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Board: bant Thread: 4476409 File: 1518259275051.jpg ( 255.5KiB, 715x1000 )
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Why don't you own a Nintendo Switch?
4chan told me it's for soyboys
if you browse 4chan you're a soyboy
Posting on 4chan makes you a soyboy by default.

Board: tv Thread: 96166883 File: 4chan-logo.png ( 70.4KiB, 1024x638 )
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You're given infinite budget to make a live action blockbuster about pic related site. How will you make it?
Set in 2040
Randy Travis as Moot
Ken Watanabe as Hiro

Two decades of working at Google, which now has completely control of the internet besides 4chan, has been rough on Moot. He quits his job, and now spends his free days lurking on 4chan, the last true uncensored site on the web.

Hiro, under pressure from Google, begins the process of moving the company to their control without alerting the users. Moot becomes aware of this through a former pity fuck buddy at Google.

From there, Moot begins to an assemble a team of autists to regain control of 4chan permanently, recruiting from the board.

Board: biz Thread: 8453203 File: shutthefuckup.png ( 20.5KiB, 1306x648 )
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I'm in close coordination with the devs of chainlink...

All I can say is this...They will be releasing main net soon (before summers end)

Everything is going as planned. But the memes, and the idiotic shilling has to stop. Sergey absolutely detests it. It's not good for his mental health or ambition to want to get this done when he realizes most people that are invested are 4chan losers who live with their parents and make retarded nmemes about his weight.

Get some maturity and actually man up.

So wait for this project to deliver, shut the fuck up about shilling it or calling it a meme. Let the Fudders fud all the want. It's fine..

But the idiotic memes and retarded 1000 EOY is just plain silly and not funny at all..

Seriously, it's embarrassing as fuck to have a bunch of manchilds as the majority of the investors.

>me hate Jews even though I've never met one
>on 4chan

Board: tv Thread: 96165129 File: blackmirror.jpg ( 37.7KiB, 767x431 )
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Shit, i had to watch it all, i know why all the hate now.
It's sheer kino, if each episode was a full blown movie they would be all blockbusters, timeless classics about dystopian nightmares but.
But almost every single one of them has race baiting shoehorned or race fights or forced gays, forced stereotypes and systematic racism, shit, im not even trying to get into /pol/ territory with how every single couple is interracial or how they victimize black people and make every other race look like evil or so, let's ignore that.
And the last chapter, a collection of little references to every episode, amazing plot, interesting ideas, then muh black family, muh revenge, he dindu nuffin you evil meanie, you deserve to die, etc.

Why is all media like this?
Movies and tv are not getting worse, classics are born every year but this stupid trend of trying to force politics, race discussions, sexism, everything is either black or white, there is no order or equilibrium, films are dead for the meantime and this is just and example
>blind to the sheer tragedy of the villain's life
Being socially awkward isn't an excuse to torture people. We see the "tragedy" we just don't care. He's an insecure nerd who needs to bully people in a digital space to feel control or power in his life. It's pretty realistic if you've spent more than a year on 4chan. It's not bad writing, you just relate too much to him and feel his motives are somewhat just. They're not.

Hang the DJ was just San Junipero pt 2. Not that it wasn't good but they obviously wanted to do another happy ending episode. Metalhead was like Screamers or Tremors. Crocodile was the silliest since she just decided to start killing everyone. I like to think that she killed everyone at the assembly after the screen cut to black, and then killed people in the surrounding area who saw/heard it. Then just kept killing people until she was the last person on Earth. Plus they introduced animal memory reading in the last two minutes, how convenient nobody had a dog or cat the whole time. Arkangel was the most predictable/boring.

Why don't/didn't we annex Japan?
Well 4chan did start off as mainly a Weeb forum/board

Board: r9k Thread: 43997467 File: efds.jpg ( 1.8MiB, 4632x2608 )
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Share your romance stories, any kind.
>confront her about the whole "having sex and ditching me" thing
>she keeps giving me all these platitudes, I basically tell her to fuck off because I know she thinks I'm a loser
>go to her apartment to get her ID and shit
>as I look for them I find her sketchbook
>she's literally drawn hundreds of pictures of me, wrote down things I said, etc.
>go back to hospital
>we tell each other we love each other
>she comes home
>we both resume our treatment programs
>generally get better at being people
>she goes from being a cigar-smoking, binge drinking aggressive mega-cunt to gregarious and loud, but really sweet and gentle waifu
>I go from being drug-abusing elitist snarky suicidal dickbag to just being snarky and a dickbag only on special occasions
>we get married
>have four children
>I still post on 4chan for kicks

You can make it, anons.


Turkish police say they have seized 1.4kg (3lb) of Californium-252

>eduroam can access 4chan
good to know , know I’ll have more reasons to actually go there

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