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Why does the EU have to take the europeans away from us? As much as we pretended to hate them, I really liked them.
>Euros getting banned from 4chan

Hey guys. I just got rejected, on the last of school no less.
it's because you go on 4chan faggot

Obama wrapped illegal alien with aluminium foil
The joke was over your head. 4 Chan is a satire site.

Board: lit Thread: 11346518 File: 61H1Vt5PpyL.jpg ( 69.5KiB, 500x439 )
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You know, those Harry Potter books, you know they’re for children, don’t you? They’re aimed at children. People do that to me, "Have you read the new Harry Potter book, it’s good, have you read it?" No, I haven’t read it, because I’m a forty-year-old man. "You should read it, it’s about a wizard in a school." I’m not reading it! I’m a grown man — I’m an adult! "Have you read Harry Potter and the...and the Tree of Nothing?" No, I haven’t. I haven’t read it, but I have read the complete works of the romantic poet and visionary William Blake. So fuck off.

People do that to me. "Have you been getting on 4chan? Have you read the latest /lit/ thread?" No, I haven't, because I'm a forty-four year old man.

oh, wait

As reported by Meltzer and confirmed by that guy who posts his own rumor on here, Big Ass has officially been confirmed for the All In show.
>Based Big Cass wasting his first day of unemployment to post on 4chan

You'll never leave.
One of us. One of us.

Just got diagnosed with terminal cancer bros
I can finally escape the jews
Also what /pol/ related things should I do/experience in the ~1 year I have left.
I'm really glad I don't live to see the downfall/pozzing of the white race
Probably becasue 4chan posts are inadmissible as evidence in court considering the fact that this thread will disappear off the face of the internet in a day or two, and any archiving services don't log IPs.

He's right you know
Whiny faggots on the internet are going to find any cringey way to feel threatened. One moment liberals are young fat girls with dyed hair who never seen a gun, next they're toting guns and invading the Bible Belt with massive armed marches against the redneck militias (that actually exist there)

4chan used to call out this cringey shit but we can see from 1/3 of the posters in here that they're more triggered/scared than a tumblr dyke. Manchildren are just as annoying as SJWs

Board: v Thread: 421236634 File: xicyxxeul0511.jpg ( 945.0KiB, 3024x4032 )
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Can you build your own PC, /v/?
I love that some feminist posts these wamen images here thinking it's going to have an impact on the mouth breathers of 4chan.

Gabon, a peaceful and growing economy in Central Africa is yet to come to terms with the recent happenings that have plagued the Country. Chinese people who have massively migrated to Africa have not left Gabon out of the picture; In fact they are doing more that they have to.

Instead of coming for business as they have to, they have engaged in killing and consuming humans in secret. They operate a gang that runs this evil agenda. Unfortunately for the Chinese men, they were uncovered by Police in Gabon.

Photos of 3 Chinese said to be road construction workers have made rounds on the social media during the weekend. The 3 Chinese men are being accused of killing and eating over a dozen humans.

Ahhhh yes highly reputable sources

Just watched the new season of Westworld on HBO. Anyone feel the similarities of Westworld and 4chan?
>People show their true selves when they are anonymous on the internet. Just like when they are at Westworld.
>if 4chan wanted, you could all be chat bots and I wouldn't know
This website isn't self-aware. I think something has free-will when its actions are unpredictable, even when its 'source code' is available.

Just felt like shooting the shit about AI, free-will, and consciousness

4chan isn't Westworld; it's Homeland.

It's obviously a honeypot designed to get people to make compromising statements that are logged along with their IP and other personally identifying info.

One day there will be a big "reveal" when all of your posts are used to intern you in a camp.

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