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Board: vp Thread: 35681523 File: 2days.png ( 396.1KiB, 523x415 )
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dw, one day we can all make it as the next 4chan game using the pixelmon models and shit.

how hard can it be if 14 year old mexican kids are making unreal engine pallet towns all the fucking time.

Board: v Thread: 417812073 File: file.png ( 2.4MiB, 1686x1078 )
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Why are western female characters so fucking ugly?
>life isn't fair and people don't always do what you want them too.
And you were awful quick to jump to the personal attacks.

>It's a good thing I can find actual gameplay discussion outside 4chan
Like I said, discussing which waifu you want to fart on your face hardly counts as gameplay.

>when done properly theres nothing wrong with that
There's no such thing as a "QTE done properly". It's literally the antithesis of gameplay, making you watch a cutscene and then occasionally getting you to press a button to remind you that this is indeed a video game. David cage doesn't get a pass, why should Kamiya?

>as long as its not excessive
You consider 2+ hours of cutscenes "not excessive"? Why not just watch a movie while you're at it?

>Try playing on a harder difficulty than Normal.
It's an action game, there is no harder difficulty, except in name only. Maybe if I tie my hands behind my back and play on Infinite climax and turn off the TV, maybe I might die, but that's assuming the game doesn't generously throw me a billion bones and casual gameplay mechanics.

>Why would the game stop you from moving forward even if you got a stone rank?
Because you're not supposed to reward casuals just barely scraping by while putting no effort?

>the last thing you would want is a system that prevents you from going on.
Jubileus forbid a game ask you to try a little harder to progress. No, it has to be "artistic" and we can't have videogamey mechanics prevent you from watching the artsy cutscenes.

>where as the aforementioned are talking about the games themselves,
That's a laugh riot. Between people nutting to Chun Li's thighs, or making minge jokes about Nia, or talking about Bayonetta crushing their balls with her gun heels, there's no gameplay discussion to be had.

>Also I like how you only mentioned games which have a high level of women in them when they can actually generate genuine conversation.
>waifu fuel generating genuine conversation

I hate russhits and new peelanders
mods plz rangeban
Your daddy issues makes you seek validation from random people on 4chan.

What if Matt Groening's Disenchantment is as good as his older works? Do you think Fox will finally kill zombie Simpsons and let him create another show with fresher ideas and better staff? Do you think Groening even has the ability to make a good show anymore?
Literal random ass 4chan anon from a couple of weeks ago. Take it with a massive grain of salt. I'm still banking on the theory that the only reason the summer prediction was true is because they were fired early on in the show's production but still know the release date. That way they seem credible and people don't give it a chance.

Board: pol Thread: 173199886 File: 1525168631995.jpg ( 364.9KiB, 2040x1660 )
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Evening lads.

>Why Australia's governments, banks and economy don't want 'affordable' housing

>Elaborate kidnapping scam targets Chinese, Taiwanese university students in Australia

>Australian take away giants 'not doing enough to reduce obesity'

>US zoo sparks outrage after using Maori dancers to open Australian exhibit

>Australian businesses in China say there is plenty to lose
https://unv.is/sm h.com.au/world/asia/australian-businesses-in-china-say-there-is-plenty-to-lose-20180528-p4zhxt.html

>The Barnaby Joyce interview is a new low for Australian politics

>Chinese companies care about profits not politics, says Zhejiang official

>Ruling puts Australian courts on the front line of global online TV piracy war

>Conservatives pick Senate candidate
lol t's so obvious they want this place shut down
yep. Won't be long until the Greens start pushing for it.

4chan is ranked #76 within Australia though, so its incredibly unlikely to happen.

Is it /v/?
>I stay up panicking about not existing.
why? you existing is literally the easiest thing in the world to prove (for you). or do you mean the idea that you don't have the independent existence you thought you did? that might be so, but without any further information, why worry? if your consciousness is part of another, how is that any more of a conflict than anything existing inside anything else at scale? you're obviously contained enough to have what seems to be enough of an independent existence to be able to post on 4chan. hell the fact that you can worry at all is reason enough to NOT worry.

Hello 4chan users, moderators and administrators. Few questions about GDPR compliance. How wil 4chan avoid fines (4% or revenue or even 20million €) or other restrictions.

>at the moment 4chan is not fully GDPR compliant

>no listings regarding data sharing to advertisers other data mining including google analytics etc.
>banning users by retaining personally identifiable information such as IP address
>blocking access by suspected isp
>no option to delete user data
>no option to see collected data


That's true. I think the most blatant violation are the tracking cookies used by 4chan which absolutely need consent from EU citizens. Google Analytics is a bit of a gray area. If 4chan is logging IPs or any other personal information like device IDs through it, it is also a violation, but that is impossible to tell without asking Hiroyuki himself about it.

Is same sex attraction natural? Seems like it goes against nature of our species which is to populate...why would a “gene” such as that exist
You have to be 18 to post on 4chan. That includes the blue boards

Board: g Thread: 66117399 File: 1522204115965.jpg ( 1.8MiB, 1242x1527 )
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Where does 4chan get its proxy/VPN IP list?
Asking because it's really fucking good and I want to use it for one of my websites.

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