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Board: v Thread: 428442225 File: 1534763679731.png ( 100.7KiB, 518x295 )
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reminder that the gang weed spammers wont be with us for much longer
the most normalfag meme in years propagated by retardera posters who cry about 4chan on their safe space forum

Board: tg Thread: 61527721 File: Golem 1.jpg ( 1.3MiB, 1280x1584 )
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Any interesting Jewish folklore other than golems, Lilith and the bible? Stuff that could be used in a game?
>Why does this happen?
The population of 4chan increased from about 25 million users to 125 million users because of increased exposure during the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election. These 100 million newfags mostly came here because they heard this was the site for shitposting and epic pepe memes. Now that they're here, the current site owner is monetizing them by encouraging them to stick around and shitpost because every page viewed without an adblock means more money for Hiro.

tl;dr frogposters are considered more valuable than you or me.

Board: int Thread: 93810925 File: howling.png ( 184.3KiB, 1416x912 )
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Manlet countries edition
want to take out a huge student loan and then drop out of uni and spend the next 3 years getting drunk in my room whilst funposting on 4chan and playing video games aha

Now that things have died down, maybe we can get another Angry Joe thread going.
Previous threads:
i'll use a facebook meme so the gangweed posters can understand
broke: 4chan is right wing because stormfront posted memes here and influenced it to be so
woke: 4chan is right wing because it started off fairly central as younger men tend to be on average and got more right wing as they got older, as they tend to do

any attempt to influence the site to make a significant shift left will fail. i don't even necessarily dislike all the gang weed pics, i just find not being able to take about anything even tangentially related to politics because threads immediately get derailed annoying. It's even more annoying because it will never actually achieve anything.

Board: v Thread: 428422818 File: 1498207754989.jpg ( 79.0KiB, 480x953 )
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>Game series loses what makes it good in the beginning as it keeps going through sequels
>This place is truly blessed
>Hiro encourages Reddit
If you think 4chan is blessed with users, you are just as retarded as your statement, people don't lurk anymore because no one bothered to keep saying "lurk more" whenever some newfag kept asking basic shit and even if you lurked now, you wouldn't be learning anything fucking good.
>for example, check reddit
While Reddit is fucking awful, 4chan has definitely got on levels of Reddit, we have the same threads about Twitch and dumb YouTube e-celebs that quite frankly if you care about so deeply, you probably shouldn't be browsing here in the first place.

Board: r9k Thread: 47627558 File: 2f7.png ( 26.0KiB, 487x380 )
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>be me, 18 yo and in a relationship
>always saw some greentexts from 4chan on reddit
>never bothered to try using the site
>there's some cool stuff
>then I see /b/ and this
>mfw i tought you guys were all sociopaths
>mfw i already know you all are just some ironic motherfuckers
>mfw im probably the only one saying true shit

have a great week, s4s!
Do ur best famalama

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
You can't. Only people who have used 4chan for a combined total of 5000+ hours in the course of 10 years have the option unlocked

Your fortune: Average Luck

>fapping to lolis?

I was reading some loli doujins and I think im pure as I only fap to lolis or ecchi and I dislike graphic porn.
infact I only fap to 2D.

so anons, who loves lolis?
I like lewding them and I even have a loli wall scroll on the way for my room but im worried my mum will think im pedo...
OP did you not hear, loli is too popula-I mean loli is the worst, we've gotta fit in by being as anti pedo as possible because this is the new hip thing in 4chan the preschool and that is how you get cool kid points and be an epic anon lel XD meme's are overused and internet culture is so wrong guise, SJW is the proper way tp act on the internet lelelelelelele

Waiting In The Wings Edition
I understand the problem. I wish I could help you, I don't really know much about headphones. I have a pair of DT770s I like, and some Shure IEMs I use for travel that are okay (it's annoying when you have to twist to seal every time a flight attendant asks if you want another piece of bread, but they are small which is nice).

I have an Emotiva DC-1 but that is discontinued and their replacement isn't out yet. The DC-1 has a great feel to it and sounds nice, despite that I've had it go out. They did replace it under warranty though (4 years after I bought it!).

Benchmark makes nice stuff, but expensive. Schiit measures really poorly on their ultra low end stuff, not sure how their higher end stuff is. Most of 4chan just buys inexpensive things so they focus more on how entry level devices perform.

Board: r9k Thread: 47626876 File: 1511614969357.jpg ( 136.9KiB, 1020x1048 )
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>extremely submissive bottom
>but also 6'1

Life is pain.
I never understood why people care so much about height, especially 4chan, it's never bothered me, if I like someone I like them.

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