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Ghost Dad Edition

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The New Game

-Toby's Situation On Deltarune (read after playing)

-The Old Game

-The Old Game's Demo

-Where to Find Artfags Now That Tumblr is Kill


>New booru, contributions needed.
>Please remember to tag.




-Steam Group


-YourWorldofText Rooms

-Zeemap substitute

Go back to your contentment threads

Board: g Thread: 69874703 File: IMG_2427.gif ( 159.7KiB, 390x379 )
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>trying to hire for my company
>resumes come in from self proclaimed "software engineers"
>skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js

Will you guys fucking stop it?
>complains that normies invade his 4chan safe space
>posts on 4channel
the absolute state of depressed Anonymous

Board: tg Thread: 64727453 File: 1515920870562.gif ( 200.7KiB, 328x286 )
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Why injecting "weeb" things in the game, and having "anime-like" adventures is so fun?
I usually come off as a hater but that's because
>anything japanese
is still something different than weeb shit.
There's a difference between watching anime/reading manga and being a weeb.
Weebs have folders full of le smug anime face, they use anime girls as profile pictures online and they are just generally cancer to be around irl (lol as if) or online.
>revel in 2015 tier shitpost culture. To sum it up;
>le dank ironic memes
>JoJo reference??
>girl (male) haha traps
>owo tiddies
>w-writing like t-this, anon...
You get the idea.
It's like the difference between a n*gger and a black man.

You can enjoy anime etc. without behaving like one of those retards. It's their choice to behave this way and be treated as the retards they are but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy weeby stuff. It just so happens that it's really rare to find someone who isn't a trash tier person in the hobby so 98% of the time you're good instantly dismissing anyone who mentions weebshit, ESPECIALLY on 4chan of all places.

Japan is one of the most vile and distrusting country on earth along with germany!

They look down on the koreans despite the fact that they are descendents of yayoi(koreans). They pride themselves for being descendents of a people called jomon, who were nothing but a bunch of half naked savages filths who were wiped out by the yayoi! The yayoi were also civilized people who brought civilization to japan, unlike the jomon!

They see nothing wrong with their wage-cuck culture. They think china and korea are being whiny about war crimes committed by japan, yet japan is still being whiny about the firebombings, nukes and losing a few islands to russia in ww2!
4chan loves Japan
don't you guys have to prep the bull soon

Should supermax prisons be allowed to continue?


They're absolutely inhumane: 23 hours in cell with 1 hour in a court which is just another concrete hall with zero interaction with other people. This is for years or even decades at a time. The human mind is just not made to cope with that degree of sensory deprivation. A lot of inmates are driven to outright madness.

These facilities were not made for rehabilitation, only incarceration. People who are incarcerated here have little to no chance of being let out again which begs the questions, why not just kill them? Makes no sense torturing them and it would be cheaper for taxpayers too.
Really? Is that your idea of an argument, the fact that nobody in a single thread on 4chan mentioned the other supermaxes when OP is about ADX Florence in particular? I think you're having some cognitive difficulty with definitions, would you mind clarifying what, exactly you think makes ADX so unique? There are prisons all over the world that follow equally as tight security protocols, some are even more intense, like the Black Dolphin compound in Russia.

Plus it looks like you missed this post >>203792620

What the fuck?
when the fuck did 4chan(nel) become a 2001 chatroom?

>make a post on /r9k/
>someone replies to it and directly calls you by your first name

What do you do?
Happened to me but on Omegle and they said my last name too. Spooked me and I haven't touched the site since.

If something like that happened today idk if I'd give a shit, ive already posted my face on 4chan a few times.

Board: tv Thread: 110209674 File: dmgcntrl.png ( 1.9MiB, 1186x1450 )
14 KB
Now that the dust has settled, is anyone buying these positive early screening reviews?
This. I guess the (yous) are worth more than actually standing by your convictions. It's funny to watch 4chan sabatoge itself just like the feminists it claims to hate. Every single reply to any Captain Marvel thread is a win for her and you know it, but you can't help yourselves.

Now that the dust has cleared, did you watch Umbrella Academy?
4chan got real mad that Chris Pratt was called out for his idiotic religious views, so decided to continue the long raid that is /pol/'s infestation on this board. And since stupid, middle class white teenage boys literally only have enough brain power to grasp

Girl (check one):
[ ] Ugly
[ ] Pretty

that's why everyone is obsessing over her appearance. She's """wrong""" and therefore ugly. And because none of these middle class pampered bitches have jobs, they have plenty of free time to play the internet fake outrage game.

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