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Board: r9k Thread: 45723755 File: nazi pc.jpg ( 9.9KiB, 300x225 )
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Ops on this.
Ahhhh 4chan always does its best xD.

get thread
holy shit we litterally using all the dubs and trips of 4chan today in this thread

Board: pol Thread: 173199886 File: 1525168631995.jpg ( 364.9KiB, 2040x1660 )
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Evening lads.

>Why Australia's governments, banks and economy don't want 'affordable' housing

>Elaborate kidnapping scam targets Chinese, Taiwanese university students in Australia

>Australian take away giants 'not doing enough to reduce obesity'

>US zoo sparks outrage after using Maori dancers to open Australian exhibit

>Australian businesses in China say there is plenty to lose
https://unv.is/sm h.com.au/world/asia/australian-businesses-in-china-say-there-is-plenty-to-lose-20180528-p4zhxt.html

>The Barnaby Joyce interview is a new low for Australian politics

>Chinese companies care about profits not politics, says Zhejiang official

>Ruling puts Australian courts on the front line of global online TV piracy war

>Conservatives pick Senate candidate
I'd be so lonely if 4chan died.
don't even make me think about it...4chan is so fun. I'd live and get over it...but there is genuinely no place like it.

Board: r9k Thread: 45722626 File: pinky.png ( 59.7KiB, 160x166 )
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>join discord server
>join vc muted because I'm shy when more than 4 people are in one and I just join
>some guy starts calling me a faggot
>mods take notice and attribute me to being the bad guy
>I try to change the topic to that of the server
>guy wont stop harassing me
>admin says to ban me
>guy who ended up harassing me is still in the server calling other people faggots still

why are r9k discords such a joke? everyone talks about "real robot servers" but the kind exclusion I got in that server is the same type of exclusion I get from normies irl. Discord servers need to stop being advertised on this board if theyre not friendly toward the average board user
Hmm well I just started a discord server today and messaged a bunch of people I've met on various 4chan boards to join and I think we have a pretty good group of dudes going.


As a guy who browses /r9k/ daily I'd like to think the average robot (and indeed most everyone) would enjoy the server.

>Ideal femanon thread

Tfw no

>Daddy issues
>Rape fantasizing
>Attention whoring
>Alternative looking
>Porn addicted
>4chan browsing
>Older guy loving

Stereotypical nerd girl girlfriend
One of the first girls I met through 4chan was an avowed feminist who wanted to be called a worthless whore and a bitch. That's fairly tame but God, its just so consistent.

Board: b Thread: 769872204 File: 1527085365383m.jpg ( 109.4KiB, 778x1024 )
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new /cel/ tred
4chan more like borechan

Board: v Thread: 417824478 File: 1522519963986.jpg ( 37.7KiB, 396x264 )
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I'm so glad...I spent all those hours...playing video games...
I'm so glad I spent all those hours making shitty threads on 4chan.

Board: adv Thread: 19612473 File: Ants.png ( 101.3KiB, 1326x397 )
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I'm 18 and I started smoking weed every day about a year and a half ago, the same time I quit watching porn and I"m worried I might have fucked my life up.

>How do i become stronger than my impulses?
>How much brain damage does two years of potsmoking leave on a person?
>Is it possible to gain confidence and a positive view of myself before I quit?
>Is it possible to become smarter and develop as a human being while smoking bongs every day?
>Is pot causing my ed?
>Is pot really that bad or am i just fucked? Is there any type of daily bud use that doesn't have a significant impact on the suituation and inner life of the user?

Tl;dr: How do I summon the strength to quit? Is it possible to generate any mana while smoking bongs every day? When I quit will my mana come back or have I already smoked through the crucial mana generating phase?

Pic not related, just a funny from /lit/.
postin on 4chan to avoid smoking the bud that's sitting on my desks.

Board: biz Thread: 9643126 File: 1527132326401.jpg ( 32.4KiB, 486x387 )
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fuck these shitcoins
> we are all here for dollars
> not paying attention to sat values
Does your carer know you visit 4chan on the special school computer?

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