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Board: mlp Thread: 33529354 File: NotAccepted.png ( 1.1MiB, 835x919 )
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This board has too many problems to really be fun. How do you put up with it?
>which everyone knows is the best way to enjoy 4chan anyway
Lurking is the worst way to use 4chan. It has its place but it's legitimately not fun and I can't see why anyone would come to a discussion site to not post images, contribute, or engage in discussion. It's like watching people get drunk vs getting drunk with them.

Board: v Thread: 451676369 File: dating.png ( 423.8KiB, 614x406 )
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Looks like a LOT of Japanese dating sims will soon be illegal
Most of the US permits underage fictional characters. In the rest of the world, drawings and literature that involve children in smut or suggestive content is often the equivalent of actually possessing real cp.

ie. if you were to draw lolis and upload it on 4chan, you would be charged with manufacturing and distribution of child pornography, in the majority of europe or canada. If you'd make a loli VN, it would also include facilitation. One of the reasons why the Unteralterbach authors stayed anonymous.

Board: a Thread: 184892054 File: x8.jpg ( 943.2KiB, 950x1346 )
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We know how badly SJWs reacted to Goblin Slayer and Shield Hero. What novel/manga would absolutely obliterate them if it ever got an anime adaptation?

1.) Redo of Healer (pictured)
>MC who specialises in healing is drugged, tortured, and raped to make use of his powers
>Is able to travel back in time by healing the world and vows vengeance.
>He rapes the Princess responsible, then mind wipes her and takes her along with him as a sex slave.

2.) Himekishi ga Classmate
>MC's whole class gets killed and reincarnated.
>He gets slave magic and turns many girls into his sex slaves
>Most of them are actually happy with that.

3.) Maou no Hajimekata
>Old man becomes powerful wizard and restores his youth
>Is basically Ainz if he had a sex drive: Shows little mercy in his quest for world domination while raping any woman he pleases
>All the women eventually get brainwashed/mind broken into willingly being his sex slave
Too bad 4chan is now 90% newfags with 1-2 years of coming here for ebin frog memes.

Board: int Thread: 101780489 File: 1550590684993.jpg ( 177.5KiB, 516x1200 )
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Notice anything?
I can hardly understand the origins of this profound percecution complex for the Germans. It's been over a hundred years since WW2 was over, and 4chan's cringe Germanboos are freaking out. Why do you guys still believe that people hate you and your country? Every time I look at you, I make you think of Japanese who are full of percecution complex. Many of them still believe that even if the Japanese still come to Seoul or Busan, they die. But it is their delusion. Fuck, we do not have enough to do violence for no reason. And most of Japanese visitors in South Korea are young girls and are autistic and quiet.

Board: int Thread: 101778531 File: bre.jpg ( 284.1KiB, 1980x1280 )
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How will Germany punish the england for brexit?
I’m studying and posting on 4chan simultaneously. What’s the problem? I don’t have to go to a wageslave job like you.

>Decided to go to Denmark for an Erasmus
>Expected /fa/ people with well dressed minimal cloths
>Instead got generic people wearing meh cloths
>Every good clubs,venues seems to be concentrated in capital city only
You lied to me /fa/,I had high expectation from Denmark and Danes. The only plus point i have observed so far is they speak absolutely perfect English.I miss my Antwerp and meme country Belgium :(
>Actually believing the shit people say on 4chan

Woah thats some powerful autism, you cant say you didnt get what you deserve

Board: b Thread: 793129357 File: 1528649453017.jpg ( 65.9KiB, 540x672 )
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Holy shit
This board sucks
nah I think that 4chan just became too popular for its own good. It happens to every platform, even Reddit was dope in its time. Not sayin that "the mainstream" ruins everything per se, but as a general rule, as more people flood into a platform the elements that initially characterized it are diluted and eventually homogenized

Board: b Thread: 793123632 File: 1549500600503.jpg ( 68.8KiB, 500x500 )
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When did you realize gay people are all degenerates?
Why should gays be allowed to exist or have AIDS?
>taxes=posting on 4chan
>voting is not important
>cocks in my ass but not my mouth

Board: b Thread: 793128443 File: pixlr~2.jpg ( 197.0KiB, 651x1194 )
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Why are you fat anon?
Most doctors will tell you it will, it nothing else, its better than wasting away doing nothing but jacking off to 4chan posts


>For the past few years, we have worked on expanding Steam beyond games and software by building a video platform that supports paid and free video content. In reviewing what Steam users actually watch, it became clear we should focus our effort on offering content that is either directly related to gaming or, is accessory content for games or software sold on Steam.

>As part of this refocus, we have retired the Video section of the Steam Store menu with an expectation that video content is discovered via the associated game or software store page, or through search, user tags, recommendations, etc.

>Over the coming weeks a number of non-gaming videos will be retired and will no longer be available for purchase. Previously purchased content will remain available to owners.

Oh no no no no no no - Steam drones, keep telling me that Steam isn't dying.
>He gets paid to shill on 4chan of all places
lmao, nice "life" brah

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