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Here's the whole sick, pedo bullshit, Dan Harmon fucks a baby and then says, "OH - it was MY pleasure". SHOULD BABY RAPE / SNUFF FLIX / PEDOPHILIA / NECROPHILIA / BESTIALITY all be legalized as a lifestyle choice protected by the constitution???? https://youtu.be/omLYjlZaZWg
wtf are you even arguing here? You're on 4chan , you know that, right? The accumulated hatered of the anonymous mob knows no mercy, especially not against cackling libshit elites. Even if he's not an actual pedo, a deranged mind like his doesn't get to work on children movies into which he pours his regded soul. Can't separete art from the artist.

Board: tv Thread: 101434230 File: 6575686q323.jpg ( 171.1KiB, 780x442 )
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why does /tv/ hate James Gunn again?

he seems like a fun dude
show proof or it didn't happen. In reality its pissed off niggers and halfies doing this shit. Trust me if /pol/ was behind it you'd know. So unless by /pol/ you mean a right wing internet group as affiliated with 4chan as rebbit then no, /pol/ is not behind the intersex shilling.

>game is region locked
>he has never had chili cheese fries

you are not allowed to greentext ever again, actually delete your 4chan account

Has anyone else every notices that steam users are disproportionately just weird or psychotic?
>Ego issues
>Meme abuse

What are some red flags on steam profiles i can use to avoid these people?
I also noticed that a lot of those people browse 4chan, indicated by their language or profile. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Board: b Thread: 775113224 File: 905088_n.jpg ( 87.0KiB, 1080x1350 )
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if it really pisses you off that much you can use the filters that 4chan itself (as well as any self-respecting app) has

I mean the campaign on the internet (I tracked most of it on 4chan, twitter and reddit). If you can not see the (currently ongoing) campaign of astro-turfing trolls and bots trying to divide America into extremes (KKK vs. BLM) you are blind. If you had a mouth full about share blue and other democratic efforts to "correct" the facts, you are willfully ignorant.

Critical thinking for once. Entertain the possibility. Your country is under attack in an information warfare, but you are siding with the South.

Board: mu Thread: 81662530 File: Folder.jpg ( 5.0KiB, 200x197 )
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How many bands have kids that made their own band that had a similar name to their parents band?
If a bands or an artist doesn't, what would be some funny names for them?
What would Deadmau5's kid's name be?
What about the Pillows?
>If I don't understand something on 4chan from someone else they are clearly underaged
I have always loved this logic. Why not instead of shitting up my thread and when you get bored to put my name on and say dumbshit, just leave my thread all together and leave your headache here. It would just be easier.

Board: v Thread: 425121887 File: file.png ( 44.4KiB, 1100x211 )
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Stop this shit. Seriously. It's a post completely devoid of content. A zeropost. The post you replied to is right there for everyone to see, in an easily to spot place too. No one gives a shit that a random anonymous retard liked a post, so if that’s all you’re going to do, you might as well not post at all. This garbage amounts to a glorified upvote, a completely pointless one because 4chan doesn't sort posts by the amount of (You)s posts get. If you want your upvotes, r*ddit is down the block.

Which characters do you want to see in Smash?
Eh I won't argue over it anymore. It might be, it might not be. Even if the King of Bugs already has some relevance out of 4chan supposedly, it is still one of the more niche characters out there.
Well, it's not like the anti-louiefag claims to be multiple people, at least I've never seen he do so. Again, both are a very niche demographic and if they do samefag, they are just lying to themselves.

Board: x Thread: 21166602 File: Energy ball.jpg ( 19.4KiB, 201x198 )
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Gonna dump some cool images
Sounds like this thread needs to be destroyed as well

It is fairly easy
Make your choice

>does not realise time is an illusion

I don't give a fuck if you believe me or not
In fact, doubt me, doubt everything

This will be fun

>doesn't realise there are actually unstable schizos on 4chan

Do you wanna bet?

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