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/our witch/-edition
>getting this mad thaty someone greentext quoted you

perhaps 4chan isnt for you, bud

Board: g Thread: 68576526 File: 131.jpg ( 205.3KiB, 1270x1270 )
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Stupid question thread.
Ask your stupid questions here.


>GNU/Linux questions?

>PC building?

>Programming questions?

>Good, cheap, laptops?

>Cheap electronics?

>Windows questions?
>Where can I get Win10 LTSB?
>How do I activate Win10/Win7?

Previous thread: >>68562112
Hello i'm new to 4chan. M'y question might be silly. Is Linux like a programming language ? I don't understand what it does. Thank you

Board: bant Thread: 6953117 File: 578484548748.jpg ( 21.0KiB, 540x648 )
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How addicted are you to 4chan, /bant/? Could you leave if you wanted to?
We'll make it through one day. 4chan is strong, but our spirits are stronger!

Board: vr Thread: 5165173 File: 1519317329287.png ( 133.8KiB, 320x240 )
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Who wants to see the five secrets of level 2 in Bubsy 3D?


Board: v Thread: 439898741 File: 1539493325240.jpg ( 149.1KiB, 1181x1300 )
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>I'm so glad...
>I said...I'm SO GLAD...
>I spent all those hours...

I don't even play videogames anymore. Can't enjoy them. Bought a new 32" 4k display and all I do is play games for 30mins, turn it off and go back to F5-ing the same 3 boards on 4chan for the rest of the day with a little bit of Youtube mixed in. Have a few threads open, maybe 10, but do actually nothing new anymore.

So this is life huh?

Where were you when /pol/ was utterly btfo'd?
Do you realize what I'm capable of?


I could destroy 4chan in an instant

Board: mu Thread: 84157299 File: sc.png ( 22.3KiB, 256x256 )
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- Before posting give feedback on at least 3 anons.
- RECCS are not FEEDBACK, avoid lazy reccs.
- People who post links and shill themselves without participating in any feedback/discussion are unwelcome and MUST be ignored.
- Only give feedback to people following the rules. Don't let em get away with not giving anything
- First posters should come back later if there weren't at least 3 replies in the thread. OP must follow the rule.
- Tag your genre in green-text like usual.

New album coming in December -
prowling thread for beats I've done a handful of collabs thru 4chan haHAA

You're pretty talented bro! Terrapin sounded like elevator music if the elevator was made of glass and the view outside was a colorful utopian metropolis with hella renewably sourced electric things! The first music video was also very interesting, the multiple screens were well done and pretty trippy. Your passion for your art shines in your work, and I don't really work in your genres so I can't provide so much constructive criticism but I trust you are self-reflective enough/care enough and have a good enough ear that you'll improve with time.

We need more glasses-wearing-brown-boys in music, no cap. Your riffs are groovy, I like your album covers (personality shines), and I didn't listen to the track for Alan although I hope he likes it. I have a friend named Alan I make music with too. loading screens has a good ambiance. Again I don't work in your genres so I can't give specific constructive criticism, a lot of your songs have brilliant musical ideas in them but are unpolished/unfinished (I don't think they were meant to be though). Keep at it and I'm sure you'll be making really profound and incredible stuff some day. If you can think of a way we could work 2gether I would love to work that out too.

I don't like the whole positivity-over-anything culture in these threads, I'm not afraid to talk shit if I think something is whack, these were just two solid bodies of work. Tons of room for growth for both of ya'll but I also am confident ya'll are capable of it.

much love,


who's bitch this is?
Holy fucking kek
Well, the rules state that the nudity in the image MUST pertain to the content of the thread, so this is pretty much letter-of-the-law valid, at least on 4chan. This shit needs to be memed hard.

Board: b Thread: 785424928 File: 4channel.png ( 40.4KiB, 1040x415 )
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This is why. 4chan is being systematically strangled financially. This is actually the end.

Board: wsg Thread: 2480951 File: jp.webm ( 3.0MiB, 720x404 )
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Concerts and music videos.

It's too bad that especially live concerts are indeed one of the toughest kind of video to compress, because of all the flashing lights, strobe effects, quick cuts etc. All things that usually need a much, much higher bitrate and file size.

But the limits of 4chan are just too narrow to give such videos justice. With videos of live concerts you can hardly encode longer WebMs than around 2 Minutes or it looks (and sounds) like crap or if you reduce the resolution until you have a video for ants.

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