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Board: fit Thread: 45225005 File: comic.jpg ( 58.8KiB, 920x343 )
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What is /fit/ reading? How much do you read per day?
reading this shit in order to understand 4chan

> How much would I make as a CIA employee? I'd prefer to be a PMC if money was all, but I feel the perks of working for the government would be higher than for a private security company.


1. Is it better to be an agent, or a Military Contractor and I mean in terms of profit.

2. If you're a CIA assassin, does that mean you can kill people on U.S. soil or only forigen soil?

3. How do you get into MAJESTIC 13 while in the CIA? Is that like trying to get into DELTA or ST6 while in the Special Forces?

> inb4 bootlicker

You commie hippies will be rounded up one day and genocided and I'll be the one kneeling you in the stomach, sending you to the labor camp.
>Anyine on 4chan is immediately disqualified.
Wouldn't that also mean OP?

>my guess is they outsource domestic shit to known criminal elements
I saw some goon in a Subway restaurant with a CIA badge, I immediately though that this guy was some sort of crook. Because A the CIA doesn't have badges and B he looked like a slimy fuck.

actually it came from a facebook group then funnyjunk and finally reddit but the meme came from a different meme that didn't come from 4chan

women should never have leadership positions. They lack the rationality to think critically. Women base everything on their emotions.
Guess what: I'm a woman

I've been using 4chan for 8 years now. I'm an MIS and Marketing major, top of my class. I have an IQ of 146. I'm only a sophomore and have had 7 internships. I'm a member of the MENSA society. I voted Trump. I'm not a feminist, however, I'm probably more intelligent than most of you in this thread.

Whether you like it or not, females are comparable. I'm not here to steal your money. I'll probably make more than you. I'm not going to make you a sandwich, I'll have my personal chef do it. The ironic thing is my father married for looks and I'm actually attractive as well. Cocky? Yes. Ashamed? No.

I won't show you my tits, I'll be your CEO one day.
nice copy pasta faggot. No women browse 4chan

Board: g Thread: 65172362 File: silicon wars.jpg ( 2.1MiB, 1920x2160 )
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>Vega is ineffic-

Only if you're a nigger that doesn't know how to undervolt and overclock.

>Wattman Settings:
>GPU Core:
>P-State 6: 1352 MHz @ 810 mV
>P-State 7: 1402 MHz @ 820 mV
>P-State 3: 960 MHz @ 820 mV

>Witcher 3 Max Settings (no Hairworks) 1080p
>Benchmarking Novigrad City Run Through
>Average FPS: 95
>1% Low FPS: 70
>0.1% Low FPS: 53
>Power Draw Average: ~120-130 Watts

Stock settings get me around 99 FPS average so I'm losing ~4% over the stock configuration but reducing power consumption by ~33%. Stock Vega 56 is also ~7% faster than a stock GTX 1070 (depends on the game but with a large enough selection that's how it plays out).
t. Ornery 4chan.org/g/ user

Wrong :^)

Spongebob doin a DAB lmao

So THIS is the power of 4chan huh?

CNN needs to take notes STAT

Lalas did nothing wrong Edition

>Upcoming Events

>4.2 Patch Notes

>4.25 Patch Notes

>Job Guide:

>Resources, Guides, Free Companies and Linkshells:

>Previously on /xivg/:
You're the one whining on 4chan about it

Board: tv Thread: 96162317 File: poster.jpg ( 14.2KiB, 640x360 )
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Addiction IS a disease, anon. Give me one good reason you haven't picked up the phone and called
I've been on 4chan for 22 hours straight.

Board: biz Thread: 8453262 File: shutthefuckup.png ( 20.6KiB, 1306x648 )
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Seriously guys...The memes have to stop.

It's embarrassing as fuck to know that most of the people invested in this project are a bunch of manchilds with the maturity of a 10 year old.

Everyone needs to stop talking about chainlink. It's a great project, but the relentless shilling makes it look worthless.

Half of these /biz/ kids come on here and think it's a meme because of all the retarded autistic shilling...

1000 EOY WILL NOT HAPPEN. I can tell you this right now. I am in close coordination with the devs and even though main net will be released by summers end. This will not go to 1000 anytime soon. If the market hits a bull run and we see bitcoin go to 25-50k. Chainlink will be at 10-20 dollars at best by the beginning of 2019.

trust in Sergey, trust in the project. But keep your damn mouths shut and be humble. Once you are rewarded with gains, remember the significance you played a part in. You invested in something that helped change the crypto world.

But until that day comes...SHUT THE FUCK UP...
>thinking you can tell 4chan to do or not do something
I admire your naivete OP. All you can do, honestly, is stop giving attention to the retards. You can't stop other people from doing it.

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