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Board: v Thread: 425139915 File: btn3nd8hkkb11.png ( 20.3KiB, 1411x227 )
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>Be Blizztard
>tell a sarcastic joke
>get banned and fined 1000 Dollars
Is it like tattling to parents though? I like to think of it more as keying their car.

Someone is an arsehole and you get back at them behind their back, knowing eventually they'll come back to their car and throw an impotent fit by posting threads like this on 4chan ;)

Rate the following type of women by there looks and personality. Feel free to add more or split the brackets further.

>White (U.S)
>White (European)
>Middle Eastern
It could also be said that the space spanned by Blacks and Hispanics is the intersection of the trash domain and the null space, but 4chan won't allow non-ascii symbols here.

Board: tv Thread: 101409270 File: jamesgunn.jpg ( 297.5KiB, 1488x708 )
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the cybernazi known as 4chan strikes again

I haven't laughed so much in ages. Holy shit
Welcome to 4chan. Now lurk.

Board: b Thread: 775107150 File: download.jpg ( 7.2KiB, 225x225 )
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>Secrets thread

Post your degeneracies and unholy desires here.

I want to find the most humble, religious, innocent, pious hot piece of ass of a woman from a church and basically defile her. I want to seduce her on the spot, take her to a quiet place in church, lower her panties and fuck her standing doggy slowly from behind while my palm cups her mouth against an altar or relogious symbol. I want her to cum and shiver surrounded by religious imagery and I want to switch to her asshole and cum inside it after I fuck it raw and hard.

I want her muffled moans to echo.

I'll pull her panties back up, lower her skirt and walk her back to the congregation and make her sit through it all smelling like dick and sweat and shit and cum.

What's your desire?
>I am too autistic to relate to other people so I've never been able to explore, much less articulate, my own sexuality. I fill this void by chasing ever-increasing depravity on the internet, but I've run out of escalation and I'm still not fulfilled, so I brag on 4chan as if an edgelord is a cool thing to be.
Yes we all heard you now shut up.

>Be me, Femanon
>Stay with older brother in the summer
>It's a safe neighborhood, for all the sketchy shit that tends to go on in other areas of the city
>Play vidya on my laptop in the living room
>Haven't played in a while, and it's Friday, so stay up late
>One of the other housemates lets the dog out, then back in later
>Think nothing of it
>Fast forward to around 2:30 in the morning
>Hear the sliding glass door to the backyard slide open then close
>Can't see the other room where I'm sitting
>Dog isn't going apeshit, so assume it's one of us going for a smoke or taking a call, since we were all still awake
>This tattooed, half naked, zombie, filthy fucking tweaker walks into the living room, drunk and high on some combination of shit
>Stares at me
>Stare back at him
>Tweak puts a finger to his lips and tells me to be quiet, then he comes and sits on the couch adjacent to me and puts his hands over his face
>See it as my way out and nope the fuck out with my phone, putting the coffee table between us for distance

To be continued, as this was only the beginning of this tweaker's antics

Pic related, closest I could find to what he looked like

And for anyone wondering, I wasn't hurt. I'm good, jI was just shaken for a few.

Part 2 is up guys

What is happening to this board? Who do we orbit. With Brooke and Muffy gone and no replacement in sight all we are left with is the shit tier Ciara.
but he was not from 4chan or discord. i met a sweet sweet older man who i connected with on a grandpa/grandaughter level and he helped me to get out of poverty. whats the problem???

lol i did a social experiment and helped lots of guys with their issues.

btw i was the one to post the twitter and the 48*k story this is not news to me lol.
>but he was not from 4chan or discord. i met a sweet sweet older man who i connected with on a grandpa/grandaughter level and he helped me to get out of poverty. whats the problem???
Like when I got molested by my uncle and I thought he was some sort of cool santa cause he was giving toys, candies.................and herpes?

Board: b Thread: 775092509 File: 1Welcome.jpg ( 219.7KiB, 1344x756 )
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>"I-I don't desperately c-crave attention..."
>Posts her 20+ different social media accounts.
huh? you can't read? Reaver left 4chan because Alice got fucked up Soki

Board: bant Thread: 5934825 File: images (1).png ( 2.6KiB, 470x313 )
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Does this country allows 4chan to exist

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