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>Open /v/
>Scroll down
>Sonic anime shit
>Japanese text weeb shit anime game picture
>15 super smash brothers threads
>Anime weebshit shitpost flamewar bait
>Devil may cry (weeb shit)
>Metal gear (acceptable I guess)
>Anime weeb shit
>More anime weeb trash single word vague shit threads "uhhh duhh wut waz his problem? XD"
>Anime weebshit fanboy trap bait waifu shitpost thread
>Fire emblem shit or whatever else the FoTM weeb trash is that I don't even give a fuck or know the names of and can't identify them because i'm not a fucking weeaboo
>More obscure weebshit games
>4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest. 4chan is split into various boards with their own specific content and guidelines. Registration is not possible (except for staff).

Launched on October 1, 2003, the site was modeled on Japanese imageboards, particularly Futaba Channel. 4chan's first boards were originally primarily used for posting pictures and discussing manga and anime. The site quickly became popular, expanded, and now features boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from anime/manga to videogames, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports.

>mention that you like things
>your trash tier tastes
I never said I like it, I've never played a metal gear game in my life it's just less annoying than the rest of the shit that is posted here.

Hey /sp/. So I wanted to see what this board thinks of the Logan Paul vs. KSI match starting in August, and who you think will win. I already posted this thread on /asp/, and someone suggested I post it here, too.

As much as I enjoy KSI's content and despise Logan Paul, Logan will win. Let's face it, KSI might have garnered some traction in terms of physical strength and agility. But at the end of the day, KSI is a gamer at heart. Sure, he mostly plays sports games which typically require a level of bravado not seen in other games. However, KSI's personality revolves around gaming culture, which isn't a physically demanding activity moreso an intellectual one. Logan, on the other hand, has practiced fighting on a much bigger scale than KSI ever had, starting off as a high school wrestler, not to mention his superior height and weight. As such, based on sheer practice alone, Logan has much better brawns and physical strength than KSI, along with actual training. The only foreseeable manner in which KSI could possibly win is if he harnesssed his own wits and cleverness to overcome Paul's dominating strength. It's essentially a David and Goliath situation, where KSI will have to "throw stones" in order to combat Logan's behemoth-esque demeanor.

But really, this entire fight is stupid. Both are doing nothing more than fueling more unwarranted drama onto this website and draining other creative endeavors that fellow YouTubers are making. Anyway, what do you think?
Now pre 2011 4chan, wasn’t that a site to behold

I am Jewish. My father is rich. I am a degenerate. Any questions?
You missed the show, but there was a rabbi coming here last night, calling himself the 4chan Rabbi.

Board: mu Thread: 81660661 File: gas station.jpg ( 550.8KiB, 1440x1439 )
14 KB
/mu/ is dead as fuck tonight.

What's going on my alive bros?
I swear you posted this image with this filename somewhere else on 4chan recently and I can't remember where.

Board: trash Thread: 17189423 File: killmepls.jpg ( 20.9KiB, 424x369 )
14 KB
Why is this board just furry porn?
Because nobody else wants it. This is literally the /trash/bin for the rest of 4chan, the lowest you can go.

Board: tv Thread: 101427416 File: asia.jpg ( 66.0KiB, 532x434 )
14 KB
Does anyone watch stuff from Asia?
well a ton of 4chan watches some gaki

Board: v Thread: 425139915 File: btn3nd8hkkb11.png ( 20.3KiB, 1411x227 )
14 KB
>Be Blizztard
>tell a sarcastic joke
>get banned and fined 1000 Dollars
Is it like tattling to parents though? I like to think of it more as keying their car.

Someone is an arsehole and you get back at them behind their back, knowing eventually they'll come back to their car and throw an impotent fit by posting threads like this on 4chan ;)

Rate the following type of women by there looks and personality. Feel free to add more or split the brackets further.

>White (U.S)
>White (European)
>Middle Eastern
It could also be said that the space spanned by Blacks and Hispanics is the intersection of the trash domain and the null space, but 4chan won't allow non-ascii symbols here.

Board: tv Thread: 101409270 File: jamesgunn.jpg ( 297.5KiB, 1488x708 )
14 KB

the cybernazi known as 4chan strikes again

I haven't laughed so much in ages. Holy shit
Welcome to 4chan. Now lurk.

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