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Board: ic Thread: 3688120 File: image (6).png ( 171.1KiB, 480x433 )
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Are we being raided?
Why are there reactionary idiots from /pol/ here of all places?
You aren't funny, or "triggering" any one you're just being annoying.
4chan was created and populated by somethingawful users, which has always been an enclave of hardline liberalism. You’re a stupid faggot

What other girls qualify?

Board: asp Thread: 5588939 File: 1540047849075.jpg ( 489.3KiB, 900x1200 )
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I should have listened sooner. Feels good to have not watched WWE for 1 month and counting. The shows don't interest me anymore
go back to 4chan with your /pol/ memes

Who here has fucked a celebrity? Even mildly famous.
>gingerly jerk off in a shower at tara's house,
That's more sex than 90% of 4chan anon you're practically a studmuffin chad around these parts.

Board: r9k Thread: 49405641 File: the cat lady.jpg ( 141.8KiB, 1280x720 )
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I was curious how little people know about these subjects and this is one of the only safe sights for this type of curiosity. I also wanted to see if maybe your questions are ones my friends might have.
Why are you guys such newfags? It's like you're just tourists, you only come here from r/4chan to spout shit. LURK MORE.

You should be very familiar with these crappy chronic shitposters. This and the fucking big city guy. They don't deserve replies over and fucking over again clogging up this goddamn board and making it even worse.

What's the craziest thing you've seen on the Dark Web? Did you save any information?
(The dark web is politically incorrect)
>The facebook mom visits 4chan.

Board: b Thread: 785427696 File: 1518319380057.jpg ( 48.5KiB, 502x502 )
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>well, this is awkward


I did it, after years of being homophobic, constantly trying to tell trap threads to fuck off, being a toll for LGBT... it just dawned on me...

It struck me like a bolt of lighting.

I, myself, am bisexual. The hater. The homophobe. The 4chan troll. The guy who thought bisexuals didn't even exist.

I am in fact bisexual.

I realized that all the fear and hate was all just a projection. I was so fucking insecure, and scared to face my truth. But there it is.

I just want to say how sorry I am for showing so many of you anons hate and intolerance - I just wasn't ready to be one of you. I'm just happy I found how to finally live in my own skin.

Thanks, much respect. Love, anon.
y'all just jelly of the gets in here:


that's the biggest Asian dick I've seen

Board: b Thread: 785426393 File: 4L_XGwc047N.jpg ( 87.3KiB, 700x511 )
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sup fags.

i can no longer sit idly by and watch 4chan turn to shit.

i used to see us on the news every so often, nowadays nothing.

what happened? everyone just turned into edgy little politically correct faggots?
this is turning into a fetish board/site.

i see a lot of people bitching about it, but do nothing otherwise.

everytime someone wants to something interesting, its immediately bombarded by “nypa” and all kinds of shit, which i understand to an extent, but come on. nothing gets you guys going anymore.

im here to fix this and rally up the heart of /b/.

if any of you autistic fucks are with me, lets begin.

trips decides the next big thing 4chan does.

if you post, roll, anything, you are obligated no matter what to indulge.

lets rally up the retards, /b/.

there was power behind our ideas, and our numbers. lets take the internet by storm again.
I just have this unfunny repetition-pool open in one of several tabs now. it's 4kids in 2018. just look at the 200 threads per day in which children gather around a mentally ill manchild and they say "poo" to eachother over and over while giggling about eating shit. This place is an embarrassment, i mean on other sites it's a point of pride to have left 4chan X number of years ago. Kids running rampant, no mods to be seen. Nobody with anything worth posting, would waste it on 4chan. Even moot left for reddit.

Let's get right into the news, darling!
i gotchu f@m


Freaks, mutants, and genetic abominations thread
>worried about insensitivity
>on 4chan /b/
Pick one puto.

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