still thinking?

Its really...really dark, but in front of you is a phosphor green line of text.

>CONTINUE? 1 Credit remaining.
>Slap the text. Hard.

Board: b Thread: 775103016 File: 1526453440244.jpg ( 34.5KiB, 566x480 )
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YLYL thread gaylords
ITT: Loser 9gaggers spam the shit out of a thread and get called out for being losers. Get super butthurt and start typing in all caps because their feelings got hurt. Seriously, this is 4chan. You can mildly annoy us but all you're really doing is proving that you have nothing to offer anyone on this planet and the only way you can feel like a part of something is to inflict your presence on others.

Maybe one or two of you are well adjusted and just doing this for the lulz but if this isn't just "I got drunk and decided to fuck around", like, if this is a common thing for you. I guarantee you you're probably the sort of person that everyone is super on the fence about in real life too.

I'd feel bad for you if you hadn't succeeded in making me generally dislike you.

Give me one picture to prove you are not a nigger. EVERYONE on 4chan is a nigger. Literally nobody on this website is white. You wont change my mind unless you show proof. Do it nigger, do it.

Board: v Thread: 425151865 File: header.jpg ( 58.3KiB, 460x215 )
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How do I get out of an Ittle combo where she's kicking me across the entire stage before spiking me off the edge? She's so fast that she's in my face kicking me again while I'm still in stunlock. It's ridiculous, it's like I'm fighting some shonen *teleports behind you* character.
>Icons devs infiltrated 4chan staff

hola no vengo a pedirle a nadie su opinión ni a que me intenten “ayudar” pero vengo acá por ayuda. Llevo un año planeando un tiroteo en mi escuela, yo tengo 14 años y por lo tanto no tengo acceso legal a armas de fuego, pero no me importa.
El único avance que tengo es que encontré en mi casa una escopeta de doble cañón y munición, ya tengo 4 bombas de tubo caseras, pero planeo tener 14 para mí, no les había dicho que no estoy solo tengo un amigo con el que lo voy a hacer tiene mi misma edad y él ya tiene una pistola semiautomática.
Estamos pensando en crear una gran bomba de propano, pero no sabemos crearla, mis interrogantes son: que arma le recomiendan a mi amigo para tener como principal
(tiene un presupuesto de 14.000 pesos), que tipo de arma secundaria me recomiendan(y algun lugar para comprarla en buenos aires) y algún tutorial para crear una bomba de propano.
Con mucho aprecio sierro este post, muchas gracias.

/// imagen ilustrativa ///
no me voy a arriesgar a mostrar una foto del arma
>alguien de verdad piensa que esto es real
>la policía investiga todos los colegios de zona sur hasta que tiene algunos sospechosos
>se piden ordenes pars revisar las casas y se encuentra que uno de verdad tenia armas
>se suicida el líder pensando que el aliado lo seguía
>ya no se puede acceder a 4chan desde IPs de Argentina
>yfw podrían curar el cáncer de todo un país

Board: co Thread: 101865107 File: 1532261307077.jpg ( 525.6KiB, 1080x1597 )
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Which one of you did this?
I dunno. We got enough assblasted anons in this thread for a decent attempt and 4chan isn't remotely everyone on the internet.

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