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Am I in for some good time or should I not even care about installing it? Whats your opinion on this game?
I see so many mixed reviews.
You're just shit at optimizing and using the tools at your disposal. Join a guild, setup a trading empire, afk fish while you browse 4chan, do guild hunts, participate in events where they literally give away free TRI accessories.

Now with Shai it's easier than ever to maximize life skilling, swap between your main character and her depending on what you feel like doing life skill / combat.

Board: g Thread: 71615845 File: Capture.jpg ( 60.2KiB, 1151x712 )
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why are only 3 million people playing games right now?
Confirmed brainlet.
I guess if 30 thousand people were active on 4chan in the last hour that means only 30k people browse the internet right now.

Ideal Partner Thread [Text Version]

Template of the now:
> orientation
> physical description (body type, voice, race/ethnicity, etc.)
> best personality traits
> worst personality traits
> hobbies/interests
> career/education
> goals
> sexual tastes
> ideal partner’s traits
> contacts

THEN, if you feel like it, describe your ideal partner!

Dudes, remember: ladies mostly lurk around here (though they’re welcome to post!), so if you wanna meet people make yourself sound like someone worth meeting!!

Happy hunting, folks!
You seem like the kind of guy who just found 4chan and is desperately trying to fit in by mimicking 4chan culture.

20 year old anime beat Toy Story 4 in China.
Pic related is the average anime fan on 4chan.

Board: v Thread: 468229765 File: spoony.png ( 294.1KiB, 652x357 )
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>it's mid 2019
>still not the year of Spoony

G-guys, it's really over? ;_;
Really one of his saving graces was when 4chan started raiding his twitter over his black futa fanfics he wrote as a teen on forums his response was "Yeah that's me, I was a stupid horny kid" basically taking away any fuel of wanting him to sperg out or deny it.

Board: b Thread: 803266156 File: 1560465778334.jpg ( 28.8KiB, 519x519 )
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There are any italianfag here?

Can somebody from italy tell me where I can buy LSD?
Rule 1 is do not talk about 4chan
Newfag detected?

I'm sick of hip-hop. I'm sick of afro-carribean sounds bleeding into all popular music. I'm sick of rhythm-driven music overtaking melody and harmony. I'm sick of hearing the same shitty drum tracks. I'm sick of autotune. I'm sick of crooning, skinny black dudes straining their shitty falsetto voices and still using autotune. I'm sick of mushmouthed vocalists who can't say "they" or "for" or any other sound that requires the closing of their massive lips and not pouting for five seconds. I'm sick of deliberate misspellings and of Ebonics at large. I'm sick of gearing about the same soulless topics in those lyrics again and again. I'm sick of songs designed to be played in clubs instead of listened to properly. I'm sick of black vocalists and their white imitators who think showing off their vocal range is worth cramming 11 separate scales that don't follow from the melody into one syllable. I'm sick of "music" that amounts to a snare drum, bass reverberating your car doors, and an aggressive guy rapping. I'm sick of people pretending this crap is poetry. I'm sick of "music" that's completely atonal and soulless.
>one more full-of-himself asshole who thinks being the smartest and most talented kid in his high school makes him an authority

No, I really and truly can't un-kool-aid you over the course of a 4chan post or even a thread. It would involve showing how easy it is to weave and provide evidence for a cohesive and popularly-accepted theory, sometimes for decades or centuries, without it actually being right. It would involve a thorough-enough understanding of multiple academic fields so that one can understand how myths have arisen in all of them.
And it would run up against a serious problem in that it takes way less time and effort to bullshit than it does to unravel even a single sentence of bullshit.
And let me be frank, I didn't come here to go on a dig or organize my thoughts into something legible, I came here to argue and yell about something I dislike with minimal effort.

Boymode thread !!
>how is your boymode going?
>Any fun stuff happen recently?
>Have you been mistaken for a girl at all?
>Post pics and we can give constructive criticism!
Let's try to make a comfy thread!
It's going pretty well, hitting 3 years hrt next month I think. My face is finally going from 14y/o boy to more andro which is neat, but titties are kind of growing too big so I don't know how much longer boymode is feasible and it just turns into full-on dykemode.
I made some friends and went on a short vacation. Got some bomb ass shirts.
I hope not but people keep staring at me in public and I don't want to be perceived, especially not by creepy men.
No, too paranoid for that.

Get one or two sports bras and read http://ftmguide.rassaku.net/guide/index.htm on how to camo bobs. Alternatively try to stop giving a fuck, most people will think you just have moobs.

:c I know it's not worth much but try to keep your spirits up friendo
Try to immerse yourself in hobbies

Wow so hetero, you disgust me, freak.

Stop projecting yourself on other people. There's enough people who boymode cause it's comfy for them.


Stop fishing for compliments, most are already sad enough here without you shitting on their self-worth.

Get more sleep yo. Shit's bad for your second puberty.

>tfw no thicc goblin gf

Board: tv Thread: 117225425 File: eva.png ( 64.2KiB, 224x340 )
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>The show features a number of leading, powerful women and is often credited as the opening shot of the infamous internet "waifu wars" – online arguments about which female characters are "the best", all with myriad reasons, from reasonable to misogynistic.
>Much of internet culture is rooted in Evangelion fandom. Despite their reputation, users of sites such as 4chan are influential in how people communicate online, and a lot of that communication is via references and memes about Evangelion. Just seeing the iconic, supercharged intro, a meme in and of itself, would substantially help you understand the Internet more.



Behold: Denmark's new Minister of Immigration and Integration.

>Intelligent enough to learn a sales pitch for a political agenda
>Might even appear in top 1% within his own ethnic group
>A complete brainlet in every discussion with ethnic Danes
>"Just show frikadeller and democracy to Arabs and Africans, and they become just like us"
Sorry Dane bros

Maybe make your ancestors proud and revolt or something, I dunno. Or piss about it on 4Chan.

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