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I can't believe I have to go out of lurking for this..

Race and different ethnics, of all people around the world just teaches us the differences between us.
so first and foremost, we will jump across all the steps of philosophy and Buddhism on the mentality of good and bad and jump straight to the topic because clearly you are all intelligent and self aware individuals.

Yes. Yes there are shitty people out there no matter where you go in this world. Get over it.
This applies to all countries, races, the two genders, different mentalities, echo chambers and so on.
Over a decade I've noticed how many of you get nowhere, the reality of the mind is under attack and everything we do is the same repeated thing we have always done.

But the ways users are using the same old pattern of interaction and standardization of board culture, just proves the single fact that we are the same as the "insert person group here" we so bitterly seem to hate. All replies to this with bullshit low-tier meme mentality will be looked upon with eyes of a soul that will forever remember you in disgust. Interact as a human being, not a soulless drone NPC.

To end this, you fuckers think the NPC meme is something new? There is truth to be found in this, yet also many lies. Think of the human mind as the functions and statements of programming. It's all patterns as all you Larping newfags already seem to know all about.

Stay on track, don't divert your gaze. Wake the fuck up, even when you wake up in the morning, that is just the first phase, you still have a second phase that needs to begin.

Your day. Your life. you mind. Jumpstart that shit and get moving. Day after day.

Sincerely, a ghost from Denmark.
I do understand this board is counter culture and creates a place for people to talk about opinions that aren't welcome because of the political climate; but there is still no denying the dissenting ideals promotes borderline retarded behavior in people who hold onto 4chan because it is one of the only things they have.

Board: tv Thread: 103910841 File: maxresdefault.jpg ( 112.5KiB, 1280x720 )
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Nic Cage has always been 4chan, but recently Reddit has been trying to adopt him. REDDITT NEEDS TO FUCK OFF.

i just.....
i can't.
the f*cking racism here.
you people are ill
literally shaking right now.....
wow.....just. just wow. literally unbelievable.
ill never understand this......place.
it feels like after the past 2 days i have been here, it just seems to get worse and worse.....
blatant racism
child porn spam
poop fetishism
anti semitism
holocaust denial
anti feminism
woman hating
fat shaming
animal abuse
free watches
the list goes on and on.......
the n word literally hurled around like it was a casual insult......
are there even moderators to control this insane place??!!!
disgusting.....are you even "humans"? or just jaded pieces of SH*T??!!
i see why you people are called the sewer of the Internet..
you, people like you....
hate you! from the deepest part of my heart...
i hate you more than I could hate anything else
Most of 4 chan is just 14 year olds, weeaboos,Actual Faggots , pedos and people with some sort of social problems who think they're cool cause they say nigger and watch live leak videos.

Anyone wanna talk about vidya
>This post is the most fucked up post
Of all posts. Remember the "you think about who i respond to more than me?"
If not. Blame 4chan strats.
The mental train if thought i went into made me laugh instead. But the based part was added too late

Is it possible to expose her boobs? Pleasee
>Brother anything's possible on 4chan

It could happen

>gaming not having been ruined years down the line?
Except it has been ruined
>they are trying to be active with SOME part of the project instead of shitposting on 4chan
And making threads calling people to try and revert their negative contribution to the project and replace it with something good isn't contributing?

Board: fit Thread: 47715213 File: sd.png ( 218.9KiB, 401x423 )
14 KB
>When you're 5'6 and you see a guy shorter than you
Are there people that short in white countries? 4chan made me think every white person is over 6’

I'm so done with libertarians. I swear they're worse than neocons. Related, if the entire state of Texas could just get nuked into a giant molten pile of spics, libertarians, and neocons that would be fantastic.

>taxation is theft

It's just not.

"Render to Caesar what is Caesar's" - Jesus

Rousseau was wrong about plenty of things, but both he and Hobbes were right about the fact that THERE CAN BE NO SCALED ECONOMY WITHOUT GOVERNMENT.

> muh property rights

There is no private property without a government. Without a government you wander, and if you don't wander you are raided. You "private property" exists for all of the 5 minutes before a stronger family group moves in.

> muh God-given rights

God gives no rights to men. Romans 13 says to obey your government, for it is the sword in God's hand, punishing the wicked and rewarding the good.


For a white nation, it is good to have amongst ourselves right to fair trial, right to own and retain property, etc. These are a white man's rights because we are civilized. That's why the form of government the fathers provided was effective, it was a white man's government.

The second it stops being white men under that government it stops being an effective government.

You should be praying to God for a white monarchy to take hold in the US if you want ANY chance.
Also 4chan is why better when the mods are sleeping. Funny how there is better quality without (((them)))


>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

PREV APPEARANCES/LINKS http://pastebin.com/ynXV6CHT
DAILY SCHEDULE (WH Press Corps) https://publicpool.kinja.com/
TrumpTV Weekly Updates: https://pastebin.com/6HbHjbqF
NEWTRUMP NIGHTLY NEWS http://pastebin.com/yArfUKdC

>A Message from Pres Trump on Hurr Florence 9/19/18
>Pres Trump arrives @WH 9/19/18
>Pres Trump departs SC 9/19/18
>Pres Trump greets people and tours SC 9/19/18
>Pres Trump visits Emer Center in SC 9/19/18
>Pres Trump departs NC 9/19/18
>Pres Trump praises boat that landed on house 9/19/18
>Pres Trump hugs kids 9/19/18
>Pres Trump feeds Hurr Florence victims 9/19/18
>Pres Trump Roundtable on Hurr Florence 9/19/18
>Pres Trump arrives in NC 9/19/18
>Pres Trump departs JBAndrews 9/19/18
>Pres Trump statement departing WH 9/19/18
>DepDefSec Shanahan on CNBC 9/19/18
>AG Sessions Awards for Distinguished Service 9/19/18
>AG Sessions in Chicago IL 9/19/18
>SoS Pompeo meets Ivory Coast FM AmonTanoh 9/19/18
>SpecEnv to Iran Hook @Hudson Inst on Iran 9/19/18
>CEAChair Hassett on FBN 9/19/18
>Why the B-2 is the sexiest plane 9/19/18

OP pastebin: http://pastebin.com/
prev >>186307540
new clip from the new Hillary Doco about Russian Collusion

>Hallo were ar da proofs
>4chan screencaps

Board: v Thread: 432255646 File: ASLNEW.jpg ( 421.2KiB, 1146x1034 )
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good heavens look at the time
tasteless + artosis still holidaying so we've got clueless and charisma-less casting again, but we'll have tastosis back after the break. Should be some good games of brood war tonight even with the stream muted.

Snow (p) vs Shuttle (p)
Soulkey (Z) vs EffOrt (Z)
Winners Match
Losers Match
Final Match

> english streams
>korean stream
Sadly he's a redditor. Very few actual esports lad on 4chan.

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