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Board: tv Thread: 110208849 File: drhsrhs.png ( 150.4KiB, 775x638 )
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So to protect your sparkle pony you dig up a literal corpse to distract the masses.
I hope John Waynes relatives and estate will refuse to put up with this.
Not even being 4chan racist or whatever, what Wayne said wasn't bad. He said whites should continue to dominate the top tiers of government and business until black education levels improve. Does anyone really disagree?

Board: b Thread: 793127905 File: 1549511810831m.jpg ( 106.3KiB, 825x1024 )
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If gender is a social construct, that means there are no gays, and the LGBTQ community is made up. Seeing as homosexuality is defined by its attraction to a gender.

The people who define Racism/Sexism as related to power are actually the opressors, as they had the power to redefine the words.
If u wanna get real picky, it’s all made up and people put themselves into categories.

It’s relevance is often nonexistent and people are just people.
But when one group is oppressed, you can’t just ignore the problem being caused by the oppressor.

4chan makes you think social problems sound stupid but it’s all pretty logical. It’s irrational to be hateful.

Board: k Thread: 40643359 File: 1195190227232.jpg ( 57.3KiB, 1008x619 )
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A serious question /k/
I noticed that over the last few years people online have seem to just meaner for no reason, just for the sake of being mean. Not only in this board but in others.
it seems to me like it's almost normalized and become a big passtime.
And i'm not talking about arguments where each side has a point they argue. I'm talking about people commenting shit for no other reason than to just try to bring their own misery unto others.

I don't remember people online being such, anyone else feels along these lines?

In order to compensate for my rant i will dump so quality pics for your enjoyment.
You think?
But my point is that i see this in several places online, so it's hard to attribute that to just 4chan or /k/. I just feel that meanness has increased in general in the west. Maybe i'm conflating between people becoming ungrateful and meanness, so meanness was always the same.

i really doubt you've been here as long as i have.
I'm not surprised, i just have a gut feeling people are becoming ungrateful and mean more so than before. I expect some people to be mean here and a certain amount of shitposting, i just don't expect it to be normalized.

I'm actually surprised by the extremely low amount of negative comments and by the quality of the comments here. comfy shit

Why do Americans like violence so much? Its not like i can't take it, but, glorifying violences and finding it "cool" implies that that society's people find inflicting absurd amounts of pain and mutilation is more acceptable than looking at boobs.
U wat m8?
>Bombarded with female sexualization
How much coke did you snort? Do you think that little girls are all going to the curtained off areas in Akiba or that the anime that's discussed on 4chan is airing when they're awake. Look, I mean actually LOOK when that shit airs. It's like 11pm-1 or 2 am. Do you even know what you're talking about?

The shill writhes in pain at this video. They literally can't refute it.
inb4 boomer psyop larp
Kek. Would if I could. Apple banned everything. I’ll be switching asap. I suppose I could get a browser app or something just for 4chan purposes. I’ll look into it. This is the first time I realized I was not getting the same images everyone else was... I used to use thst TheChan app, which was awesome, but it got disappeared.

NZ win ODI series against Bangladesh 3-0.


>Thurs 20 Feb
Windies v England, 1st ODI
Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, West Indies

South Africa v Sri Lanka, 2nd Test
St George's Park, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

>Fri 21 Feb
Afghanistan v Ireland,1st T20I
Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Dehradun, India

Gonna get my braces on Friday.
I've been anime posting on 4chan since 2008. Still straight. Still prefer women.

There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?! Oh my God.

I can almost see your pathetic overweight frame glowing in the dark, lit by your computer screen which is the only source of light in your room, giggling like a like girl as you once again type your little Egg Fort thread up and fill in the captcha. Or maybe you don't even fill in the captcha. Maybe you're such a disgusting NEET that you actually paid for a 4chan pass, so you just choose the webm. Oh, and we all know the picture. The "epic" Surly King guy, isn't it? I imagine you little shit laughing so hard as you click it that you drop your greasy egg sandwich on the floor, but it's ok, your mother will clean it up in the morning. Oh, that's right. Did I fail to mention? You live with your mother. You are a fat fucking fuckup, she's probably so sick of you already. So sick of having to do everything for you all goddamn day, every day, for a grown man who spends all his time on 4chan posting about eggs. Just imagine this. She had you, and then she thought you were gonna be a scientist or an astronaut or something grand, and then you became a NEET. A pathetic Eggfag NEET. She probably cries herself to sleep everyday thinking about how bad it is and how she wishes she could just disappear. She can't even try to talk with you because all you say is "HOW DOES HE GET OUT WITHOUT BREAKING THE EGGS?" You've become a parody of your own self. And that's all you are. A sad little man laughing in the dark by himself as he prepares to indulge in the same old dance that he's done a million times now. And that's all you'll ever be.


Hows the job hunt going? Got any prospects? Maybe even an interview?
>you gotta be somewhat tall/fat/strong though

i'm not. i'm a little twink sitting on my ass all day playing videogames and browsing 4chan. any other suggestions?

Board: v Thread: 451660338 File: images(2).jpg ( 11.4KiB, 299x168 )
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>le hurr durr SJW literally who women mobile trash
Gathering Storm thread
Pretty pathetic, I prescribe you a good dosage of >>>/r/eddit

There you will find a good dosage of like minded people who not only keep their mouths shut, but have their whole forums revolve around autists like you.

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