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Board: g Thread: 66103862 File: 1501929485199.jpg ( 97.4KiB, 482x424 )
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The new owner of 4chan (Hiro) lives in France.
Hiro has implemented malware, crypto miners, data mining scripts and much more on 4chan.
4chan hasn't made any changes to become GDPR compliant.

If you live in EU, and you haven't told your country's data inspection about 4chan, you are letting Hiro get away with millions of money for no work!

What are you waiting for?
Holy shit their tech board and theming is comfy. Shame there's not 4chan-x alternative for it though.

Hey guys, let’s have another Phoenix Rising threa-




Oops! I accidentally dropped a link for reporting DMCA violations against Nintendo’s IPs and the email address of Nintendo of America's legal team.

I’ll be right back with a mop, right after I watch my favorite youtubers, who are earning ad revenue from playing a game that illegally uses Nintendo’s IPs and assets without consent.
spiting people is what 4chan is all about, hope you'll have better luck shilling on reddit gav for the little while your lgbt fetishism camuflaged as a game has left.

Board: pol Thread: 173199886 File: 1525168631995.jpg ( 364.9KiB, 2040x1660 )
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Evening lads.

>Why Australia's governments, banks and economy don't want 'affordable' housing

>Elaborate kidnapping scam targets Chinese, Taiwanese university students in Australia

>Australian take away giants 'not doing enough to reduce obesity'

>US zoo sparks outrage after using Maori dancers to open Australian exhibit

>Australian businesses in China say there is plenty to lose
https://unv.is/sm h.com.au/world/asia/australian-businesses-in-china-say-there-is-plenty-to-lose-20180528-p4zhxt.html

>The Barnaby Joyce interview is a new low for Australian politics

>Chinese companies care about profits not politics, says Zhejiang official

>Ruling puts Australian courts on the front line of global online TV piracy war

>Conservatives pick Senate candidate
I actually don't doubt this. He's a fucking retard when it comes to the internet. The fucking FOSTA-SESTA law will likely be the end of 4chan.

Board: v Thread: 417812138 File: image.jpg ( 95.0KiB, 750x890 )
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history is LAME
You are seriously arguying on 4chan about human ethics? Don't bother. As far as /pol/ is concerned, everyone but themselves are lesser and deserving of death. /pol/ is the edgiest of the edgiest edge lords you can imagine. Most of the Americans on that board aren't even white and if they got their way and actually had a death camp of their own, they would have to smoke 90% of their own board as "lesser" humans.

what is the "anyone got a link" thing
I don't get it 4chan doesn't even allow vpn let alone tor and has got this shitty captcha to prevent spam then how is this even happening.

Board: g Thread: 66110718 File: bylock.png ( 3.2KiB, 170x170 )
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What's your excusive for using WhatsApp over ByLock?
>imagine thinking you're cool because you use some no name instant messaging application
You need to go back. I bet you brag that you go on 4chan too

/pol/ I think my sister might be gay, she has a tumblr blog and likes phara/mercy content and draws it all the time, she's never dated but neither have I
my parents thought I was gay because of my butch behaviour and short hair, is it possible I influence my little sister because I liked weights and joined the army? It seem's like she doesn't know because she's never dated a man, how can I influence her to like men?
I don't want my little sister to be a fag, /pol/
fucking hell, brah, internet was a mistake. I for sure won't ever buy a pc for my children. There will be one common one in the living room, with tumblr and 4chan filtered, lmao

Board: pol Thread: 173197536 File: 1513044901647.jpg ( 1.3MiB, 1276x3412 )
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It is real. It is worse than anyone can imagine. Since /pol/ is being raised, I figure we need one of these threads up.





The pic concerns the finders cult. Very twisted group and many inside were government assets. They did favors for information. Really fucking weird shit
the fuck are you doing on 2ch vladbro? is there more russians on 2ch than 4chan?

Servers & Guilds:
>Light's Hope (vanilla)
<Mandate of Heaven> Alliance, farming Naxx. The server will die soon, don't roll here. If you want vanilla wait for Northdale

>Northdale (same host than lightshope, progressive vanilla fresh realm, releases in late June)
No real guild yet, wait until the date is closer to look for real /vg/ guild. For now ignore discord links from pedophiles who never got to 60 that only want GM to find kids to abuse

>Felmyst/Gummy (TBC)
<no shoes> Horde, raiding kt

>Sunwell (WotLK)
<gulag> Alliance, gearing up for ulduar, it just released. Join at your own risk their officers are spergy as fuck and kick for nothing
MoH made a guild here but its mostly memes for now

>Kronos III (vanilla)
/vg/ guilds merged with normies or straight died

>Vanilla WoW database


>Leveling Guide (fixed link)

>Leveling Specs

>Pre-BiS spreadsheet

>WoD models + WoD tilesets for Vanilla

>old thread:
Can you fucking kill yourself already.
I can't believe you have nothing better to do with your life for two whole years other than to shit up threads on 4chan.
Oh look, it happened again. The retard can't manage posts that are more than a couple words.

You never fool anyone at all with your face screen shots. It will never happen. You are the only person pathetic enough to think they actually prove anything.

>calls other people autistic
>refuses to actually address what people are saying in their posts
Talk about irony.

Again, you are the ONLY person in the world who acts the way you do. Seek fucking medical help, or just put a bullet in your brain.

Board: b Thread: 769872240 File: green.png ( 6.6KiB, 1024x1024 )
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So this takes about 3- 5 min but is fucking awesome. Stare at this, then the red one, about 3 sec each side by side. Listen to something on TY, doesn't matter. When you do you will see color in the colorless boxes in my 3rd post. The cool shit is:

"tilting the head to the side by 45 degrees makes the colors in the above example disappear; while 90 degrees makes it reappear".

No other effects unless you are looking at boxes with lines, both horizontal and vertical.
/b/, and 4chan as a whole, by and large, has always been anti-censorship.

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