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Board: b Thread: 785424928 File: 4channel.png ( 40.4KiB, 1040x415 )
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This is why. 4chan is being systematically strangled financially. This is actually the end.

Board: wsg Thread: 2480951 File: jp.webm ( 3.0MiB, 720x404 )
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Concerts and music videos.

It's too bad that especially live concerts are indeed one of the toughest kind of video to compress, because of all the flashing lights, strobe effects, quick cuts etc. All things that usually need a much, much higher bitrate and file size.

But the limits of 4chan are just too narrow to give such videos justice. With videos of live concerts you can hardly encode longer WebMs than around 2 Minutes or it looks (and sounds) like crap or if you reduce the resolution until you have a video for ants.

Board: g Thread: 68581152 File: Facebook.jpg ( 72.0KiB, 553x328 )
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>but it IS Gab's fault and Gab is personally accountable when someone posts how much they hate jews on there and then shoots up a synagogue
What the fuck is gab?
>knowing about any website that isn't 4chan

Board: tv Thread: 106282840 File: Untitled 1.jpg ( 90.8KiB, 936x528 )
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probably not a 4chan reference

Can you make me more strong and sexy?
Wrong board, faggot.

Board: b Thread: 785425420 File: 1542775420727.png ( 361.6KiB, 597x680 )
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So my 4chan studies have been arduous but I think I came to a conclusion
/b/ is for faggots who know they're faggots
/pol/ is for faggots who think they aren't faggots (arguably the faggiest board on 4chan)
/r9k/ is for faggots who think it's good to be a faggot
/s4s/ is for faggots who don't care about being a faggot
/bant/ is for faggots who aren't actually faggots
/soc/ is for people who aren't fags, but in their not-fagness, they somehow are fags

/our witch/-edition

oh look, its the autismo that keeps records of anonymous autists on 4chan

nothing autistic about that

cool it with the antisemitism?
antisemitism here is mostly ironic.
the problem comes when anti-semetism is defined as being anti-Israel, unironically.

>4chan is being ripped in half to quarantine and contain /pol/ with /b/ and the porn boards while the blue boards are moved to a fresh new site called 4channel
What an embarrassment. Reddit is laughing their asses off over this. What's the next step of our master plan now /pol/?
also all archives have been lost.

also. just so u know.
this site, when u donate to it, the redirect link goes to TUMBLR.

so this whole site is shit.
if u donate to 4chan, u donate to tumblr,
surprise surprise. go test it yourself.
the links for donate, watch for a fast tumblr redirect they try to hide ;)


now u know.

your all kikes.

Board: qa Thread: 2436682 File: 2018 Timeline.png ( 229.4KiB, 1352x693 )
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In light of the news that 4chan might actually come to an end jmoot wants more money, I would like to remind everyone here that anons no longer exist in our times. There may be a few stragglers from before but there are no new anons,

>I guess this is aimed at older anons late 20s or older, but I've been wondering for the longest time why each batch of newfags since 2012 have become more hostile, more bitter, more repetitive, more delusional (somehow they have both grandiose and negative views of themselves), more humourless with each passing year. And I've come to the conclusion that classic underdog outcast nerd is dead. With geek (among most other subcultures) merging with the mainstream and this being the safe space no-bully generation, almost everyone is catered for, so to be an outcast Gen Z teenager *now* you'd have to be a completely unlikeable, humourless arsehole.
The problem is when the community is centered around itself, and not the topic of discussion. When the topic, and intelligent, respectful discussion of it is less important than the people who just so happen to be talking about it, then it's more of a retarded circlejerk than a good place to discuss something. People who come for excitement, outrage, attention, justification of their warped world views, and the like, over genuinely caring for the topic. People who don't truly care about what they're posting on a deeper level for one reason or another. This is why the 4chan IRC is bad. This is why so many boards are bad.

That's very true. One thing may be connected to another, but that doesn't make it good for discussion of the original thing. This connects to what I said above. What it is they're posting, and how they are treating it and how it will be treated as the result of what they posted, is not seen as important as receiving any kind of response. They don't want caring and thoughtful discussion, they want to provoke a response.

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