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Is same sex attraction natural? Seems like it goes against nature of our species which is to populate...why would a “gene” such as that exist
You have to be 18 to post on 4chan. That includes the blue boards

Board: g Thread: 66117399 File: 1522204115965.jpg ( 1.8MiB, 1242x1527 )
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Where does 4chan get its proxy/VPN IP list?
Asking because it's really fucking good and I want to use it for one of my websites.

Board: his Thread: 4741358 File: 1457800756169.jpg ( 716.9KiB, 1600x900 )
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I feel like I've had a glimpse of the Übermensch, but I can't capture it. It's like my Ho-Oh flying through the sky. I wonder if anyone would believe me if I told them.
t. never read nietzsche
The übermensch is not something elusive like zen enlightenment, it is usually obvious what someone can do to improve their lot in this world, like getting off 4chan and studying.

Board: adv Thread: 19609578 File: unfixedbrain.png ( 782.7KiB, 1280x720 )
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Can we get a mental health thread? Let's talk about our mental problems and try to give each other advice.
>what you think you have or what you have been diagnosed with
>taking medication? Which? Does it help?
>how your condition has affected your life
>how you cope, if not medication
>give brief details about your love life and personal life
>anything else that's relevant
Feel free to talk to each other!
>what you think you have or what you have been diagnosed with
Bipolar depression, Asperger (never seen a doctor just my guesses)

>taking medication? Which? Does it help?

>how your condition has affected your life
Always been this way so can't really say.

>how you cope, if not medication

>give brief details about your love life and personal life
404 Not found

>anything else that's relevant
I'm a boring person with no hobbies, any time I try to get into something I lose interest in a week tops.

Can we have a vidya comic thread?
>reddit-spacing poster thinking he has any right to talk about 4chan classics

Your favorite video game
Your deepest darkest secret
>no secret posted
>4chan image name
fuck outta here nigga

Board: b Thread: 769871712 File: unnamed.png ( 22.7KiB, 246x189 )
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4chan was on the national news, school shooting threat. Major lulz
>pic related

Board: ck Thread: 10670047 File: Abe - Kill ME.png ( 61.3KiB, 128x222 )
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Hi. I don't often visit /ck/, but I figured I'd come by and ask you something.

I've been a fat cunt for most of my life - I slimmed down briefly when I was about 15, but it's been over a decade since then and I'm bigger than I was before.

I've been making some improvements over my diet, but the biggest change was switching from regular soft drinks to diet and zero-sugar ones. I tried switching to water, but after a while it made me want to kill myself and everyone I know.

I figured I'd be fine, but after about two years with what was initially a minimal weight loss and then a slightly-more-than-before weight gain, a friend of mine told me that sucralose, the artificial sweetener in these zero-sugar drinks, causes fat retention.

I'm not sure I could just make the jump to water, and gradual switches have never worked for me. Is there some drink I could get with a sweetener that isn't fattening somehow? Maybe that Coke Life, or whatever the hell it's called?

Hell, at this point I'm tempted to go full hermit, cut carbs entirely and not communicate with another human being for a year if I can avoid it at all.
>only change done was switching from regular soda to diet/zero sugar
>can't handle water
i drink plastic jugs of water, you're not going to lose any weight without diet or exercise. since you're on 4chan let me put this in terms you'll understand. exercising is like grinding exp in real life. it sucks, you feel miserable, and some people find it fun and enjoyable and dont stop. if your only "meaningful" change is switching to shitty diet/zero sugar soda then you have validated the "only fat people drink diet soda" meme.

you know what you need to do, there's no shortcut.

Board: v Thread: 417812073 File: file.png ( 2.4MiB, 1686x1078 )
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Why are western female characters so fucking ugly?

>This board is supposed to be video game discussion. Dumping porn of your waifu doesn't count as game discussion. You have 10+ boards you can do that in, all NSFW but perfect for your needs. You don't need to claim another board for your boner.

Aww booboo, life isn't fair and people don't always do what you want them too. Put your best "I want to speak with the manager" face on, pull up your big girl panties and go talk to the admin.

>Who said I was talking about /vg/? This is a majority of the fanbase regardless of board.

It's a good thing I can find actual gameplay discussion outside 4chan. Sounds like you have a problem with this site more than the games. Maybe you should FUCK OFF BACK TO KOTAKU!

Board: vp Thread: 35680848 File: d65.gif ( 276.2KiB, 200x147 )
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>browsing /vp/ at 2am
Why is this board so fucking cancerous? I know it's 4chan but other boards don't reach this level and sometimes you can even have good conversations, on /vp/ I'm always scared of sharing my opinion like favorite game, characters, waifu, etc because literally everytime someone will come and shit on me for no reason and it makes me sad it's ok if you don't like what I like but why insult and make fun of others...

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