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Board: tg Thread: 64736283 File: lorgar btfo.jpg ( 140.4KiB, 1024x855 )
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Champions are bad edition

last thread >>64712843
>Thread FAQ

>Official HH 7th Edition Errata

What to include in a HH list, how to format it, what makes each legion special (crunch), tactics, Tutorials for Heresy-era minis and more

>HH Books, Novels and Rulebooks galore

>/HHG/'s Legion demographics

>/HHG/'s allegiances

>Primarch Popularity Poll

>NEW Mega Folder

>HH rulebook
Ever since
came out. It took me a while to realise there was an updated version of the red book that wasn't in the mega folders too.

Just how long will we have to wait for Deltarune?
I'm pretty sure the only work on Deltarune that he's talked about doing before Undertale has been conceptual stuff and writing/characters.
It's also not even so much that i care about the game coming out asap, i'm fine with it taking as long as he needs, but from the start there were just too many holes in his story for it to be entirely believable for me personally.

I'm fully open to the possibility of being wrong of course, but if we get a release or announcement anytime soon then you better admit that this random you've talked to on 4chan one time had cracked the code.

I deasass can't stop thinking about how my bf bought a premium snapchat account and it's causing me alot of pain but it was months ago is it even worth bringing up that it hurt me?
I haven't :( I'm a pansy if I told him that I probably wouldn't be posting on 4chan

Board: bant Thread: 7535866 File: images.jpg ( 6.1KiB, 243x207 )
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do you see the merchant?
I banish you >>>/t/o the shadow realm
also there's proxy sites for piratebay and kickass torrents.

4 ways India is putting its own interests before Washington's.
India appears to be defying every foreign policy goal relentlessly pursued by the US, stubbornly striking deals with nations Washington is trying to isolate from global trade.
Russia, Iran and now Venezuela – all among the top targets of Washington's aggressive rhetoric and sanctions – are also among the nations India has been refusing to turn its back on.
The country's growing economy needs energy and its military needs hardware, and it is not allowing lucrative deals slip away to appease the superpower on the other side of the world.

LOL. I love INDIA now.
I'm sure Trump is taking a poo on the carpet in the O-Office now he is so depressed and powerless.
I told you he is a paper tiger.
If it weren't for "fucking nerds" you wouldn't be able to shitpost on 4chan right now. People like you need to be put in check, m'dude.

Board: v Thread: 451672834 File: M3HB_PDF.jpg ( 46.7KiB, 900x600 )
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does anyone know where can i get the complete mother 3 handbook without spending fucking 6 dollars for a pdf file?
Why is the educational system failing? Most posts I see on 4chan have these odd grammar mistakes, are you all fucking brainlets or Russians ?

Board: k Thread: 40643359 File: 1195190227232.jpg ( 57.3KiB, 1008x619 )
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A serious question /k/
I noticed that over the last few years people online have seem to just meaner for no reason, just for the sake of being mean. Not only in this board but in others.
it seems to me like it's almost normalized and become a big passtime.
And i'm not talking about arguments where each side has a point they argue. I'm talking about people commenting shit for no other reason than to just try to bring their own misery unto others.

I don't remember people online being such, anyone else feels along these lines?

In order to compensate for my rant i will dump so quality pics for your enjoyment.
4chan board culture has always been abrasive, with tribalistic mentality and a heaping handful of good ol shit-posting (posting just to put someone/something down without any knowledge or contribution to the discussion).

What I have noticed (lurking since 2010) is that mostly after 2016 the proportion of shit-posting has increased. Anonymous used to be more or less politically neutral, as long as they could bait some big politicians or media into doing something stupid for the lulz, but now all the newfags act like they're on some crusade for God Emperor Trump and that anyone who thinks this prank went a little too far is a shill (as if GET could do wrong, Allah forbid).

It doesn't help that a bunch of the newfags are 16-20y/o Zoomers who are still in the mental state where they think everything is high school and the only way they can make their e-peen bigger is to call everyone out all the goddamn time for every slight typo or blind spot in their knowledge while lacking the self-awareness needed to realize they're just highlighting themselves as obnoxious insufferable newfags. There's a fine line between ribbing someone a little and just shit-posting, but stupid kids think it's all the same both IRL and posting anonymously on a Himalayan basket weaving imageboard.

>ywn go back
was it worth getting banned to make this worthless false flag post?
stop pretending to be SJW on 4chan you fucking retard

>visiting America
>This is the price of chicken drumsticks

How the fuck ? No wonder you fuckers are so fucking fat.
2007 4chan humor aged like milk

Fucking cringe tier spazshit

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