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Board: i Thread: 570819 File: 1549274073897.png ( 470.8KiB, 810x900 )
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last thread: >>567355
Post and talk about your original characters!
Please be polite and courteous to other posters!
And I cannot stress this enough:
>Please Ignore/Hide all shitposters!

This thread's theme and prompt is: "Honey, you've got a big storm coming."
Let's get drawing, Oekaki!
>on 4chan
>not autistic enough
pick one

>Brexit march: Hundreds join referendum protest
>Brexit: Ministers tipped to replace Theresa May rally round
>Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon says new referendum will happen
>Grenfell council spends more than £90k on bosses' bonuses
>Islamic State group defeated as final territory lost, US-backed forces say
>ban 4chan
>lose ability to monitor far-right extremism
>people lose the ability to vent their frustrations, thus becoming more radicalised

are they that stupid ?
>4chan banned
>people with right wing views increasingly unable to communicate with others
>seek out likeminded individuals so they can speak about their views
>small right wing groups start popping up everywhere
This seems like a great idea

>get bored
>play as female character in MMO
>start to get free stuff and special treatment from other players because they think im a girl
>even protect me and help me PK other players who bully me
>lmao ok.jpg
>reply with smiley faces and cutesy girl language to keep up the charade
>begin to have more in-depth conversations with them and they add me on friends list etc
>conversation topics moves on to dirty stuff, erotic roleplaying and sex chatting
>actually start to enjoy it

..............am i going to hell?
Attention to all the trap posters using anime and gay ERP as a Trojan horse for autogynephilia:

Stop cruising for attention and using 4chan as a basis for gooning your permanently flaccid cock. You are 10 times worse than furries. You lost to sissy hypno and s-stuttering. You fucked up. You are infertile. Your life will end at 30. Half of the political spectrum wants to kill you. Guys will leave you for a biological woman because you can't have kids.

Nobody wants to read ERP. Nobody thinks girl (male), feminine penis, s-s-stuttering, or any of your shitty memes are funny. Nobody wants to be reminded you exist.

You are AIDS and your culture is predatory. A nontrivial number of you freaks are moral lepers who get off on convincing seventeen year old weebs that if they don't take HRT they will spend the rest of their lives alone. Transitioning is not a solution to social isolation and pornography addiction, the five or ten years of free attention and affection before your looks fade don't make up for everything that comes after that.

Make a tumblr and peddle your trash there.

Which games look good at first and gets ugly when you take a closer look ?
Gay boy run back to >>>/lgbt/ and >>>/gif/

Board: r9k Thread: 51624227 File: huh.jpg ( 224.6KiB, 600x603 )
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Whose fault it is you are the way you are?
Are you an externalblamefag or an internalblamefag?
somewhat same here. looked normal up until grade 5. i hit puberty very early and got pimples. by the time i learned how to manage hygiene via lifehack threads on /b/ it was too late. i mean i was already on 4chan all day. but at least i stopped being treated horribly by everyone.

Do you ever tell anyone you browse 4chan?
You guys are the only frens I have.
amiright eheheh
no but for real
as a girl, telling that i use 4chan is my way to get dick

Board: r9k Thread: 51623840 File: wagie.jpg ( 216.8KiB, 750x975 )
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Are there people that actually like working or is that just a way to cope for throwing away 30% of your existence doing meaningless tasks just to survive and make someone else rich?
>I've done the neet lifestyle twice and it's honestly fucking horrible. You can pretend that you have all this time for activities but what ends up happening is that you browse YouTube and 4Chan for absurd amounts of hours while telling the same stories in the same 5-7 r9k threads that appear each day on a rotation. When you have a limited amount of free time you end up using it way more effectively.
This is very true. Evolution and natural selection has rendered us broken creatures, we require hard work and struggle be happy. We must forever be occupied with building a road to somewhere. Being a neet with no responsibilities and no ambitions very quickly starts feeling like a terrible existence.

I used to think Brenton Tarrant was an absolute Chad, but I this paragraph from this article got my attention...

The 73-page document reads like it was written by someone who is trying very hard to pretend to be a White Nationalist. But there is one glaring inconsistency. If you ever visit places on the internet frequented and owned by White Nationalists, such as 4chan, 8ch, Daily Stormer, or Gab, one immediate, indubitable fact hits you in the face: These people hate Jews. More than anyone else, White Nationalists hate Jews and are not afraid of expressing it with thousands of different memes. What is bizarre about Tarrant’s alleged manifesto is that he says a great deal about this (Jewish) plot. He rails against immigration, fertility rates, and “White genocide.” But he doesn’t mention who the supposed plotters are. Why? Why is Tarrant following the White Nationalist script to the letter but doesn’t mention Jews once in the entire 73 pages?

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