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SKJ izdanje
Zdravo. Mi smo grupa entuzijastičnih mladih momaka, koji, izuzev ostalih veoma bitnih atributa koji su važni ženskom spolu, imamo i posebno mjesto gdje se okupljamo i razmjenjujemo naša raznloika, multkultorološka, multinacionalna iskustva. Zamisli kao u onom filmu "Dead Poets Society", u kojem glumi prekrasni i fenomenalni Robin Williams, kada se momci okupe i čitaju poeziju. Eh, mi se okupimo i pravimo poeziju. Svaka naša objava predstavlja vrhunac postmodernog stvaranja na ovim našim prostorima. Još nismo toliko poznati, ali je svjetla budućnost ispred nas! Da tu budućnost još više uljepšamo, tražimo jednu princezu, jednog anđela koji će prisustvovati našim u potpunosti platonskim okupljanima. Za tu ulogu. tebe je predložio naš vjerni član Radovan. Mi smo se jednoglasno složili i ovim putem te pozivamo da budeš počasni član /ex-yu/ konca na 4chan poddaski /int/ (direktan link (link: http://www.4chan.org/int/) 4chan.org/int/) Nije nas toliko teško nać jer smo inače jako druželjubivi i otvoreni. Želim ti ugodan dan i zahvaljujem što si uzela malo vremena da pročitaš ovu poruku. Ovaj poziv nema rok trajanja, vrijedi zauvijek.

>brother dies
>robo vibrator dies
>is the sole reason the accords even exist
>gets dusted
I thought you fuckers said the MCU would treat Wanda better.
Yeah, fuck the OP, but seriously if you don't want IW spoilers 4chan is not the place to lurk until you've seen it.

Board: pol Thread: 169495615 File: 1524617281427.png ( 1.1MiB, 1609x2977 )
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Are we really going to let the Canadian secret intelligence services blame us for an attack that has nothing to do with /pol/? We never had a single thread about incels, the ''Sgt 4chan'' is possibly the cheesiest shit a non-poster could come up with their limited understanding of the place, what are we going to do about this? It's quite the declaration of war to blame us for such thing, don't you think?

Any body wanna be nice and talk to my /blackbot/?
>remember that face
4chan is a small world

Board: int Thread: 88746047 File: hh.jpg ( 87.4KiB, 455x605 )
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your cunt
post the prettiest girl you are friends with
I doubt your "friend" is flattered to have her photo posted on 4chan or the fact that her "friend" shitposts on 4chan.

What is the mental illness that causes inceldom
Someone under 6'3", according to 4chan.

Is white privilege just magical thinking leading to the pogramization of white men? I think its strange how all agency is laid at the hands of white men for the cause of everything in the world but only especially the bad things.
>spends time on 4chan surrounded by virulent demented racism
>doesn't think being white gives him any advantages in society
Whatever you say.

Board: v Thread: 414412698 File: k5w9ylzic5u01.jpg ( 82.8KiB, 750x1334 )
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When will loot boxes be illegal in America?

You do know t_D was purposefully an outpost to seed 4chan shitposts onto Reddit, right? How fucking new are you? You seriously can't tell the difference of making them dance to our tune and bringing your Reddit horseshit over here?

Board: g Thread: 65682823 File: logo.png ( 13.4KiB, 192x192 )
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Is Clover (Dev) not working for some of you people?

I keep getting errors images and slow load times.
>be yesterday
>4chan is down
>i guess i wont waste half my workday browsing then
>still waste hours scrolling through the same dead threads with no images over and over

What the fuck is wrong with me?

Board: pol Thread: 169481207 File: 23.png ( 456.2KiB, 439x765 )
14 KB


>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>Yarmouk camp Apr24
>N Homs Apr 18
>Idlib Apr8
>DeZ-Bukamal Apr2
>Yemen Apr2
>Afrin Apr1

Devs April 25
>RU delegation @OPCW will hold a briefing on 26th with Syrians invited to speak about Douma Incident
>RU MoD; OPCW confirms no CW present at Barzeh research facility in Damas
>Yarmouk; SAA claim they entered Al-Midaniyah district, breaking IS lines in Al-Asali neighborhood, intense clashes ongoing
>4th Div struggles to advance through SE Hajar Al-Aswad, liberating a few buildings but taking heavy losses
>SAA captures Joura Orchards, AMAQ claims ISIS repelled SAA attack in Qadam, killing 24 troops, destroying a BMP
>Tiger Forces expected to begin Yarmouk operations soon, possibly today
>S Idlib/N Hama; SAA claims rebels are massing along front lines for possible large offensive, RF running multiple airstrikes in area
>Sources:US has set up a new military base in Hasakah and that French military convoys were sent there
>SAA officially in control of E Qalamoun as final rebels depart Al-Nassariyah and Jaroud
>Idlib; Allegedly HTS reached ceasefire agreement with JTS and Suqour al-Sham, both will keep regions under their control, free detainees, open roads

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Had coffee and chocolate despite knowing this will cause me horrible reflux and desire to commit genocide. I now have horrible reflux and want to shoot up the office. Pretending to work and browsing 4chan.

So yeah, pretty average day.

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